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This auction features Part 1 of the estate of Lucy Tui Hampton Aitken QSM (née Flower

23 November 1925 – 15 August 2017), generally known as Tui Flower,who was a pioneering New Zealand food writer. In her retirement Tui lived in Mt. Eden in the home owned by her maternal grandparents. It appears that Tui was not the only collector in the family with her parents and grandparents especially her grandfather William Mincher(1861-1944) being avid collectors with a discerning eye for quality they amassed amazing collections of snuff boxes and bottles, fine Oriental jade, cloisonné, ivory, Satsuma, Maori artefacts, walking sticks, furniture including Anton Seuffert and more. Most of these collections remained intact and untouched in their home until now. The collection of William Mincher is written about in 'Te Karere' 1939 by Elder Warren s. Ottley describing William's collecting as 'from his infancy he has yielded to his inborn desire to collect things...' It is with great pleasure that we offer Part 1 of this incredible estate collection in this catalogue with items provenanced: The Flower Family Collection. Part 2 will be offered in our July 17th Antique & Art Auction...... CLICK ANY LOT NUMBER AND IMAGE WILL ENLARGE