A Victorian Coromandel wood writing slope
the exterior decorated with cut brass inlaid with Pietra Dura panels, the interior with a velvet writing slope, ink bottles, pigeon holes and two ivory writing accessories. 290 x 240mm.

Realised: $230


A Victorian kerosene lamp
the brass column raised on a circular ceramic base, primrose yellow glass oil reservoir with etched shade and a chimney. H.680mm.

Realised: $260


A Victorian kerosene lamp
the brass column raised on a ceramic base, plain crystal oil reservoir with etched shade and a chimney. H.40mm.

Realised: $280


A Paul Flinette hand painted wooden decoy loon
signed and '#2' to reverse. L.400mm.

Realised: $80


A pair of vintage game shears
with steel and wood handle. L.275mm.

Realised: $80


A vintage Siebe Gorman and Co. diver's knife
in original bar scabbard. L.350 (overall).

Estimate: $500


An original Brady wicker fishing creel
complete with canvas carry bag attached, leather and canvas harness, Brady logo attached, c.1940s.

Estimate: $200


A Victorian Edwards & Sons gentleman's travelling valise with contents of ivory and ebony backed brushes
mirror, glove stretchers, etc. (14 pieces).

Estimate: $200


A Victorian leather gentleman's travelling case with contents
two ivory boxes, four ivory mounted brushes and an ivory handled button hook, all with gold crest. W.290mm.

Estimate: $650


A small old violin
with paper label 'Jacobus Stainer in Absam', in original case with bow. Faults.

Realised: $150


An old violin and bow
encased with accessories. Some faults.

Realised: $120


Three Victorian pottery spirit flasks
each one with the original cork stopper and round glazed top sections, Whisky, Brandy and Gin. H.230mm.

Realised: $170


An Edwardian 'Breadalbane Scotch Whisky' bar top clear glass dispenser
baluster form, the faceted domed lid with ball and prism finial showing some damage, a large brass tap to the lower body, red and white lettering, spreading circular base. Chips to lid finial. H.535mm.

Realised: $450


An Edwardian large bar top 'J. & R. Harvey & Co. Ltd Special Scotch Whisky
Glasgow' glass whisky dispenser, details printed in gilt on the baluster body, the wide tapered lid with facet cuts and prism and facet ball finial, spreading circular base, original tap. H.640mm.

Realised: $450


A Victorian copper grain scoop
with maker's initials and date to the front.

Realised: $70


An old copper wine cooler
oval form with iron swing handle. 570 x 330 x 240mm.

Realised: $325


An ornate copper coal scuttle
helmet form, raised on three paw feet, the handles decorated with dolphins and Neptune’s trident.

Realised: $450


Robert Thompson Mouseman oak cheese board
traditionally carved with a mouse. L.370mm.

Realised: $350


A small Richard Rohac (Austria 1906-1956) bronze figure of a crouching African woman
stamped with maker's mark and 'Made in Austria' to base. H.210mm. Note: Rohac began and completed his apprenticeship with Werkstätte Hagenauer.

Realised: $200


A Rudi Buchanan bronze casting of the artist's hand
signed and dated 2017. W.180mm.

Realised: $175


A bronze figure of a reclining young naked woman
signed Kerk and numbered 1/25. L.255mm.

Realised: $275


A bronze figure of a stylised acrobatic naked female figure
on a crescent shaped plinth base. H.310mm.

Realised: $250


A bronze figure of a pointer dog
on fitted wood plinth base. Impressed Foundry mark. L.280mm.

Realised: $400


'The Adventures of Kimble Bent'
by James Cowan, 1st edition, Whitcombe & Tombs Ltd, 1911. Pictorial cloth, 15 photo plates. Distress to spine and cover. Note: Kimble Bent was known as the Pakeha Maori, he lived and fought with Titokowaru's Hauhau warriors in the Taranaki Land Wars against the settlers.

Realised: $80


A pair of French 19thC porcelain and ivory opera glasses
decorated with flowers and gilt embellishments on a cobalt blue ground.

Realised: $500


A pair of French mother-of-pearl opera glasses
brass fittings.

Realised: $160


An ivory four-fold rule
by J. Rabone & Sons.

Realised: $260


A Victorian silver top double ended scent bottle
the clear glass bottle with etched and notched decoration, the unmarked silver ends with some gilding remaining. L.130mm.

Realised: $130


A Continental silver and glass scent bottle
the flat ovoid crystal body on a small silver stand with silver cartouche to the front and floral silver lid. L.100mm.

Realised: $150


An Edwardian silver top and cranberry perfume bottle
plain cylindrical form. Birmingham 1904. L.95mm.

Realised: $80


A Victorian double ended scent bottle
plain design, the silver plate ends with some gilding remaining. L.105mm.

Estimate: $150


Two old fans
one with mother-of-pearl and gilt embellished sticks, painted and sequinned decoration to the lace, in original satin fitted box, the other a carved Japanese sandalwood fan, also in original box.

Realised: $70


A large glass/quartz sphere
with flecks of white, red and black. 16½ kgs.

Realised: $220


A small wood trough
rough hewn finish. 450 x 270 x 190.

Realised: $100


A large wooden grain pounding pot. 340 x 490mm.

Realised: $150


A large wooden grain pounding pot
similar to above. 340 x 440mm.

Realised: $150


A large wooden grain pounding pot
similar to above. 340 x 570mm.

Realised: $150


A 1970's/80s Louis Vuitton briefcase
LV patterned exterior with finely studded LV printed trim, brass capped corners, locks and other fittings, the original handle with one replacement screw, the original suede type interior with fold-down flap to interior lid. 455 x 355 x 125mm.

Realised: $825


A vintage Louis Vuitton black epi-leather and canvas shoulder bag
the three-quarter flap with substantial white metal double-clip fittings revealing two large side pockets, the lined interior with single zippered side compartment, the original adjustable shoulder strap with maker's name, zippered compartment to the back. approx. 450 x 370 x 100mm.

Realised: $575


A vintage as new Hermès silk scarf
'Grand Vent'. With turquoise border the central print shows assorted fabric and grasses caught in a chain link fence.

Realised: $220


A vintage as new Hermès silk scarf
ornate gold and brown border with main print depicting gilt baroque decorated wagon wheels. Has a small hole lower quadrant.

Estimate: $100


A vintage as new Gucci silk scarf
orange ground with ribbon border, the central panel split into seven sections, the corner quadrants with a coat of arms, the other sections decorated with knights in full armour on horseback.

Realised: $250


A small antique Indonesian knife/dagger
with ebony scabbard and ivory handle and mounts. L.255mm.

Realised: $100


A c.1880 Celebes Bade-bade
with hand forged, curved, needle blade, carved horn hilt, in hardwood scabbard with carved horn mount and brass ferrule. 335mm.

Estimate: $400


A c.1880 Celebes Bade-bade
with hand forged, curved, needle blade, carved horn hilt, together with hardwood scabbard with carved horn mount and brass ferrule. 335mm.

Estimate: $380


An early 20thC Malaysian Parang Pedang
the 700mm sweeping curved blade with single fuller, laminated and hand forged, the green horn hilt/handle with carved pommel.

Estimate: $300


An early 20thC Sumatran Klewang long knife
the 560mm smith formed blade with heavy narrow section at the hilt tapering towards the tip, the horn hilt with forked pommel end.

Estimate: $250


An early 20thC Indonesian kris
the stained bone carved hilt as a deity, traditional wavy Damascene blade, the engraved brass scabbard with black striped timaho wood fitting.

Estimate: $140


An early 19thC Sumatran kris
hand forged laminate steel 285mm blade, the carved ebony hilt as a stylised bird, mahogany scabbard with loss.

Estimate: $140


A c.1940-1945 Sumatran Barong long knife
long heavy broad tipped 30mm blade, rubberised hilt, the stitched leather machete scabbard of WWII type.

Estimate: $120


A vintage Celebes kris
with figural bone hilt, ‘wavy’ 310mm Damascene blade, wood scabbard of tiger stripe effect.

Estimate: $140


A c.1900 North Western Sumatra Rentjong knife
mildly curved 250mm blade, the water buffalo horn hilt shaped at a right angle, noted as the favourite weapon of the Atjeh (Aceh).

Estimate: $240


A c.1920 Philippines Moro Island Gunong dagger
deer bone pommel and hilt, decorative brass and copper ferrule, cross guard and mounted wood scabbard. 180mm polished double edged blade.

Estimate: $160


A Philippines tuba knife
sickle style, carved wood hilt with bird head pommel, hand forged 160mm blade at right angles to the hilt, carved wood sheath.

Estimate: $100


A Sarawak blow pipe darts in bamboo quiver
the 20 plus thin shafted darts with metal tips, the bamboo cylinder quiver with woven Rattan binding.

Realised: $75


A 19thC Ottoman Yataghan
long forward curved single edge blade with Islamic inscriptions to each side, cord bound horn shaped grip. Lead museum seal wired into pommel. 780mm.

Estimate: $1,100


Sudanese 19thC Kaskara
hand forged double edged spear point and fullered blade, leather bound flat pommel and grip. Together with decorated leather scabbard. 1050mm.

Estimate: $550


A late 18thC Turkish Shamshir
plain curved hand forged hatchet point blade. Silver nail studded horn hilt with pistol grip. 915mm.

Estimate: $260


19thC Caucasian Kindjal
slender tri-fullered engraved blade, the two piece horn hilt with silver nail studs. Three armour cartouche to ricasso. 580mm.

Estimate: $750


A 17thC Mughal Indian sosun patta
a forward curving shortened blade with reshaped tip, one face of blade decorated with geometric gold koftgarli the other with calligraphy script, with plain steel hilt, together with leather and brass wood scabbard, decorated with calligraphy animals and deities. 600mm.

Estimate: $1,200


A c.1800 small South Indian Khanjarli dagger
double re-curved 130mm blade of flattened diamond section, plain carved bone grip with demilune shaped pommel, steel knuckle guard.

Realised: $180


A rare 19thC African Mangbetu dagger
the ivory hilt with cotton reel ribbed grip and flared ends, one chip to pommel, the flat blade tapering to a point. Congo area. 252mm.

Estimate: $100


An old Japanese Wakazashi blade
the 510mm blade with two peg holes to the tang, the tang end removed (military requirement), brass habaki, clear flowing yakiba to edge.

Realised: $175


A Japanese WWII Type 30 1897 bayonet in scabbard
2nd pattern, 400mm blued blade, arsenal marks for Toyada Jidoshaki Siesakusho.

Realised: $120


An early 20thC Japanese Type 30 1897 bayonet in scabbard
pattern 1904/05, wood grips, hooked quillion, blue fullered 400mm blade.

Realised: $150


Japanese army officers sabre
the chrome plated single edge blade with etched yakiba, gilt brass wire Bakelite grip with floral decorated brass guard and hilt. Together with a chrome plated scabbard. 960mm.

Estimate: $300


Japanese commissioned officers naval dirk
nickel plated blade with good polish, fish skin wire bound hilt with brass fittings. Tokokawa Naval Arsenal stamp and cherry blossom stamp to underside of guard, together with leather covered lacquered wooden scabbard with cherry blossom decorated brass locket and chape. 420mm.

Estimate: $300


English Infantry Officer's 1822 pattern dress sword
with etched pipe back blade, the brass three bar guard with William IV cipher. Together with 1834 dress regulation brass scabbard. 980mm.

Estimate: $880


A George III presentation sword
the blade decoratively engraved with presentation inscription dated 12 June 1810, Royal crown and cypher 'GR' also to the blade, the highly ornate brass hilt in the form of a snake issuing from a lion's mouth with ivory grip, the leather and brass scabbard with decoration of armour, weapons and snakes. L.940mm

Realised: $3,500


A c.1860s U.S. officer's sword
spear point polished blade, the leather over wood grip with brass wire bindings, cast hilt and guard with U.S. eagle, the steel scabbard with double brass hangers.

Realised: $400


A U.S. Model 1905 bayonet in scabbard
400mm fullered spear point blade, the canvas covered scabbard with leather tip, smooth wood grips, single bolt fixing.

Realised: $260


An English c.1900s ELG hammer gun
#5504, with 12-bore side-by-side hammer action and 30 inch barrels. License required.

Realised: $170


An English 1858-1870 Lloyd & Son hammer gun
#3508, with 12-bore side-by-side hammer action, 30 inch barrels, Damascus pattern to hilt and engraved to rib 'Lloyd & Son, Gun Manufacturers, Lewes'. License required.

Realised: $230


A c.1750 European flintlock blunderbuss
the quality full rosewood body with a steel barrel of initial octagonal form flaring to round, steel lock and ramrod, brass trigger guard and ramrod fittings. L.640mm (overall). No licence required.

Realised: $3,500


A c.1830 English percussion pistol by Smith of London
13mm bore octagonal barrel, captive ramrod, English lock and hammer with engraved detail, English proof marks and maker's details to top, checkered walnut handle. L.225mm.

Realised: $800


An c.1820 English percussion ‘manstopper’ military or coaching pistol
unusually large 8 inch barrel faintly engraved ‘London’, captive ramrod and belt hook to left hand side. Possibly a private purchase by an officer as the 10 bore calibre is the same as that of the standard service musket with possible attribution to use in the Land Wars.

Estimate: $350


A c.1800 English flintlock box-lock pocket pistol
by H. Mortimer, London, stamped with London proof marks and Mortimer’s own ‘fleur de lys’ proof. Fitted with sliding safety catch. In excellent untouched condition with an original (?) flint still in place.

Estimate: $800


Five assorted military issue clasp knives
includes: 1932 Royal Navy, 1945 Australian Forces, 1954 British Army, 1950 German Army and 1960? NATO/British Pilot's Shroud knife.

Realised: $230


A German WWII Luftwaffe Squadron clasp for a bomber pilot
the brass eagle with maker's details stamped 'G.H. Osang'.

Estimate: $950


A collection of military badges
buttons and pins, including a 9ct gold Caterpillar Club badge with small ruby eyes (‘ F/S D. Smith’ engraved to reverse), a bronze Pathfinder badge with screw back fittings, a ribbon bar with the Aircrew Europe medal, an NZ Airforce Association stick pin plus several RNZAF brass buttons and a well-polished RAF cap badge. (Pathfinder crews were made up of crews ‘ chosen’ for their above average skills in navigation, flying or gunnery).

Realised: $500


An Ottoway & Co. leather bound single draw military issue telescope
impressed marks, No. 225 and dated 1940. L.900mm (extended).

Realised: $210


A prototype (?) bronze cast NZ paperweight
appearing to reference women’s service during WW2. In the style of NZ art of the late '40s and early '50s (Mervyn Taylor style), the double-sided disc features a globe with stylised soldiers being given refreshments by uniformed women volunteers, the other side bears the legend “THEY ALSO SERVED / N.Z.T.A. 1939-1945” (New Zealand Territorial Army?). The base is stamped ‘TRIAL PATTERN’.

Realised: $100


A 20thC Pacific Islands (Tonga) carved wooden stool
the curved rectangular top supported on cradle form legs with plain flared feet, carved from the one piece. L.490 x H.110mm.

Estimate: $180


An old polished hardwood tribal two-handled food bowl. L.670mm.

Realised: $300


A good old Fijian ula or throwing club
ornate ribbed decoration and finely notched handle. Some age splits. L.400mm.

Realised: $625


An old Solomon Islands paddle club
of traditional plain ribbed design. L.1250mm.

Realised: $230


An old Solomon Islands paddle club of traditional plain ribbed design. Small faults. L.1160mm.

Realised: $230


A Papua New Guinea pearl shell crescent breast plate
adorned with shells and fibre. W.190mm.

Realised: $300


A large heavy Benin bronze plaque
'Oha Esigie', modelled in deep relief with three standing figures, the central figure the Benin King on Horseback, the First King of Benin (1504-1550).

Realised: $1,000


A Pacific tortoise shell hair comb
on stand, the top carved with animal decoration. 170 x 160 (comb).

Estimate: $280


A giant clam (tridacna gigas) shell currency ring
set onto a metal stand.

Realised: $160


A piece of shallow dish form coral
with metal stand. W.270 x D.130 x H.140mm.

Realised: $200


Two moa leg bones
a tibia and top section of a femur. 370 and 150mm.

Estimate: $300


A early/mid 20thC Maori folk art carved walking stick
the handle as the head of a Maori gent with moko, two thirds of the shaft carved with an overlapping angular lineal design, black stained highlights. L.880mm.

Estimate: $220


An early 20thC hand coloured photo of a young Maori girl
wearing a korowai. 200 x 150mm.

Realised: $120


A Colonial New Zealand large greeting card
'A Christmas Greeting from our New Zealand Friends', oval watercolour depicting small Maori child in a landscape with a floral border. 290 x 230mm.

Realised: $100


A N.Z. colonial burr totara circular stem dish on baluster pedestal
and circular foot. Dia.250mm, H.175mm.

Realised: $320


A N.Z. colonial inlaid native timbers dressing table box
with paua initials 'TEH'. L.260mm.

Realised: $140


A N.Z. woods box
the geometric patterns formed from various N.Z. timbers including rewarewa, totara and kauri, the interior with one lift-out tray, with key. 410 x 280 x 180

Realised: $350


A good colonial mottled kauri writing box
plain design with fitted interior. Some surface marks. 380 x 250 x 140mm.

Realised: $290