A wicker fishing creel with leather trim
1930s. Early type in good condition.

Realised: $230


A Scottish angler’s merchant postal cardboard box
containing approx. 140 small flies, the box with details for John Dickson Ltd Glasgow; the Edinburgh recipient and c.1969 postal stamp.

Realised: $70


A c.1932 Hardy Simplex fold-up and extendable landing net
with original netting and spare net.

Realised: $110


A 19thC brass 3" x 1½” plate wind reel
for J. McGowan, London, with ivory handle.

Estimate: $150


A good vintage painted wood Mallard hen decoy duck
hand carved, glass eyes, c.1940s. L.420mm.

Realised: $180


A very good painted wood 'Black Duck' display decoy
the head turned and wings in upward position. L.370mm.

Realised: $210


A Victorian cased diorama ship's half model
the rigged sailing ship with rigged wooden sails, twin steam funnels and blue painted hull. 490 x 960mm

Realised: $270


A pair of antique snow shoes
with original varnished leather webbing. L.1230mm.

Realised: $140


A heavy 19thC brass duck press
with wheel winding mechanism, arched support, pouring spout and quadrupod base. Bowl width 120mm, H.430mm. 9.3kg.

Realised: $250


An antique bronze pestle and mortar. Dia.150mm.

Realised: $130


An early 20thC stitched heavy leather horse nose feed bag
air holes and cotton bag stitched to base, adjustable hanging strap.

Realised: $160


A 1930 W. Watson & Sons
'London Service' brass and black finished monocular microscope, the tube with rack and pinion adjustment, the turret revolving to take three lenses, extra lenses to the fitted mahogany case with maker's card detailing objectives, etc. dated 10/5/38. The case with key. W.230 x D.250 x H.425mm.

Realised: $175


An early 20thC Cooke
Troughton & Simms Ltd underground miner's theodolite, ebonised brass frame, white circular scale, extra fittings to the fitted mahogany case with original stitched leather outer cover. Case size 430 x 260 x 210mm.

Realised: $375


A vintage German Rolleicord studio camera in original case
with lenses.

Realised: $170


Victorian carved oak banjo barometer
with thermometer. H.930mm.

Realised: $210


A Georgian brass tripod library telescope by H. Hughes
Fenchurch Street, London, in original fitted mahogany case with lenses. L.800mm.

Estimate: $1,400


An antique French Lambert typewriter
with ebonised tilting index mechanism and dial, and cast iron base. With original booklet and Christie's catalogue.

Realised: $700


A set of brass Troy bucket weights
2-5 ounces.

Realised: $250


A late Georgian magnetic pocket sun dial
in fruitwood case, under glass with remains of instructions to the base. D.55mm.

Realised: $360


A Victorian lock-back hunting knife by W. Thornhill
London, marked with maker's details at ricasso, with leather half-scabbard. L.220mm (closed), 300mm (extended).

Realised: $250


A modern fine quality Swiss music box
with five interchangeable cylinders, playing 20 tunes, in polished amboyna case with banded inlay and ebonised borders, in excellent playing order. With keys and original Reuge Music booklet. L.730mm.

Estimate: $20,000


A good 19thC Swiss cylinder music box with six bells
playing eight airs, the rosewood case with crossbanded border and central inlay decoration of bird and trees. working order. L.550mm.

Estimate: $2,500


A giant set of wood cased leather bellows. L.960mm.

Realised: $120


A 19thC silver plated wall mounted holy water font
with crucifix and original glass liner, on ebonised wood mount. L.360mm.

Realised: $300


A late 19thC Sutherland clan crest belt buckle
the two piece buckle with interlocking circular centre detailed 'SANS PEUR' (Without Fear) with 'Wild Cat' centre.

Realised: $60


A vintage erotic Meerschaum pipe
the white toned bowl with front as a couple in erotic embrace, dark amber toned mouthpiece. L.155mm.

Realised: $160


An Anglo-Indian ebony desk standish
drawer to the front, the top with various compartments for office accessories. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection. 360 x 260mm.

Realised: $80


A Sheaffer 'Balance' desk set
Vitrolite base with two pens with 14K nibs.

Estimate: $220


A German faux tortoiseshell and chrome double inkstand

Realised: $100


An Art Nouveau Kayser silver plated inkstand
with single well flanked by leaf and floral decoration. W.200mm.

Realised: $110


An Edwardian mahogany and silver plated desk stand
with two hobnail cut glass inkwells. W.355mm

Estimate: $250


A faux whale tooth handled roller blotter.

Realised: $50


Six 'Lustre' propelling pencils
on Burnham display card.

Estimate: $200


A Swiss Caran d'Ache 'Madison' fountain pen
.925 silver 'clous de paris' patterned barrel and cap, 14K w/gold M nib, in box, fine condition.

Estimate: $150


A Namiki (Pilot) 'Vanishing Point' fountain pen
with push button/retractable 14K gold F nib, teal body with gold plated accents. With 1999 retirement cert., in box and packaging.

Estimate: $150


A Waterman 'Charleston' fountain pen and ball pen set
New-Old-Stock (NOS), green lacquer with gold plated trim, with convertor, cartridges, guarantee/instructions, in box, near mint.

Realised: $210


A Pelikan 'Berlin' fountain pen
limited edition c.2002, transparent green marbleised resin case with gold plated trims, with 18K gold rhodium plated B nib, piston filler mechanism, NOS, in box/packing.

Estimate: $1,100


A Pelikan 'Berlin' ball pen
limited edition c.2002, transparent green marbleised and black resin case with gold plated trims, NOS, in box/packing.

Estimate: $500


A Pelikan leather pen holder
(NOS), in box.

Estimate: $50


A Sheaffer 'Balance' fountain pen
black with gold plated accents, 14K M nib, NOS, in box with cartridges/papers/packing.

Estimate: $180


A Parker 'International' fountain pen
green marbleised with gold plated trim, plat. plated 18K M nib, fine condition, in box.

Realised: $190


A Waterman 'Sérénité' fountain pen
in black 'katana scabbard' with silver mounts, 18K w/gold M nib, NOS, in box with blue/black cartridges, convertor, papers, orig. packing. Near mint.

Realised: $1,400


A Lamy 200 'Makrolon' fountain pen and ball pen set
piston filler, black polycarbonate and brushed stainless steel, NOS, in box/packing.

Estimate: $220


A Parker International Duofold fountain pen
black with gold trim, convertor mechanism, 18K M nib, in box, near mint.

Realised: $180


A Pelikan 'Blue Transparent' fountain pen
piston filler, NOS, with box/packing

Realised: $230


A Parker 'Sonnet' gold plated ball pen
for the Royal Queen's Polo Team, boxed with calculator.

Estimate: $220


A Mont Blanc 1990 product catalogue
in original shrink wrap.

Estimate: $50


A French 'Speed'y Agrandisseur' jeweller's ring sizer
in box

Realised: $40


A small rare trench art model of a fixed wing propeller driven model aeroplane
constructed from a WWI .303 bullet. L.110mm.

Realised: $325


A pair of WWII Carl Zeiss binoculars
in leather case. Trophied from a German officer, shot down over Devon.

Realised: $190


An old cast iron walking stick gun
with recessed trigger, muzzle loading and a type of percussion cap firing mechanism, push button trigger, the tip end with unscrewing reveal hollow barrel, bead sight. L.860mm. No firearms licence required.

Realised: $380


Collection of 34 books
booklets and catalogues pertaining to knives, swords and weaponry. Includes ‘The Sword in the Age of Chivalry’ and ‘The Rapier and Small Sword’.

Realised: $80


A WWII Squadron 601 Flight 'Combat Report'
signed 'William Fiske P/O' and with many logged details including a 'General Report' stating 'On August 13th having intercepted .... i attacked an 88 from beam to astern together with yellow 3. The 88 began to smoke and quickly burst into flame......'. 323 x 200. Note: biographical details of Fiske associated with this lot. Note: this and the following Combat Report are uncommon and rarely seen on the market.

Estimate: $300


A WWII Battle of Britain 'Combat Report' logged by Flying Officer Carl Raymond Davis
detailing his engagement with an enemy aircraft '... gave a few short bursts which scored home ...', similar to above.

Estimate: $300


Field Marshal Sir Claud William Jacob's rare mameluke sword
the blade presentation engraved 'Field Marshal Sir Claud William Jacob' and with George V cypher and scroll highlights, the gilt hilt with crossed batons device, stainless steel scabbard with two hangers, gold/crimson cord and acorn sword knot attached. Length overall 923mm. The blade some distress. Note: Field Marshal Sir Claud William Jacob, GCB, GCSI, KCMG (21 November 1863 – 2 June 1948) was a British Indian Army officer. He served in the First World War as commander of the Dehra Dun Brigade, as General Officer Commanding 21st Division and as General Officer Commanding II Corps in the Fifth Army. Later after an illustrious career he took up the appointment of Military Secretary to the India Office in April 1926 and, having been promoted Field Marshal on 30 November 1926, he remained at the India Office until he retired in May 1930.

Estimate: $9,000 - $11,000


A late 19thC Imperial German presentation sword
Order of the Black Eagle badge to the wire bound grip, folding brass guard, the pipe back engraved 'C. BEYERHAUS HOFLIEFERANT POTSDAM', the ricasso marked 'EISENHAUER' and 'DAMAST STAHL'. Black enamelled steel scabbard with single hanger, fine woven silver wire portapee attached. Length overall 975mm.

Estimate: $2,500


A Spanish Toledo mid/late 20thC dress sword
the gilt guard with oval pierced eagle panel with central cruciform motif, the pommel as a lion's head, the handle issuing from its mouth, the scabbard with a single captured ring. Overall L.945mm.

Realised: $200


A Victorian 1821 pattern heavy officer's sword
large pierced and engraved guard with VR cipher, fish-skin wire bound grip, engraved blade, the leather scabbard with chromed fittings and leather frog. L.1000mm.

Realised: $700


Dutch naval cutlass-klewang
pattern 1898, 24¼” curved single edge blade, single fuller each face, clip point. Steel hilt with three bar hand and cross guard, single piece back strap and pommel into which is fitted a wooden grip with seven grooves. No scabbard. VGC.

Estimate: $400


A German WWII Army Officer's sword
the lion's head pommel with jewelled eyes, wire bound black grip, the knuckle bow backstrap and collar cast with oak and laurel leaves, the front languet with swastika and eagle with outstretched wings, the unengraved steel blade with maker's name to back 'E. & F. Horster, Waffenfabrik Solingen', blackened steel scabbard with single hanger. Length 990.

Realised: $725


An Edward VII 1827 pattern Scottish Rifle Regiment Officer's sword
with Glasgow markings at the ricasso with steel scabbard, ray-skin bound hilt. Overall L.980mm.

Realised: $425


An Indian copy of a regimental officer's sword
with brass hilt and guard, steel scabbard. Overall L.1020mm.

Realised: $170


Indian – firangi sword
bright polished, double full length fullered, rounded tip, hand forged 38” long blade. Double bolster reinforced steel basket style guard covering hilt and disc pommel with a 5” spike hilt grip extension. Lengthened rigid languets and bolster stiffening to blade hilt junction. 47” length overall. GC

Estimate: $550 - $750


Old Tibetan small 4” bladed steel knife
horn and bone scaled grip, patterned steel and fish skin covered scabbard and leather belt loop. Attached to an old leather, brass, silver plated and agate embellished flint and tinder pouch (empty). Both in good original condition.

Realised: $180


Four old Solomon Islands currency shell bangles
circular form, of polished clam shell. Approx. Dia.100mm. Note: These shell items were used as a medium of currency exchange/money. Provenance: Collected by Jessie Grant c.1950s when she was stationed in the Solomon Islands as a nurse. Two reprint photos from photographic slides show Grant with four local hospital staff 'Sasamuqa' and 'Our new house Sasamuqa. Japs machine gunned and stripped the old one...'. Dated 1952 to 1956.

Realised: $250


Six Solomon Island currency bracelets
three similar to above and three of finer form carved from mother-of-pearl shell. Provenance: as above.

Realised: $250


An old Solomon Islands hardwood club
the tapered diamond section shaft with small fin type forms to the head end, notch, flared and cylinder section to the other. L.875mm.

Estimate: $220


A Fijian throwing club (ula)
with large round head leading to a plain cylindrical shaft. Rich brown patina. L.390mm.

Realised: $190


An old Santa Cruz canoe shape dance club
with traditional mask and painted decoration. L.1000mm.

Realised: $850


A Pitcairn Island carved wood folk art flying fish
with open mouth, wooden pegged teeth and inlaid eyes. Maker R. Warren. L.400mm, H.200mm.

Estimate: $160


A rare coco de mer nut box
hinged lid, dark polished patina. W.235 x D.240 x H.140mm. Note: The coco de mer is endemic to the Seychelles Islands and due to their female form have held fascination by people in other parts of the world 'as a rare and fascinating object with mythological and even magical qualities'.

Realised: $500


An African assegai and short spear
the assegai with typical leaf shaped blade on short shaft, the other spear with a small blade on long steel shaft affixed to a wooden shaft with woven wire collar. Longest 1350mm.

Realised: $400


Facsimile edition 765/1000 of George French Angas' 'South Australia Illustrated 1846'
published by Reed 1967.

Realised: $100


A strongly river worn pounamu boulder
of deep green colour. 225 x 180 x 90mm

Estimate: $1,500


A New Zealand pounamu boulder
undulating polished face showing good dark tone.430 x 230 x 270mm. Approx. 35kg.

Realised: $450


A cut block of N.Z. nephrite (pounamu/greenstone)
cut on four faces with natural exterior included, showing good dark green tone and with pale inclusions. 190 x 175 x 215mm, approx. 10kg.

Realised: $300


Two carved Maori gourds
traditional motifs; one painted, the other unpainted and incompletely carved. Heights 230 and 280mm.

Realised: $200


An old Maori carved waka stern post
finely detailed with traditional concentric spiral and notch carving, a recumbent figure to the base, the black finish showing some destress. H.765mm

Realised: $1,900


A very old N.Z. puriri food trough
of oblong shape, simple rustic form constructed from a solid piece. W.540 x D.270 x H.145mm.

Realised: $295


Two WWI 9ct. rose gold presentation fob medallions to W. Reid
one being a 'Token of Honour' engraved 'Presented to TPR. W. Reid by The Makino Residents 19.9.19. The other engraved 'Fielding Show 1925. Champion Shield. Won by W. Reid' and stamped with marks for the maker Frank Grady. Total 15gm.

Realised: $1,000


A Whites Aviation hand coloured photograph
Westhaven and Auckland Port before the harbour bridge. Neg#2499. 390 x 540mm

Realised: $230


A vintage Feltex N.Z. Series picture rug
'Mt. Egmont. N.Z.', depicting landscape with mountain, Maori mythological figures capturing the sun to the top, entitlement to the base, (some wear to the top). 1310 x 670mm.

Realised: $275


A cast aluminium electric kettle by Christensen
Christchurch, with decorative Maori motifs in the form of figures supporting the wooden handle and raised on three brass 'tiki' feet. The interior with British Empire Exhibition medallion (1924). H.220mm.

Realised: $440


Two vintage Geoff Fairburn decorated gourds
painted and stained effects and with geometric designs, both lidded. Heights 570 and 390mm. Some distress. Provenance: Ex. The estate of Geoff Fairburn, sold by Cordy's August 2007.

Realised: $240


Colin Munro play worn N.Z. Cricket one day shirt
named and numbered '82' to reverse, the front with 'N.Z.', 'Ford' and 'Silver Fern' logo. Note: Munro has just completed a record breaking CPL season, being awarded the man-of-the-match and became the first batsman in tournament history to break the 500 run mark in a single CPL season. Munro has donated this shirt to raise funds for his N.Z. club Howick / Pakuranga

Estimate: $250


Colin Munro Masuri signed and worn test cricket helmet
signed and detailed with his number '#82', silver embroidered N.Z. fern to the front. Note: Donated by Munro to raise funds for the Howick / Pakuranga Cricket Club.

Realised: $120


Colin Munro New Balance DC 1080 signed cricket bat
used by Munro to score a test century, signed to the back. Note: Donated by Munro to raise funds for the Howick / Pakuranga Cricket Club.

Realised: $350


A small Neil Brown pounamu sculpture
of stylized matau form raised on plinth base. H.75mm.

Realised: $220


A Tasmanian blackwood carving of three leaping humpback whales by Brian Webb (N.Z.)
fine carved detail showing their distinctive body shape and long pectoral fins. H.1000mm

Realised: $400


A rare attributed Crown Lynn brown glaze hand potted vase
rolled rim, unmarked. H.150mm.

Estimate: $350


Barry Brickell and Fatu Feu'u sculpted pottery kava bowl
a collaborative terracotta (Driving Creek) kava bowl raised on eight legs with impressed frangipani motifs to each. D.385mm. Note: It is recorded that Fatu has a fascination with ancient Lapita pottery which has led to collaborative pieces with his late friend Barry Brickell.

Realised: $1,200


A Kotuku Pottery tall blue salt glazed vase
mildly tapered form with ring neck, double koru scroll sculpted handles, vibrant glaze. Small chip. H.470mm.

Estimate: $180


Toby Stafford studio pottery large vase
flattened ovoid form with lustrous blue salt glaze over a rich brown salt glaze, impressed mark. H.310mm.

Realised: $170


Rod Davies tall tenmoku glaze floor pot
bottle form with black glaze spotted with lustrous red/brown, impressed mark. H.520mm.

Realised: $150


A large Jengis Poor pottery vase
with black and white decoration of stylised face and lettering, signed and dated 2005. D.270, H.225mm.

Realised: $400


A small Doris Dutch square shaped pottery lidded box
with decoration of French text. W.80mm.

Realised: $100


A large Peter Collis awaji-style floor vase
vibrant turquoise glaze, oval body with narrow stretched neck. H.850mm.

Realised: $520


An Aaron Scythe porcelain vase
inverted baluster form, decorated in blue and white stripes with a front panel of birds and rocks on a red patterned ground, bronze lustre finish to the neck, raised inscription to the base. H.230mm.

Realised: $100


An Aaron Scythe porcelain vase
inverted baluster form, the lower half decorated in thin red stripes on a white ground, the top in vertical blue stripes on a white ground, the front panel decorated with a snow capped mountain on a red patterned ground, raised inscription to the base. H.230mm.

Realised: $100


An Aaron Scythe 'Te Aroha Oribe' ceramic kete. W.320 x H. 430mm

Realised: $280