An early 20thC finely carved ivory Asian elephant
its small ears slightly extended, all carved from one piece. Good detail. Length 135, height 90. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $500


A large old tortoiseshell
in old polish, minor losses. Length 820.

Realised: $675


A large vintage framed display of 26 exotic butterflies
includes Morpho Didus (giant blue morpho), etc. 470 x 660.

Realised: $450


A piece of white mushroom form coral
mounted on a metal stand. 280 x 130.

Realised: $425


An impressive collection of Pacific seashells
including a large baler shell, a nautilus shell, conch shells, etc.

Realised: $295


A coco de mer box
the polished double coconut shell turned into a box with two hinges. Known as the sea coconut and mainly from the Seychelles, they became extinct for a time but have been reintroduced. 320 x 290 x 170. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $800


A full length ocelot coat
with shawl collar, cuffed sleeves, together with a matching hat, fully lined.

Realised: $900


A full length ocelot fur coat
double breasted buttons, fully lined, with matching brimmed fur hat.

Realised: $625


A below-the-knee Coyoté fur coat
shawl collar, fully lined.

Estimate: $450


A below-the-knee white mink fur coat with brown mink detail in restrained pattern
fully lined.

Realised: $375


A Blue Fox 'stroller'
the pelts in a chevron pattern, lined and in excellent condition. (A stroller is longer than a jacket but not a coat).

Realised: $470


A vintage pastel mink coat
straight sleeves, shawl collar, fully lined and in excellent condition.

Estimate: $600


Three fur hats and a silver fox collar
includes mink, seal and astrakhan.

Estimate: $200


A selection of hats
includes three mink hats and a seal hat together with a mink collar.

Realised: $150


A vintage Gucci vanity case
black leather and brass fittings with Gucci monogram to exterior, the interior with compartments for vanity bottles, etc.340 x 220 x 200. Together with a Gucci spectacle case.

Realised: $260


Two Hermès silk scarves
in original, boxes together with a Hermès scarf ring (current retail £300 each). These items have never been worn.

Realised: $320


A turn of the century walnut writing slope
brass plate to top. Some damage. 300 x 220 x 160.

Realised: $160


A cast metal box in the form of a wooden iron bound chest
the exterior with planks and woodgrain effect, the number '54' and a triangle to the lid which opens to reveal a cache of gold toned coins, this lifts to reveal a hiding space for treasure.150 x 100 x 105. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $150


A Victorian brass bound walnut jewellery box
the interior with fitted compartments, brass shield shaped cartouche to the top and conforming shield for keyhole escutcheon. 300 x 225 x 140.

Estimate: $350


A good New Zealand solid burr totara round lidded box
includes buttons and haberdashery. Diameter 215.

Realised: $260


A Victorian rosewood vanity box
the exterior with inlaid mother-of-pearl decoration and decorative brass stringing, the interior with Morocco leather lined compartments with original silver plate and crystal fittings, original ruched velvet and mirror to the lid. 300 x 225 x 170.

Estimate: $400


A French parquetry jewellery case by Maison Alphonse Giroux et Cie. Paris
of serpentine commode shape with four wing hinged drawers beneath a hinged lid, the ebonized surfaces embellished with applied cut brass mounts and two oval miniature oil panels of garden scenes; the interior with kingwood veneers and ruched satin lining. 350 x 240 x 230.

Realised: $1,350


A Georgian satinwood tea caddy
decorative stringing and restrained inlay to exterior, captured ring side handles, the interior with two lidded compartments and aperture for mixing bowl. 300 x 150 x 155.

Realised: $200


A good early Victorian tortoiseshell casket form tea caddy
serpentine front, the hinged lid with single interior lid covering the double compartments, ivory trim and finial, the conforming flared apron base supported on four tortoiseshell compressed bun feet. 150 x 100 x 105. with working key. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $1,700


An Edwardian walnut smoker's cabinet
raised on a plinth base with one drawer, the elaborately carved front drops down to reveal the interior with formed shelf for cigars. 390 x 200 x 330.

Realised: $210


An early 20thC H. Hughes & Son Ltd of London sextant
brass fitted, complete in original case with two removable lenses, small fitted electric light. Remains of certificate to interior lid.

Estimate: $600


A vintage wide bodied carved wooden decoy duck
with swivel head, black paint finish and glass eyes. Length 400.

Realised: $200


An American 1833 J. & E. Steven's Co. 'Eagle & Eaglets' cast iron mechanical money bank
in original paint, the snake handle operates the mechanism tipping the mother bird forward and releasing the coin as the original internal bellows create a chirping sound to assimilate the baby birds who also operate mechanically. Length 210, height 150. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $950


An old cast iron mechanical 'Trick Dog' money bank
with polychrome enamelled decoration. Length 220.

Realised: $150


A vintage handmade tinplate London Transport trolley bus
with paintwork advertising Dewer's whisky and Bovril. Length 650.

Realised: $200


Two old wooden jointed dolls and a hand-held puppet
the hand puppet with painted plaster head and dress, the jointed dolls with paint effect features.

Realised: $220


A French antique jointed Pierrot doll
painted plaster head with jointed wood and metal hands, legs and feet.

Realised: $200


A 19thC novelty brass nutcracker
in the form of a crescent moon with laughing face. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection

Realised: $210


A rare 19thC novelty nutcracker
featuring the head of Chancellor Bismarck. One handle terminating with the head of Mars, (Roman god of war) and the other with Minerva (Roman goddess of strategic warfare), each handle featuring their symbols, eagle, armour, etc and an owl, scales of justice, etc. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $320


A collection of approximately thirty small collectables
including unmounted seals, micro- mosaics, jade buttons, etc. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $220


A pair of vintage handcuffs
with key. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $150


A set of brass postal scales on wood stand. Length 250
with weights.

Estimate: $220


An intricately rose engine tuned circular table snuff box
of finely grained timber, the circular lid engraved with four quadrants displaying unique patterns framing a central silver cartouche, the base engraved with a concentric turned design. Diameter 100. Fallaciously labelled 'Box made from Drake's Royal (sic) Hind'. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $190


A finely moulded vulcanite box case enclosing two portrait photographs
both hinged faces moulded with a depiction of Aurora and a cherub. The photos inscribed verso Grandfather Shortland and Grandmother Mincher. 125 x 100 x 25. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $130


A Regency pressed horn circular snuff box
by Wilson of Sheffield, the cover with a fox-hunting scene and inscribed Tally-Ho, the base with a plough and lyre amongst foliage within a thistle border, c.1820. Diameter 85. Some insect damage. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $160


A spiral seashell used as the bowl of a tobacco pipe
with the addition of a clay lining and a 'Wellington' mouthpiece. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $90


A small agate tobacco pipe with 15ct gold ferrule
fitted with an amber mouthpiece. Length 105. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $100


Two carved ebony elephants
both walking with trunks curled towards the ground, ivory tusks and eyes. 250 x 230 and 220 x 200. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $280


An 18thC silk embroidery
depicting a biblical allegory, framed by a reverse painted glass panel and in gilt frame. A.F. Overall 455 x 555.

Realised: $225


A George III mahogany banjo barometer
engraved silvered dials to barometer and thermometer, requires attention. Length 915.

Estimate: $450


A small Edwardian china scent bottle
the exterior painted with portrait of a woman in an exterior scene, brass screw top and finger chain.

Estimate: $100


Two small glass perfume bottles
a green glass acorn with a silver plate top and a small orange Venetian glass bottle.

Realised: $100


Two small glass perfume bottles
a red hand painted bottle with brass screw top and a swirling strip mercury glass bottle with dipper.

Estimate: $100


The C.F. Goldie book 'Prints
Drawings & Criticism' by Alistair Taylor, limited edition in original packing box.

Realised: $400


Three 19thC fine Islamic artworks on paper
individually framed, one of four panels including various gents and Islamic script, the other two with rows of Islamic script. Framed sides of each approx. 380 x 280.

Realised: $340


An album with N.Z stamp collection
includes: 1898 Pictorials used plus Officials and later issues, 1906 Christchurch Exhibition 1d. and 3d. used, etc.

Realised: $250


Three volumes of Pugilistica '144 Years of British Boxing'
the mustard brown cover with gilt script and illustration.

Estimate: $350


An impressive kauri gum boulder
semi-polished, in golden honey to butterscotch tones and with inclusions. 1.8kg. Length 280.

Realised: $1,600


Six silver gold and enamel English football medals
various dates from the 1930s.

Estimate: $250


A vintage erotic Meerschaum pipe
the white toned bowl with front as a couple in erotic embrace, dark amber toned mouthpiece. Length 155.

Estimate: $320


A c.1900s spelter bust of Victor Hugo
well modelled wearing a formal jacket, raised on a waisted support and rectangular base with name in relief. Height 310. Note: Victor Marie Hugo was a French poet, novelist and dramatist of the romantic movement and considered one of the greatest and best known French writers.

Realised: $230


A pair of 19thC figured bronzes
the classical young Grecian man and woman scantily draped, each supporting a large amphora with fine engraved Greek key decoration to the shoulder, raised on green marble socle bases. Each signed in the casting Meiffer?. Height 537. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $1,400


A rare c.1912 John Hassall British 'Robert' policeman car mascot
nickel plated brass with moveable helmet and dark red/brown ceramic head, signed Hassall. Height 113. Stamped to the base 'Rd. 611941'. Note: John Hassall named this model 'Robert'. Hassall was an important poster artist whose work had a major influence on subsequent artists. This mascot was distributed through Smith's Motor Accessories.

Realised: $650


Four silver and enamel English school athletic medals
together with a silver and gold Duke of York medal, all various dates from the 1930s.

Estimate: $120


Four sweetheart badges
three Royal Flying Corps of various designs and a RNAS 'Good Luck'.

Realised: $130


Three Royal Flying Corps enamel sweetheart badges
various designs.

Estimate: $120


Three Royal Air Force sweetheart badges
two enamel and one marcasite and stamped silver.

Estimate: $140


A U.S. 19thC Ames model 1832 foot artillery short sword
resembling a Roman gladiator sword and used as the last line of defence for artillerymen, brass handle with eagle cast to the pommel, cast fish scales for the grip, two Fullers to the upper blade, a single below, the original leather scabbard with brass fittings. Blade length 485. Produced 1832-1862.

Realised: $350


A pair of WWI decorated '1914 Souain' and '1917 Tahure' brass shell cases
embossed, engraved and hammered decoration with encircling ivy vine, frilled top rims, the base of each with stamped marks and engraved with decorator's initials 'E.D.'. Note: Souain and Tahure were noted battlefields of WWI. Height 260.

Estimate: $300 - $400


An album of vintage Fiji photographs
includes multiple images with N.Z. soldiers, etc.

Estimate: $120


A vintage N.Z. Armed Forces epaulette collection display board
including some buttons and badges, the Naval display including from leading Seamen to Commander, The Air Force from Leading Aircraftsman to Wing Commander', others include 'Lieutenant Colonel', 'Marksman', 'ATC Cap Badge', etc., two are missing. In display case under Perspex cover. 1600 x 1000.

Realised: $300


A large old Fijian Lapita pottery vessel
squat spherical form with tapered short rim, sgraffito engraved geometric branch form decoration to the neck, traditional gum (makadre) glaze with dribble effect, pit-fired. Note: In 1960 Hanna recorded the work of village potters in Fiji. Diameter approx. 270, height 230. Provenance: The Collection of Joy and Dennis Hanna.

Realised: $200


An old Fijian Lapita type large pottery bowl
the flat rim with incised repeating dotted swag decoration, gum glaze. Diameter 460. Provenance: The Collection of Joy and Dennis Hanna.

Realised: $150


Two old Spanish majolica glazed pieces
a pilgrim flask with dragon to the body panel, height 215; a flared vase with three shoulder lugs, Cubist brown and green glaze on pale ground. Height 135. Provenance: The Collection of Joy & Denis Hanna.

Realised: $60


A vintage Celebes pit fired jar
fire effects in dark tones to the terracotta body. Label inside detailed 'Celebes'. Height 170. Provenance: The Collection of Joy & Denis Hanna.

Realised: $80


An old terracotta Peruvian spherical vessel
pit fired, two short strap lug handles to the top rim, unglazed, supported upon a conforming collar stand. Height 240. Provenance: The Collection of Joy & Denis Hanna

Realised: $160


A 20thC Solomon Islands fishing lure
the curved shank with thick section top and lashed barb both of mother-of-pearl, cord lashing and short length attached, old cloth enhancers to barb end. Length 150. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $330


An old Aboriginal didgeridoo by Jack Wherra
plain natural wood with incised designs of snakes, emus, crocodile, wombat, turtle, kangaroo. Length 930. Signed Jack Wherra (c.1924-1980), a Ngarinyin man from the Kimberley, Western Australia. Jack developed has narrative carving style while in jail for 'tribal killings'. He received a pardon in 1963.

Estimate: $1,800


A long vintage Aboriginal didgeridoo
with typical polychrome dot painted decoration. Length 1600.

Estimate: $180


A pair of old highly curved boars tusk earrings
each with African style bands of chevron decoration, a pierced hole to the wider end of each to attach hooks. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $480


A Bangawa female figure
from the Cameroon, wearing traditional neck rings and head dress, with old paint patina. Height 640

Estimate: $800


A carved Teke male figure
depicting holding his belly, pronounced facial features (the Teke peoples situated in the Congo). Height 320

Realised: $150


A carved Mahou bird mask
long beak type beard, pronounced eyes and nose, nice patina, (Mahou, Ivory Coast). 180 x 470.

Estimate: $750


A Lega bird mask
long hook beak type beard, pronounced nose, eyes and forehead. Old paint remains to the eyes. (Lega peoples are situated in the Congo). 170 x 360.

Realised: $170


A carved Bakuba libation cup
in the form of a head with pronounced features. (Bakuba, Congo). 90 x 150

Estimate: $300


A carved Nigerian Ibedji male figure
in kneeling position, bead necklace and high wooden headdress. Height 250.

Realised: $300


A carved Central African fly whisk
the handle in the form of a standing figure, horse hair whisk. Length 370.

Realised: $200


A carved African spoon
from the Dan peoples, double wood handle the terminal in the form of a head of pronounced facial features. Length 420

Estimate: $180


A pair of Baoulé (Ivory Coast) ancestor carvings
the male and female figures wearing cloth skirts, dressed and plaited hair. Height 320

Realised: $425


A carved North African headrest
restrained carved decoration to each side, nice patina. 145 x 150

Realised: $200


An African metal and wood hoe
the handle with a face to the top, adze form metal blade. Length 430

Estimate: $300


A carved Baoulé female figure
standing holding her swollen belly, pronounced facial features and dressed hair, wearing a loincloth. Height 640

Realised: $425


A pre-European Maori pounamu hei tiki
traditional tapered form, head to left shoulder, hands to thighs, three early suspension holes all broken through, good mid-green tone. Length 77, width 53. Registered Y20387. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $9,000


A pre-European Maori carved pounamu hei tiki
traditional form with head to left shoulder, hands to thighs, concealed notch and hourglass cut suspension hole broken through, pale to mid-green/grey tone with pale tan and dark included highlights. Length 98, width 48. Registered Y20388. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $6,200


A large and impressive pre-European Maori carved pounamu hei tiki
traditional mildly tapered form with chin to left shoulder, hands to thighs and single notch and tapered hourglass drilled and concealed suspension hole to top of head, good dark tone with semi-translucence. Note: the quality of carving, dark tone and size of this hei tiki make it one of the best to have been on the market in many decades. Length 135, width 75. Registered Y20382. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $18,500


An uncommon pre-European Maori carved inunga pounamu hei tiki
good proportions and traditional form, chin to the left, hands to thighs, three tapered hourglass drilled and concealed suspension holes to the back top of head, one broken through, natural dark lineal inclusions to the striking pale green tone of this inunga pounamu. Length 91, width 51. Note: the inunga variety of pounamu takes its name from the N.Z. native inunga - freshwater fish. Registered Y20386. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $24,000


A good pre-European Maori carved pounamu hei tiki
of good deep profile, traditional slightly tapered form, dark green tone. Note: the depth and elegant soft carved features of this hei tiki make it an outstanding example. Length 108, width 48, depth 21. Registered Y20384. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $9,500


A pre-European Maori carved pounamu hei tiki
with head turned to the right shoulder, hands clasped to thighs and with single tapered hourglass drilled suspension hole, the original being through the top of the head having broken through and then modified through the top of the eye ring, variable mid-green tone with translucent and orange/tan highlights. Height 108, width 61. Registered Y20383. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $13,000


A pre-European Maori carved pounamu hei tiki
of good proportions with traditional features of head turned to left shoulder and hands clasped to thighs, single tapered hourglass drilled suspension hole, medium to dark green tone with semi-translucent pale inclusions. Length 99, width 51. Registered Y20385. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $8,250


A pre-European Maori carved pounamu hei tiki
the top of the head with old pre-European scarf and snap cut, the body of mid to pale tone with semi-translucence, the head with evidence of being in a fire. Length 93, width 66. Note: it is possible that due to difficulty in drilling a suspension hole to the top that pre-European modifications to this hei tiki were in progress, however unfinished. Registered Y20390. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $2,300


A large pre-European Maori carved pounamu damaged hei tiki
showing evidence of fire discolouration, pale to mid-grey tone with tan inclusions, head to left shoulder, hands to thighs, the legs snapped off and absent. Note: An early 20thC note accompanies this hei tiki stating 'Old broken tiki from Tohuaki Martin old pah Mangarewa/ Mamahu Rotorua Line found in scrub after fire had gone through it. Hamilton Maori Arts School Rotorua'. Registered Y20389. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $3,500


A pre-European Maori patu onewa (stone hand club)
the traditional tapered form with evidence of later polish to blade, three concentric concave rings to tapered butt end, reduced grip, the hour-glass suspension hole incomplete with drilling to one side only. Length 253. Registered Y20396. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $1,600


A large and impressive Maori contact period carved pounamu toki (adze blade)
wide flat tapered form with mildly curved bevel, the narrow butt end with early pre-European type lapidary scarf and snap technique evident, the widest edge with two fine multiple notched bands, the dark to mid-green tone with pale and orange/tan specked highlights. Length 315, width 105, depth 22. Registered Y20391. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $6,500


A pre-European Maori carved pounamu large toki (adze blade)
early type stone tooled scarf and snap lapidary evident to the tapered sides, chip to corner of mildly curved bevelled blade end, roughly snapped butt end, mid-green tone with semi-translucent pale and black specked inclusions. Length 240, width 75, depth 20. Registered Y20395. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $2,050


An old Maori large and long carved pounamu kuru pendant
cylindrical form, both ends tapered, single semi-hourglass drilled suspension hole, dark tone with silvery green veined inclusions. Length 196, diameter approx.18. Registered Y20392. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $1,700