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An autographed The Beatles Christmas Show (Brian Epstein) programme. The souvenir programme from the 16-night 1963/1964 Finsbury Park Astoria show with signatures of John Lennon

Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr to the cover, we consider these signatures to have been made by Neil Aspinall, the group's roadie, driver, manager. The inside pages with bios, editorial and photographs of the accompanying performers in the show, each image with autographs of Billy J. Kramer; Rolf Harris; The Dakotas (Tony Mansfield, Mike Maxfield, Robin MacDonald and Ray Jones); The Fourmost (Mike Millward, Brian O'Hara, Dave Lovelady, Billy Hatton); Cilla Black; Tommy Quickly; The Barron Knights (Duke D'mond, Peter 'Peanut' Langford, Butch Baker, Don Ringsell, Bill Sharkey). We consider these autographs are more likely to be by the artist's themselves. The extraordinary complete autograph collection of all 21 Merseybeat and chart-topping performers at this show leads to the presumption that the autograph collector was associated with the Astoria Theatre thus gaining access to all performers. The programme was discovered slipped inside a copy of 'New Zealand The Beautiful - Microwave Cookbook', purchased at a garage sale by our vendor.

Realised: $1,000