An early 20thC rosewood infill smoothing plane
parallel sides, closed handle, Scottish pattern, sole length 9½".

Estimate: $300


A brass leather cased telescope by E. Esdaile & Sons Pty Ltd
Sydney. Length extended 640.

Realised: $150


A gilded cast iron framed combination clock/ barometer/thermometer
the clock with white enamel dial with Roman numerals, bell striking movement, barometer marked for 'J.J. Wainwright & Co.'. Height 670.

Realised: $140


A stained glass window panel with the coat-of-arms of the Duke of Somerset
with his motto 'Foy Pour Devoir'. 490 x 380.

Realised: $190


A late 19thC small brass monocular microscope
in mahogany box.

Estimate: $120


A small brass bound black walnut jewel box
with domed lid, original fitted interior and key. Length 175.

Realised: $100


Four boxed sets of vintage English 'Victorian Toy Soldiers'
'Prussian Assault Group', 'Russian Infantry', 'French Infantry' and 'French Chasseur a Pied'

Estimate: $350


An Indonesian kris
with wavy blade, carved wood hilt and scabbard. Overall length 480.

Realised: $80


An Indonesian kris
with straight double-edge blade with carved wood handle and wooden scabbard. Overall length 485.

Realised: $100


An old Indonesian parang short sword
the carved horn handle with diamond engraved silver ferule to the steel tapered blade, single edged, the hardwood scabbard with plain silver strapping. Length overall 398.

Realised: $170


A large vintage Kukri knife
the horn ribs with studded decoration, traditional curved blade, leather scabbard. Length overall 680.

Realised: $130


A Japanese WWII katana long sword
military fittings, the blade with two engraved characters and two holes to the tang, finely textured black lacquered scabbard, single hanger. Blade length 624.

Realised: $800


A German 1939 Iron Cross
hinged pin to reverse.

Estimate: $120


A Victorian lithograph 'The Roll Call' Crimea 1854-5
after the original by Lady Butler (Elizabeth Thompson). In birds-eye maple frame. Image 505 x 1010. Outer frame 875 x 1380.

Realised: $440


A set of service medals awarded to Pte A.J. Conyngham
N.Z.E.F., along with a photograph album including many military portraits and a shortened WWI bayonet.

Realised: $270


Three Royal Flying Corps 'Sweetheart' badges
of various design. Pre-1918.

Realised: $100


Three Royal Flying Corp. 'Sweetheart' badges
two of circular form, one of wings, pre-1918.

Realised: $100


Two RFC 'Sweetheart' wings and a Royal Naval Air Service Silver Sweetheart 'wings'.

Realised: $130


Three Fleet Air Arms 'Sweetheart' wings
of various design.

Realised: $150


A 19thC Samoan hand club
of dense and heavy timber, the head of diamond section tapering to a reduced long shaft, flaring slightly at the proximal end. Provenance: the estate of Sir John Smith-Dodsworth, (8th Bt., 1935-2012). Length 725.

Realised: $690


A Fijian throwing club (ula)
with large round head leading to a plain cylindrical shaft. Rich brown patina. L.390mm.

Estimate: $200


A Fijian club
with bulbous head leading to a cylindrical shaft. Length 830.

Estimate: $160


A Solomon Islands club
of classic form with raised medial rib to the flattened flared head. Length 1190.

Realised: $100


A PNG carved wooden food hook
the stylised mask with inset shell eyes, double pronged hook to the base. Old patination to the lightweight wood carving. Height 715.

Realised: $200


A Pacific tortoise shell hair comb
on stand, the top with animal decoration. 170 x 160 (comb).

Realised: $460


A very fine Malaita (Solomon Islands) 19th/early 20thC man's woven comb (Faa)
the intricate weaving from yellow orchid fibres and coconut palm frond fibres dyed with red, the teeth from fern root, two absent, some loss to weaving at the top. The Kwaio people of Malaita developed this form of comb for ceremonial purposes. Length 163, maximum width 33.

Realised: $550


A carved stone bowl
the interior with a snake, scorpion, fish, lizard and crab in high relief. Diameter 185.

Realised: $100


A rare souvenir from Pitcairn Island of a wooden wheelbarrow
made by Elwyn Christian. Length 300.

Realised: $270


A late 19thC Indonesian carved ivory kris handle
finely detailed. Madura Island, Java. Length 93.

Realised: $180


A late 19thC carved ivory Indonesian kris handle
finely worked including an image of Pegasus. Madura Island, Java.

Realised: $180


A late 19thC Indonesian carved ivory kris handle
similar to previous lot.

Realised: $180


An early 20thC finely carved Maori pipe bowl end
carved with a stylised figure to the front, spiral and notch detail to the sides, a mask to the bowl back. Length overall 82. Registered Y20378.

Realised: $325


An old Maori pounamu manaia koropepe
traditional spiralling form with stylised head, hourglass suspension hole, the pale toned greenstone with darker inclusions. Being assessed for registration. 48 x 40.

Realised: $475


An old Maori pounamu carved manaia koropepe
traditional spiralling form, some loss to the top beak section, remains of red sealing wax to one eye, hourglass suspension hole. Being assessed for registration. 55 x 48.

Estimate: $550


A pre-European Maori pounamu hei tiki
the left arm and leg broken and absent, chin to left shoulder, concealed suspension hole to back top of head. Good dark tone with pale flecked inclusions. Length 93. Provenance: 'Ploughed up in the 1920s by Shirley ... at Kikowhakarere Bay Coromandel, using a horse named Tom'. Registered Y20380.

Realised: $4,400


An early 20thC Maori carved desk stand
stylised mask and other designs with paua shell disc inserts, the glass inkwells with red and black tops, grooved pen receptacles. Registered Y18153. 330 x 230 x 75.

Realised: $545


An old Maori patu muka
finely pecked overall finish, simple narrowing to the butt end. Registered Y5850. Length 239.

Realised: $160


A N.Z. fern album
large folio size, green cloth binding with tooled decoration enclosing 21 leaves mounted with approximately 50 specimens, many named with Latin taxon.

Realised: $500


A Marsden Flower pounamu (nephrite) vase by Glen Surgenor
the ovoid body with flared trumpet form rim, the dark green tone with pale and soft rust orange veined inclusions, signature, 'Hokitika N.Z. 91' to base. Height 93. Note: Glen Surgenor is recognised as a leading pounamu carver living and working in Hokitika.

Realised: $650


A quality carved Marsden Flower pounamu lotus flower bowl by Richard Anderson
the undulating rim of elegant sinuous form, raised ribs radiate from the central stem base, the dark tone with pale and orange tinged highlights. Carved from a river cobble. Note: Richard Anderson's carvings have been recognised by Maori tohunga (priests) as being guided by the carvers of old. He is of Tainui Ngati Kahungunu descent and is recognised as one of N.Z.'s best carvers. 170 x 138 x 65.

Realised: $6,000


A rare and historic early 20thC New Zealand Army Medical Corps Challenge shield
the oval silver plaque with relief applied and embossed decoration of a mountainous framed harbour with warship, artillery guns, tents, soldiers attending to a wounded comrade upon a stretcher, punga, cabbage trees, ferns and other flora. The applied letters in gold on ribbons and scrolls, 'New Zealand Medical Corps Challenge shield' to the top and the motto 'Caritas in Bello' to the lower plaque, stamped 'StgSILVER'. The ebonised frame with 16 small silver shields, 13 presentation engraved dating from 1908-09 to 1967-68. All on a totara four slab shield with kauri backing. 420 x 410 x 60. Note: Records show in parliamentary debates of August 28, 1908 a 'Grant for designing Challenge Shield New Zealand Medical Corps' was raised for two pounds, two shillings. The Royal New Zealand Army Medical Corps (RNZAMC) was formally established in 1908. It is noted that 'The shield is to be awarded for competition amongst the medical corps of the Dominion.' From Papers Past, Otago Witness, 25th March, 1908, pge 14.

Estimate: $8,000 - $12,000


A pounamu hei tiki
in kawakawa stone, modelled with chin to left shoulder, flexed stance with hands to thighs, ring eyes with remnants of red sealing wax. Height 85.

Estimate: $800


A late 19thC Maori carved tokotoko (orator's stick) attributed to Tene Waitere (1854-1931)
with three figures carved to the shaft, paua eyes absent, fine lineal and notch decoration to the majority of its length. Length 910. Note: Similar examples illustrated in 'Carved Histories' by Roger Neich, pub. 2001, pg 234. Some age cracking. Registered Y20226.

Realised: $1,300


An early 20thC Maori carved desk stand
all over lineal and notch finely carved decoration highlighted with masks, raised on tapered mask feet, paua inset disc eyes. 320 x 240.

Realised: $325


A Maori carved walking stick
the finial as a clenched fist, the entire shaft carved with tiki figures, lizards, kowhaiwhai scrolls, etc. in low relief. Length 960.

Realised: $275


George French Angas (1822-1886)
'Te Werowero or Potatau, principle chief of all Waikato / Te Waru / Te Pakaru', lithograph and tints, hand finished in colour from 'The New Zealanders Illustrated', pl. 44. London, 1867. 320 x 475

Realised: $180


George French Angas (1822-1886)
'Children on the Banks of the Waipa/Children at the Boiling Springs near Taupo Lake', lithograph and tints, hand finished in colour from 'The New Zealanders Illustrated', pl. 22. London, 1867 320 x475.

Realised: $180


George French Angas (1822-1886)
'E Tohi, A Young Woman of Barrier Island', lithograph and tints, hand finished in colour from 'The New Zealanders Illustrated', pl. 26. London, 1867. 450 x 280.

Realised: $220


George French Angas (1822-1886)
'Maketu House Otawhao Pa', lithograph and tints, hand finished in colour from 'The New Zealanders Illustrated', pl.25. London, 1867. 290 x 335.

Realised: $180


Thomas John Grant (act. NZ 1845-58)
'A Maori Marriage Ceremony', ink and watercolour, entitled. 110 x 190. Grant saw service in the 58th Regt. in the NZ Wars; of fourteen works held in New Zealand institutions all are of Maori subjects, many copies of works by contemporaries such as Joseph Merrett and John Alexander Gilfillan.

Realised: $1,000


Samuel E. Stuart (1855-1920)
'Portrait of Paora Tuhaere paramount chief of Ngāti Whatua', overpainted albumen print by George Pulman, signed Stuart and dated 1893 lower right. Image 135 x 105 in ebonized frame, overall 300 x 270.

Realised: $1,150


William Hodges
'Poe-bird New Zeeland' No. LII, engraving from Cook's Second Voyage, published 1777 by Wm. Strahan and Thos. Cadell, London. 205 x 165.

Realised: $325


William Hodges
'Woman of New Zealand' No. LVIII, engraving from Cook's Second Voyage, published 1777 by Wm. Strahan and Thos. Cadell, London. 220 x 170.

Realised: $200


Sydney Parkinson
'Tête d'un Guerrier de la Nouvelle Zélande', [Tome III Pl. 12.] engraving from Cook's First Voyage, engraved by Robert Bénard, c.1780, for the first French edition. 195 x 160.

Realised: $300


John Tallis steel engraved map of New Zealand
with hand-coloured outline and vignettes of Auckland, Wellington, Mount Egmont from New Plymouth and a Maori warrior. From 'The Illustrated Atlas and Modern History of the World', pub. London 1851. 265 x 260, gilt framed under glass.

Realised: $240


Two newspaper woodcuts of Maori Chiefs entitled: 'Munga-Kahu
Chief of Roto-Aire Lake, with Ko-Mari his Wife' and 'Parat-ene Maioha, a Chief of Wangaroa, wearing the parawai or dog's-skin robe'. From paintings made by George French Angas (1822-86). 350 x 240.

Estimate: $175


An old Maori stone toki (adze)
of long narrow form with good defined lines and matt polished surface, pecking evident at the tang end, sharp curved blade end. Length 260. Registered Y20379.

Realised: $280


A N.Z. 1990 Commemoration gilt medal
with original ribbon and box, instituted by Royal Warrant of Queen Elizabeth II, awarded only during 1990 to about 3000 people selected in recognition of the contribution they made to some aspect of N.Z. life, especially the various 1990 Treaty of Waitangi sesquicentennial celebrations.

Realised: $475


A 'National Parks Authority Ranger' badge
numbered No. 278, made by Mayer & Kean Ltd, Wellington; together with an enamelled and gilt Porirua coat-of-arms badge engraved; J.G. Bennett, (city councillor active 1975-1992).

Realised: $60


A table bell made from a 1941 brass 3.7" Howitzer shell
by the 'N.Z. Home Servicemen's Assn., Auckland Branch' the shell cut and inverted on a brass rod with stepped circular rimu base, detailed underneath. H.180mm.

Estimate: $100


Jillian Dyson
'Maori Woman with Moko Kauae' gouache, signed. 340 x 250.

Estimate: $160


A vintage composite and cloth bodied Maori mother and child doll
the mother with taniko headband and moko kauae holds the child to her shoulder. Height 250.

Realised: $100


A contemporary Maori carved koauau (flute)
the exterior profusely carved with Maori motifs, on antler stand. Maker's mark of three crossed fish. Height 180.

Realised: $140


14 silver plate crested shipping line pieces
includes jugs, small dishes, bowls, coffee pots, mainly 'U.S.S.Co.' etc.

Realised: $250


A N.Z. pounamu (serpentine) river worn boulder
polished and natural surfaces showing good medium dark tone with pale inclusions, roughly cube form. Approx. 28kgs. 340 x 230 x 210.

Realised: $625


A N.Z. pounamu (serpentine) cut and polished part river boulder
mountainous form with flat cut and polished vertical surface showing good medium tone with dark and pale inclusions. Approx. 25kgs. 250 x 260 x 380.

Realised: $425


Rick Rudd ceramic sculpture
'Poison Chalice', black pinched and coiled clay, striking red glaze to the interior of the chalice. Height 185.

Realised: $220


A N.Z. sculpture/potter unknown
abstract three-dimensional curving form, pit fired raku clay, pierced highlights, variable dark glaze effects. Monogrammed to base. Height 350.

Realised: $450


A rare Temuka Ware porcelain sculpture of Pancho
the Mexican cartoon hawk in green glaze, modelled by T.N. Lovatt c.1948. Printed mark to base, small flake chip to one finger. Height 180. Note: In 'N.Z. Pottery' by Gail Henry 1999, page 74, ref. 'said to have been used only for colour trials and made in very small numbers (20-30)'.

Estimate: $750


A Jova Rancich pottery baluster vase
with blue glaze effects, impressed marks. Some losses. Diameter 170.

Realised: $90


A Briar Gardner pottery jug
with green glaze effects, impressed signature and date 5/5/38; the year she established a pottery studio in her home. Height 110.

Realised: $130


John Parker hemispherical stoneware bowl
in grey and pink tones, impressed potter's mark to base. Diameter 265.

Realised: $210


A large Ray Rodgers pottery vase
the squat circular form, blue and mushroom iridescent glaze, incised signature to base. 320 x 290

Realised: $200


A 1970/80s Len Castle N.Z. studio pottery specimen vase
the ovoid form body with a narrow short waisted neck, variable grey glaze with darker highlights. Impressed potter's mark and original pricing label below.

Realised: $335


Len Castle blossom decorated bowl
wax resist decoration, pale glaze over the tenmoku. Unmarked or mark obscured by glaze. Diameter 277.

Realised: $200


Len Castle blossom decorated shallow bowl
wax resist decoration, impressed potter's mark. Diameter 245.

Realised: $170


Crown Lynn Bohemian Ware vase
designed by Mirek Smíšek, tapered beaker form with incised abstract 'crazy paving' type design, traditional matt dark brown glaze with incised pale base showing. Incised marks to base. Hair crack to rim. Height 130.

Estimate: $220


Mirek Smíšek vase
fine combed banded and panelled decoration, variable pale glaze over blue, green and brown tones, early impressed potter's cypher. Height 270.

Estimate: $140


A Denis O'Connor tall salt glazed bottle
with variable coloured glazes, a tap spigot hole at the base. Marked with artist's cypher. Height 550.

Realised: $400


A Denis O'Connor salt glazed bottle
mallet form with coloured glaze dripping from the neck to shoulder, marked with artist's cypher. Height 230

Realised: $80


A Chester Nealie ovoid jar
with lug handles at shoulder, fired at his Kaipara kiln. Height 220.

Estimate: $250


A Chester Nealie cube form teapot
with cane bound handle, yellow ochre glaze over an impressed pattern to the walls. Fired at his Goanna Ridge kiln, Australia. Height 100.

Realised: $180


A Chester Nealie small jar
asymmetrical slumped cylinder shape with lug handles to the sides, fired at his Goanna Ridge kiln, Australia. Height 80.

Realised: $140


A rare pair of Chester Nealie glazed 'poison' bottles
of square section, with a heavy white glaze and overpainted with enamels, Sydney kiln. Impressed artist's mark to bases. Height 100.

Realised: $300


A Chester Nealie 'smoked' porcelain jar
with everted rim, incised mark to base. Height 790.

Estimate: $100


A Chester Nealie porcelain bowl
with orange burnt pattern to the interior, character marks incised to the exterior. Fired at his Goanna Ridge kiln, Australia. Diameter 130.

Estimate: $140


A Chester Nealie bowl
with a heavy brown glaze to the exterior, similar to the interior but with flashes of rose pink and ochre. Exhibition label to side. Fired at his Goanna Ridge kiln, Australia. Diameter 140.

Realised: $80


A Warren Tippett teapot
tenmoku glazed with resist leaf pattern to either side. Height 205.

Realised: $140


A Warren Tippett teapot
squat ovoid shape with impressed seal markings to the shoulder. Height 150.

Realised: $120


A Warren Tippett polychrome decorated cube
fired at his Glebe, Sydney kiln. Width 90.

Realised: $200


A Warren Tippett plate
fired at his Glebe, Sydney kiln, decorated with an abstract pattern of bright enamels, signed and dated '91 to the reverse. Diameter 205.

Realised: $60


Three Warren Tippett plates
decorated with rondels and dots on a blue ground, New Lynn kiln. Initialled and dated '86. Diameter 230.

Realised: $135


A Duncan Shearer pottery bowl
with a rich ash glaze. Impressed artist's cypher. Diameter 140.

Estimate: $40


A Duncan Shearer vase
ovoid shape with rich varied caramel glaze. Height 180.

Estimate: $80


A Wenford Bridge studio pottery dish by Danlami Aliyu
incised decoration, impressed marks. Diameter 325.

Realised: $80


Three modern studio pottery stoneware jars by Byron Temple
squat circular with small aperture and flat lid, wood fired glaze effects, each marked with double 'chop' mark. Diameters 170 to 105. Purchased in America.

Realised: $310


An attributed Kenkichi Tomimoto Japanese studio pottery bottle-form vase
the mildly tapered square section body with blue and red diagonal stripes to the off-white glazed body, tenmoko glaze to the square top. Height 245.

Estimate: $650


An early Ann Robinson handblown glass vase
ovoid shape, green cased with charcoal and red canes drawn randomly across the surface. Height 260.

Realised: $600


A large outstanding early Victorian period glass rummer
of bell shape, on single knopped stem and stepped circular foot. Beautifully engraved with grapes and foliage and within a shield 'Presented by Mrs J. Round to Mary Round 1849'. Diameter 215, height 310.

Realised: $270


A small Georgian engraved mallet shaped decanter with pontil mark
triple neck rings and lozenge stopper, together with another almost identical but of later date. Height 235.

Realised: $140