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A French bronze figure group
a greyhound with a spaniel, on oval bronze base, signed P.J. Mêne. 235 x 120 x 170.

Realised: $625


A pair of bronze dancing figures by Ernest Rancoulet (French 1870-1915)
both in classical dress, the man representing 'Harmonie' and the woman 'La Danse', both signed, on later wooden bases. Height 380.

Realised: $1,000


A small bronze figure of a Muay Thai fighter
the figure with tattooed sides, dressed in a loincloth, balanced with one knee raised in fighting stance. On wooden plinth base. Height 165.

Realised: $150


After Pierre-Jules Mêne (1810-1879) bronze spelter sculpture 'Djinn Etalon Arabe'
the Arabian horse well modelled beside a rustic log form fence. Length 40.

Realised: $900


A spelter bronzed figural candlestick
raised from an onyx plinth base. Repair to arm. Height 480.

Realised: $215


A brass and serpentine manta ray sculpture
with wings outstretched and long tail supported on a steel rod to a serpentine base with part polished top. Width 395, height 280.

Realised: $250


A bronze sculptured female torso
the dark patina with green verdigris highlights. Height 415.

Realised: $240


A brass sculpted crocodile skull on a serpentine boulder
finely detailed and cast as two sections, the natural river worn pounamu boulder with polished top. 400 x 300 x 230.

Realised: $425


A pair of gilt metal curtain hooks
along with four more in brass.

Realised: $199


A cast aluminium Liberty's of London shop sign
polychrome painted, armorial design, inscribed 'Agent For Liberty', with alternate hanging or counter top easel mounts to reverse. Height 550.

Realised: $950


A Burchell's zebra skin rug
in good order. Length from tip to tail 2900, width 1900.

Realised: $800


Two adult whale rib bones
natural curved form, white finish with tan toned sections and ends. Length 1520 and 1700.

Realised: $900


A taxidermied head of a fallow deer
with 14-point antlers, depth from wall 590.

Realised: $400


An impressive male American buffalo (bison) taxidermied head with full winter coat
his horns blackened, glass eyes. 670 x 700 x 570.

Realised: $2,200


A taxidermied shoulder mount of a Thar
with a lush winter coat. Depth from wall 670.

Realised: $350


A 20thC scrimshaw whale's tooth depicting an amorous Indian couple riding upon a camel
the text to the reverse referring to the fascination of the artists of the east with such themes, 'Bundi-Kotah style...'. Length 122.

Estimate: $380


A 20thC scrimshaw whale's tooth
engraved 'The Paddle-Steamer Soho Enters the Mouth of the Scheldt in 1853' depicting that scene, finely worked and highlighted in black. Length 150.

Estimate: $480


A 20thC scrimshaw whale's tooth
finely engraved and stained in black with a scene of a whaling long boat being broken in two by a whale, figures falling, etc., signed 'C.S. Raleigh, 1877'. Length 135.

Estimate: $500


A 19thC scrimshaw whale's tooth of a British naval ship's officer
good old variable colourway of brown, tan and paler tones, remnants of black ink highlights. Length 130.

Estimate: $650


A large whale's tooth
natural curved form tapering to a point and with semi-polished finish. Length 180.

Realised: $280


A large old whale's tooth
semi-polished finish. Length 198.

Realised: $320


An old large whale's tooth
matt polished finish with some old discolouration. Length 170.

Realised: $220


An old large sperm whale tooth
matt polished finish, showing some discolouration of age. Length 180.

Estimate: $300


A contemporary scrimshawed whale's tooth
showing a Chinese market scene and entitled '1000 B.C.', detailed in black, smooth overall finish. Length 150.

Realised: $310


An old sperm whale tooth
semi-polished finish, the base cut allowing it to stand. Length 135.

Realised: $170


A 20thC scrimshaw whale's tooth
the wide flattened oval section tooth decorated in black with a single sampan under sail, matt polished finish. 120 x 65.

Realised: $300


A 19thC scrimshaw whale's tooth
decorated with the portrait of a British Naval Officer inscribed 'Nes', details in black, aged staining to tooth, a chip to pointed end. Length 125.

Estimate: $500


A vintage whale's tooth
natural textured finish with small semi-polished tip end. Length 120.

Realised: $130


An impressive collection of Pacific seashells
including a large baler shell, a nautilus shell, conch shells, etc.

Estimate: $400


Eight miniature ivory horses
in varying poses. 45 x 40 average size.

Realised: $200


A carved antler small figurine
two rats climbing over a woven hat, carver's mark of three crossed fish to base. 65 x 50.

Realised: $90


A small carved antler figurine
in the form of a kangaroo, on naturalistic base, maker's mark of three crossed fish to base. 55 x 60.

Estimate: $120


A small antler carving
in the form of two turtles side by side, maker's mark of three crossed fish to base. Length 60.

Estimate: $120


A small carved antler figure
in the form of a frog, maker as previous lot. Length 40.

Estimate: $120


A small carved antler figure
in the form of an owl sitting on a branch, on a separate antler stand. Maker's mark as previous lot. Height 60.

Realised: $80


A small antler carved figure
in the form of a lizard on a rock, maker's mark as previous lot. Length 60.

Realised: $70


A small antler carving
in the form of two toads on a curled up snake, maker's mark as previous lot. Length 60.

Realised: $70


A small antler carved figure
in the form of a toad, maker's mark as previous lot. Length 55.

Realised: $70


A small antler carving in the form of a mother blue whale mother and calf
maker's mark as previous lot. Length 130.

Realised: $80


A small antler carving
in the form of a skull, attached to an antler stand, maker's mark as previous lot.

Realised: $130


A small antler carving in the form of a water buffalo calf
makers mark of three crossed fish set in a small bronze plaque to the base. Length 60.

Realised: $70


A small antler carving
in the form of a snail, maker's mark as previous lot. Length 35.

Estimate: $120


A small antler carving in the form of a rat rolling on his back
maker's mark as previous lot. Length 50.

Estimate: $120


A carved broadbill bill
decoration of marlin, mahi mahi and waves. Length 577

Realised: $90


A 19thC whalebone cane
plain tapering shaft, small chip to top. Length 920.

Realised: $600


A dog's head handled walking stick
the head carved from horn, mounted with a sterling silver ferrell to a malacca cane stick. Length 890.

Realised: $310


Four various walking sticks
one with horn handle, another with silver mounts.

Realised: $150


A 19thC ivory letter opener with tusk handle
Length 430.

Realised: $210


Four 19thC ivory mounted dressing table bristle brushes
two pairs, both with wild boar crests.

Realised: $100


A collection of 20 antique beaded lace bobbins
17 made of bone and three of wood.

Realised: $200


A Victorian tortoiseshell card case
with hinged lid and fine ivory clashed detail at the opening. 100 x 75.

Realised: $270


Two ostrich feather fans
one with natural colour and mother-of-pearl sticks, the other a crimson colour with faux tortoiseshell sticks.

Estimate: $140


Three early 19thC black lacquer and papier-mâché snuff boxes
two circular with painted picture scene lids, the other rectangular.

Realised: $90


A Victorian mahogany writing slope
hinged lid with cut brass inlay and similar design to the keyhole escutcheon opening to reveal a lined and fitted interior with a secured drawer and recessed handle to the side. 500 x 290 x 200.

Realised: $230


A small Victorian leather box
in the form of a small travelling trunk with metal and pearl stud detail, the interior with two small compartments containing stoppered scent bottles. 120 x 70 x 100.

Realised: $90


A Georgian multi-sided tortoiseshell tea caddy
with dome top and ivory mounts, the engraved escutcheon within abalone ribbon inlay. Some distress. Length 145, height 140.

Estimate: $1,000


A Victorian etui
the Moroccan leather case printed with a Swiss chalet and mountain scene, the interior velvet lined and containing sewing accessories, mirror to interior of lid. 135 x 100 x 20.

Realised: $140


A 19thC European jewel box
squat sarcophagus shape raised on gilt metal feet, decorated in coloured inks and pen work with Arab figures to the lid and stylised leaves and flower heads as borders patterning the cavetto and walls. 305 x 250 x 120.

Estimate: $250


A French cigar box
in kingwood veneers, the interior fitted to accommodate 40 petit corona cigars; the side inlaid in herringbone pattern, the lid bookmatched quarters with crossbanding, brass engraved cartouche and brass clashed edges. With key. 230 x 120 x 120.

Realised: $400


A French parquetry jewellery case by Maison Alphonse Giroux et Cie. Paris
of serpentine commode shape with four wing hinged drawers beneath a hinged lid, the ebonized surfaces embellished with applied cut brass mounts and two oval miniature oil panels of garden scenes; the interior with kingwood veneers and ruched satin lining. 350 x 240 x 230.

Estimate: $1,100


A rare early 20thC French Bontem singing bird gilded box
the crisp-tooled gilt metal engraved case of rectangular form, slide button switch to the front releasing the hinged lid and exposing the iridescent feathered singing bird, with articulated bone beak, the wings and body move from side-to-side with accompanying synchronised bird song, standing above a grilled and engraved oval panel. Key wind, working order, hinged back flap revealing the key. 98 x 65 x 35 when closed.See for further details and video of the box in action

Realised: $3,350


A French amboyna games box labelled for Alphonse Giroux
Rue du Coq, Saint-Honoré, Paris; the coffered lid inlaid in ivory with a cartouche flanked by griffins and scrolling tendrils on an ebony panel; the cavetto and walls inlaid with brass stringing. The palisander interior fitted with four lift out compartments holding mother of pearl jetons and four packs of playing cards. With key. 320 x 250 x 100.

Realised: $800


A French marquetry jewellery box
oblong with canted corners, the lid inlaid with a cut brass cartouche on a field of burr maple, framed by shell and brass borders inlaid in ebony and palisander. Conforming decoration to the fascia with similar to the sides; the interior with deep buttoned red satin lining. 235 x 170 x 120.

Realised: $525


A French marquetry jewellery box
with shaped walls and canted corners, the lid inlaid with a cut brass framed shell cartouche set on a field of burr maple, satinwood and kingwood within a clashed brass edge, the interior with turquoise moire satin lining. Raised on brass ball feet. 275 x 200 x 140.

Realised: $475


A 19thC French marquetry dressing case
the lid inlaid with cut brass, copper, shell and various timbers, with conforming elements to the fascia and sides. The interior with deep buttoned coffered and mirrored lid, four scent bottles and a selection of implements. 330 x 235 x 190.

Realised: $970


A 19thC French jewellery box
of cushion topped serpentine shape, with cut brass inlaid cartouche, stringing and clashed edges; veneered in various timbers including amboyna, kingwood and ebony. 380 x 280 x 160.

Realised: $1,000


A 19thC Macassar ebony dressing case by J. Bradshaw & Sons Liverpool
oblong with brass stringing and clashed edges, an inlaid cartouche engraved with a cockerel crest and dated 1871, the interior fitted with silver topped jars and containers engraved with conforming crest, hallmarked London 1869, along with razors and implements in a removable tray. 310 x 220 x 140.

Realised: $1,150


A 19thC macassar ebony work box - writing slope
with brass and shell inlay, opening to reveal a gilt tooled red leather writing surface, ivory and shell bobbins, silver thimbles, etc. 265 x 230 x 110.

Realised: $475


A French Boulle stationery compendium
of credenza shape inlaid in cut brass, red tortoiseshell and white enamel on an ebonized ground, with ormolu edges and high relief floral urn to the drop front, opening to reveal a velvet writing surface and maple lined interior, compartmentalized to hold two ink wells and papers. With key. 355 x 150 x 270.

Realised: $850


A 19thC mother of pearl inlaid ebony workbox
the emerald green satin lined interior fitted with an array of mother of pearl and ivory sewing implements. With key. 300 x 220 x 120.

Realised: $750


A Chinese lacquered writing slope
oblong, the lid decorated with a sampan upon a lake with Mt. Fuji in the background. 370 x 240 x 140.

Realised: $160


A 19thC French palisander box
with an inlaid cartouche to the top framed by cut mixed coloured metals and ivory wreaths and ribbons. 325 x 225 x 120. Key missing.

Realised: $275


A 19thC French amboyna escritoire
with cut brass inlaid strapping and cartouche to the lids, opening to reveal a palisander interior with gilt tooled leather writing surface and compartments with two inkwells. 330 x 260 x 100.

Realised: $620


A French birds-eye maple games box labelled 'Commoy - Rue St. Dominique - Lyon'
the lid inlaid with a brass shield cartouche set in kingwood and ebony encircled by a square fret line; framed by a more elaborate square fret border of brass and mother of pearl on an ebony ground. The palisander interior fitted with four lift-out compartments holding colour stained bone jetons, an octagonal dice well and space for playing cards. 320 x 240 x 60.

Realised: $775


A 19thC walnut writing slope
with enhanced figured graining, brass mounts and jasperware cartouche to the opening to reveal a coromandel wood interior with gilt tooled leather writing surface and compartments with inkwell, wax seal and key. 310 x 245 x 100.

Realised: $450


A teak oblong box with brass inlay and clashed edges
the hinged lid with a central cartouche framed by four cruciform quadrants and a line of rondels; conforming decoration to the walls. Brass locking strap to the front. 255 x 140 x 120.

Realised: $275


A 19thC French Morocco leather covered dressing case by Veuve Pierre Somani et Fils
fitted with an arrangement of silver plate mounted faceted clear glass jars, bottles and boxes, the lift-out trays enclosing grooming implements and toilet requisites, the case marked 'Vve P Sormani & Fils, 10 Rue de Charlot, Paris', c.1880. 345 x 250 x 175.

Realised: $1,000


A Victorian quartered oak decanter case
oblong with brass strapped corners and bale handle to the lid, the front opening to reveal an interior fitted to hold three decanters and glasses, replaced with three later claret jugs. 370 x 220 x 270.

Realised: $410


A Regency mahogany tea caddy
the interior fitted with two lidded canisters flanking a glass mixing bowl. 310 x 150 x 150.

Realised: $225


A Victorian birds-eye maple writing slope
with decorative edge to the hinged lid. 300 x 210 x 130.

Realised: $160


An Arts & Crafts brass oblong box
the hinged lid with swing handle, the top and sides decorated with stylised fruit and leaves, the interior with a removable tray. 340 x 180 x 210.

Realised: $230


A vintage Louis Vuitton 'Cabas Piano' shoulder bag
with original tags and dust bag. 400 x 310mm.

Estimate: $500


A vintage Louis Vuitton red Epi Leather 'Jasmin' handbag
soft rounded shape with double zip enclosure and leather handles.

Estimate: $600


A vintage black Chanel 'Caviar' leather tote bag
with quilt stitching and gold metal fittings. With dust bag. As new.

Estimate: $800


A brand new Michael Kors 'Ashbury' leather 'Grab Bag'
in pebbled finish, ecru colour, with original tag and care card, together with Michael Kors shopping bag.

Realised: $200


A vintage crocodile skin handbag
deer antler handle with silver caps set with coral and turquoise, silver and ivory buttons on the body of bag and latch. 470 x 330.

Realised: $300


Two impressive polished kauri gum pieces
both with multiple sides, in bright crackled honey tones. 509gm. Lengths 150 and 180.

Realised: $180


Two polished kauri gum pieces
one domed shaped, the other six-sided, in bright crackled honey tones. 775gm. Lengths 90 and 100.

Realised: $280


Two polished kauri gum pieces
one of cylindrical form, the other free form, in bright crackled honey tones. 614gm. Lengths 140 and 170.

Realised: $210


Two polished kauri gum pieces
one angular, the other curved, in bright crackled honey tones. 361gm. Lengths 90 and 110.

Realised: $170


Three small polished kauri gum pieces
two in bright crackled honey tones, the other two-toned honey and butterscotch. 201gm. Lengths 60, 80 and 90.

Realised: $90


A late 19th/early 20thC Persian Mughal illuminated book
includes 10 fine hand painted miniature paintings, the printed text pages repeating. Painting size 168 x 100.

Realised: $375


Reprint copy of 'New Zealand Graphic & Descriptive' by C.D. Barraud
1977 edition 561/1000, in original packing box.

Realised: $170


Approximately 11 various publications
on N.Z. trout fishing.

Estimate: $100


Approximately 11 various publications
on N.Z. trout fishing.

Estimate: $100


A selection of Hardy Bros.
and other tackle catalogues.

Estimate: $80


An early 20thC 'Winslow Health & Hygiene Series' medical display chart
detailing 'Excess Mortality Due to Alcohol', 'Retardation Due to Alcohol', 'The Nervous System', etc., printed on paper sheet backed on linen mounted on two rods to allow for rolling. 1700 x 1100.

Realised: $680


An early 19thC English Thomas Harris Culpeper-type brass microscope
wheel adjustable focus, the stage with engraved signature 'T. Harris & Son, British Museum, London', the original boxed base with single frieze drawer containing original brass and ivory fittings. Height 380.

Realised: $4,250


An early 20thC mahogany and glazed cased barograph
engraved with retailer's name, 'E.P. Mallory, Bath'. 365 x 215 x 190.

Realised: $250