A carved antler cabinet piece angler's 'priest' by Taupo master carver Des Baker
carved as a dragonfly nymph, c.2004. H.260mm.

Estimate: $600


The Susan Rapach Collection of Angling Publications. The following 45 lots are part of a collection of rare and important works on fishing
gathered over multiple decades by one collector. This collection includes books containing original specimens of flies, maps, rare limited editions and many signed and inscribed copies. ___________________________________________________________________________ Lot 98. Eric Taverner 'Trout Fishing from all Angles', London 1929, 8vo, 448p., 192/375, signed by author.

Realised: $450


Two Ernest Hemingway novels
'The Old Man and the Sea', London 1953, 8vo, 117p., together with 'Island in the Stream', New York 1950, 8vo, 308p., both with dust jackets.

Realised: $60


Donald Overfield 'G.E.M. Skues
The Way of a Man with a Trout', London 1977, 8vo, Volume 1: 288p., Volume 2 contains 20 nymphs tied to Skues patterns, quarter leather and slip case, 38/150, signed by author and fly-tier.

Realised: $650


Roderick Haig-Brown
'The Western Angler', New York 1939 4to, 392p., in two volumes, 929/950, presentation copy from the author. Slight stains and marks to cover of Volume 2.

Realised: $200


Three early to mid-20thC fishing books
Louis L. Badcock 'The Tarpon', (New York 1920, 8vo, 62p. plus nine page supplement, signed), Frank Forrester 'Trouting Along the Catasauqua', (Derrydale 1927, 4to, 303/423) and W.H. Blake 'Brown Waters', (Toronto 1940, 8vo, 168p., review copy).

Realised: $210


Two mid 20thC duck shooting books
Roland Clark 'Gunner's Dawn', (New York 1937, 4to, 125p.), together with Edgar Queeny 'Prairie Wings', (New York 1947, 4to, 256p).

Realised: $150


Six early fishing books
comprising two late 19thC books, Clericus, 'Facts and Fancies of Salmon Fishing' and Frank T. Buckland, 'Fish Hatching', along with four early 20thC fishing books, 'A Fisherman's Summer in Canada', 'Salmon Fishing, The Fine Art of Fishing and Fishing, It's Cause...'.

Realised: $80


A selection of ten N.Z. fishing pamphlets and booklets
including 'Rivers and Lakes of the South and North Island', 'Trout, Salmon and Deep Sea Angling in N.Z. Waters', and others.

Realised: $60


Ten N.Z. fishing pamphlets and booklets
similar to above.

Estimate: $80


Five late 19thC and early 20thC books on fishing
comprising: Walter C. Harris, 'Basses Fresh-Water and Marine' (New York 1905), George M.L. La Branche, 'The Salmon and the Dry-Fly' (New York 1924), Emlyn M. Gill, 'Practical Dry-Fly Fishing' (New York 1912), 'The American' (New York 1912), 'The American Sportsman' (New York 1850, 4th edition), and Colonel Sir James Edward Alexander, 'Salmon Fishing' in Canada by a Resident' (London 1860).

Realised: $200


Four late 19th/early 20thC fishing books
Louis Rhead, 'The Speckled Brook Trout' (New York 1902, 8vo, 184p., full vellum with brown ties, Ltd Ed. 350 copies), together with Louis Rhead, 'American Trout-Stream Insects' (New York 1916), Francis Francis, 'Fish-Culture: Practical Guide' (London 1863) and Jerrome V.C. Smith, 'Natural History of the Fishes of Massachusetts' (Boston 1833, Ltd Ed).

Realised: $220


Eldridge Reeves Johnson 'Tarpomania - The Madness of Fishing'
New York 1908, 8vo, 27p., 1st edition, full morocco and inlaid gilt tarpon with water silk end papers and pages printed verso only.

Realised: $240


Four late 20thC fishing books by Frederic M. Halford
'An Angler's Autobiography' (London 1903, the Halford Dry-Fly Series No. 4), 'Modern Development of the Dry-Fly' (London 1910), 'Dry-Fly Entomology' (London 1902, The Halford Dry-Fly Series No. 2) and 'The Dry-Fly Man's Handbook, A Complete Manual' (London 1913).

Realised: $425


Zane Grey
'Tales of the Angler's, El Dorado, New Zealand', New York 1926, 4to, 228p, together with David Scholes, 'Trutta the Trout', Melbourne c.1978, 8vo, Ltd Ed., publisher's book plate to front, full leather. Together with two N.Z. fishing booklets.

Realised: $385


Five fishing titles by G.E. Skues
comprising: 'Side-Lights & Reflections' (London 1932), ' Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream & Kindred Studies' (London 1910), 'Nymph Fishing for Chalk Stream Trout' (London 1939), 'Itchen Memories' (London 1951) and 'Silk, Fur & Feather' (England 1950).

Realised: $130


Four entomology books
comprising: Martin Mosley 'The Dry-Fly Fisherman's Entomology' (London 1921, wallet finding in original green cloth), G.V. Hudson 'N.Z. Neuropetera ...', (London 1904), G.V. Hudson, 'An Elementary Manual of N.Z. Entomology...' (London 1892, uncut copy) and J.R. Harris, 'An Angler's Entomology' (London 1952).

Realised: $100


Three early American fishing books
Charles E. Goodspeed, 'Angling in America' (New York 1939, 567/785, signed by author, worn slip case), Charles Z. Southard, 'Trout Fly Fishing in America' (New York 1914), Thad Norris 'The American Angler's Book' (Philadelphia 1864, first edition, embossed gilt boards).

Realised: $380


Five early N.Z. fishing books
William Snr 'Travel & Trout in the Antipodes' (Melbourne 1880, 1st Australian edition, spine faded), F. Carr Rollett, 'Angling in N.Z.' (Auckland 1924), F.W. Pickard 'Trout Fishing in NZ. in Wartime' (New York 1940, presentation copy signed by author, 27/225), O.S. Hintz 'Trout at Taupo' (London 1959 3rd impression, autograph on title page) and George Ferris 'Fly Fishing in N.Z.' (Melbourne 1954, 1st edition).

Estimate: $100


A collection of angling bibliographies and book plates
including Daniel B. Fearing 'A Catalogue of an Exhibition of Angling Book Plates', (NY privately printed 1918, ltd ed), Robert W. Henderson 'Early American Sport, A Chronological Checklist...' (New York 1937, The Grolier Club, ltd ed), R.J.W. Coleby 'Regional Angling Literature...' (GB. 1979, 1st edition inscribed by author), and six others.

Realised: $160


Four early/mid 20thC big game fishing books
S. Kip Harrington's 'Atlantic Big Game Fishing' (NY 1937, signed by author and illustrator) and 'Pacific Game Fishing' (NY 1942) together with A.B.K. Watkins 'Big Game Fishing (London 1950, presentation copy signed by author, some writing on upper cover) and Moise Kaplin 'Big Game Fisherman's Paradise' (Florida 1936, signed by author).

Realised: $100


Charles Phair
'Atlantic Salmon Fishing', (New York 1937, unnumbered review copy of 950, together with William Schaldach, 'Currents & Eddies', (Vermont 1941, flip case, 72/250, signed by author).

Realised: $100


Four early N.Z. trout fishing books
Spackman, 'Trout in N.Z. - Where to Go and How to Catch Them' (1892, folding map); Cap. G.D. Hamilton, 'Trout-Fishing and Sport in Maoriland' (Wellington 1904). Together with two others, 'Trout Fishing in Brooks' by Garrow-Green and 'Where the Trout Hide' by Kit Clark.

Realised: $80


A rare copy of Charles Wetzel 'American Fishing Books
Bibliography from the earliest times up to 1948...', Newark 1950, 4to, 235p., 117/200, signed, one of 80 copies hand bound by the author. Very fine.

Realised: $420


Six N.Z. mid 20thC fishing books
G.E. Mannering, '80 Years in N.Z.' (Christchurch 1943), F.W. Pickard, 'Trout Fishing in N.Z. in Wartime' (New York 1940, 67/225, signed and numbered), George Ferris, 'Fly Fishing in N.Z.' (London 1954, signed by author), O.S. Hintz, 'Trout at Taupo' (London 1955, 1st edition), F. Carr Rollett, 'Angling in N.Z.' (N.Z. 1924) and Zane Grey, 'Tales of the Angler's, El Dorado, N.Z.' (English edition 1989, Ltd Ed. and in box).

Realised: $100


Six late 19thC/early 20thC Angling books
Adam Dryden 'Hints to Anglers' (Edinburgh 1862, 18mo with maps), Clericus 'Ramblings and Recollections of a Fly-fisher' (London 1854), together with Walton and Cotton 'The Compleat Angler (1947), Angler's Evenings' (1894). and Bradford's 'The Angler's Guide' (1908) and 'The Brook Trout and Determined Angler' (1900)

Realised: $80


'Catalogue of the Library of the Late John Gerard Heckscher 1732-1888
Parts I, II and III, NY 1909, 8vo, rebound (loose) with two Heckscher bookplates, together with 'A History of the Schuylkill Fishing Company 1732-1888, 1889 (1830), 446p., some uncut pages.

Realised: $270


A selection of scarce early fishing pamphlets and booklets
including; Rueben R. Cross 'Cowdung of Shin Crick (The Exposition Press, 1949, 30pp. 1st edition, signed by author), H.G. Williams 'The Shag Menace' (Dunedin 1945) and other titles.

Realised: $170


A selection of finely bound fishing books
F. Gray Griswold 'The Life-History of the Atlantic and Pacific Salmon of Canada' NY 1930), Frank Oppel 'Fishing North America 1876-1910' (1986, signed), The Gordon Garland (1965, 1st ed. 507/1500, boxed), John Hersey 'Blues' (1987, signed), Lamb 'The Fishing's Only a Part of it' (1982, signed 519/1000, boxed), Jennings 'A Book of Trout Flies' (1946?, boxed) and Russell 'The Fly-Fishingest Gentleman' (1986 1085/1200, signed, boxed).

Realised: $80


A selection of fine 1st edition and signed fishing books
including Eugene V. Connett 'Random Casts' (1939, 740/1175), Connett 'My Friend the Trout' (Scarce 1st edition 1961), Buckingham 'The Tattered Coat (364/995, signed), Knight and Weiler 'Ol' Bill...' (1942, 249/1929, signed), 'The Seven Rivers (Whitcombe & Tombs 1966), Haig-Brown 'Silver' (1947) and Taintor Foote 'Jing' (1936, 505/950).

Estimate: $100


Cpt. Campbell Hardie 'Early Life in Arcadie...' London 1869)
Scrope 'Days and Nights of Salmon Fishing' (London 1885), Hewitt 'Secrets of the Salmon' (NY 1922, 488/780), plus 'Fly Fishing in Australia and New Zealand' (Adelaide 1947), Hamilton 'Trout-Fishing and Sport in Maoriland' and Zane Grey 'An American Angler in Australia'.

Realised: $130


Four slip-cased modern American fishing titles
'Montana Trout Flies' (1981, 713/1950), 'The Trout Fly Weaver' (1980, 'Fly Fishing for Pacific Salmon', 'Dry Line Steelhead' together with three other titles (including 'Fly Fishing in Australia and New Zealand' and 'Secrets of the Salmon' (1922) and one other.

Realised: $100


A selection of signed and first edition trout fishing books
including; Schiebert 'Trout' (NY 1978, in 2 Vols.), Richard Salmon 'Fly Fishing for Trout' (1952, 36/99, signed), both in slip-cases; together with three other titles Koller 'Taking larger Trout (signed), Charles Fox 'Rising Trout' (signed) and Rhead 'Brook Trout'.

Realised: $140


Four good early fly fishing books
F.M. Halford 'Dry-Fly Fishing in Theory and Practice' (London 1889, 1st edition), George Dewar 'The Book of the Dry Fly' (London 1897), Geo. Kelson 'Tips by the Author of the Salmon Fly' (London 1901, book plate of Sir Herbert Maxwell) and Wetzel 'Trout Flies Naturals and Imitations' (US 1955)

Realised: $260


A collection of books relating to game
including; Milton Wheeler 'The Classic Decoy Series' (NY 1969, folio, 807/1000, signed, in slip-case), J.A. Knight 'Woodcock' (1944, signed, 147/275, in slipcase) together with four other titles.

Realised: $120


A excellent collection of late 19th/early 20thC hunting books
various titles including 'Man-Eaters of Kumaon', 'Panther', Hunting in Africa and many others, some first editions.

Estimate: $80


An excellent selection of 20thC trout fishing books
including; Schwiebert 'Trout' Vol 1 & 2, plus other first edition and signed titles.

Realised: $110


Four American sports and angling books
Kerridge 'Angling Literature' (1970, 217/300, signed), together with Gee 'Early American Sporting Books', Bruns 'Angling Books of the Americas' and Wetzel 'American Fishing Books'.

Realised: $80


Three American Fly Fishing books
William Blades 'Fishing Flies and Fly Fishing' (PA 1951, 4to, 30/100, signed), Marinaro 'A Modern Dry-Fly Code' (NY 1950) and Dave Hughes 'American Fly Tying Manual (Portland 1986).

Realised: $130


William Hale Harkness
' Ho Hum, The Fisherman', New York, 1939, 1st edition, 8vo, 47p., 35/100 in original brown leatherette.

Realised: $375


Five early/mid 20thC fishing books relating to G.E.M. Skues
comprising; G.E.M. Skues 'Side-lines, Side-lights & Reflections (London 1932,) 'Minor Tactics of the Chalk Stream' (London 1910, first 3 pages lacking), 'The Way of the Trout with Fly' (London 1921) plus C.F. Walker 'Angling Letters of G.E,M. Skues' (London 1956) and T. Donald Overfield 'G.E.M. Skues: The Way of a Man with a Trout' (London 1977).

Estimate: $100


A good selection of over 20 fiction and non-fiction fishing titles
including Hamilton's 'Trout-Fishing & Sport in Maoriland', Hintz's 'Trout at Taupo' and others, many signed and first editions.

Realised: $80


A good large selection of over 20 fiction and non-fiction fishing titles
including any first editions, some signed.

Realised: $80


A good large selection of over 20 assorted fishing titles
mostly relating to fly fishing and including some first editions and rarer titles.

Realised: $80


A good large selection of over 20 fishing titles
mostly relating to fly fishing and including some first editions and rarer titles.

Realised: $130


A good selection of over 20 fishing titles
including a limited edition of 'Frederick White' and other first editions and signed copies.

Realised: $70


Three antique reference books
includes; Investing in Georgian Glass, Royal Doulton Figures etc.

Estimate: $150


Four antique reference books
Clocks and Pocket Watches.

Realised: $110


Five antique reference books
Clocks and Watches plus Automata and Mechanical Toys.

Realised: $110


A hardback edition of 'René Lalique 1860-1945 Maitre Verrier Analyse de l'Oeuvre et Catalogue Raisonné'
by Felix Marcilhac. This book is indispensable for the serious Lalique collector.

Estimate: $850 - $950


Keith Johnston's Royal Atlas of Modern Geography
pub 1861, elephant folio size, quarter bound morocco with decorative gilt lettering on the front board with gilt stamp, gilt title to spine with raised cords. 48 double page maps with hand colouring in outline. Some faults.

Estimate: $350


A pair of vintage lifeboat oars
with the name 'Constance N' to the blade. L. 4310mm.

Realised: $275


A vintage toy Georgian carriage
gilded and painted to the body, mounted on a display board, old faults. W.360 x D.150 x H.230mm.

Estimate: $150


A vintage Britains lead toy zoo
includes, elephant (in original box), tigers, polar bears and ice mountain, penguins, zebras, rhinos, trees, fences, people and much more. Some figures also by J.S. Hill and some unmarked.

Realised: $1,000


A vintage model steam pump
with large wheel, tap, etc, original green, gold and black paint finish, mounted on a thick wooden base. W.280 x D.175 x H.360mm

Realised: $450


A collection of seven assorted model steam engines
original paint finishes to most, all mounted on a board. W.460 x D.240 x H.160mm.

Realised: $540


A model steam pump
with large wheel, coiled copper piping, original red and green paint finish, attached to a board. W.430 x D.240 x H.240mm

Realised: $420


Three Victorian brass door knockers
includes Mr Punch.

Realised: $125


A 19thC French cast iron grain measure
brass label to the front. W.200 x H.200mm.

Estimate: $150


A piece of shallow dish form coral
with metal stand. W.270 x D.130 x H.140mm.

Estimate: $450


A large old copper jam pan
fixed cast iron handle. W.510 x H.200mm.

Realised: $145


Two old cooking pots
one a copper saucepan with pouring spout, the other brass on three iron legs, together with a Victorian brass bath soap dish.

Realised: $180


A Victorian metal game hanger
five wrythen twist triple metal hooks suspended from a ring attached to a large hook. W.200 x H.580mm.

Realised: $150


One hundred old New Zealand postcards
some colour, most black and white, all in plastic covers.

Realised: $80


A Victorian stereoscope viewer together with a large selection of cards
including 'Around the World through the Stereoscope' and single cards.

Realised: $250


An Archbutt four-fold architect's 24" scale rule
with German silver hinges and caps, original pins, marked with maker's details.

Realised: $500


A Victorian mother-of-pearl and silver card case
with concertina interior. L.110mm.

Realised: $175


An old lion's tooth
the large tooth in reasonable polish, small chip to pointed end. L.93mm.

Realised: $140


A late 19thC European folk art wall cabinet
the top with open sections, single drawer, scalloped fret cut borders. H.560mm.

Realised: $160


Five polished kauri gum nuggets
all a good golden translucence.

Realised: $100


Seven polished kauri gum nuggets
most of golden translucence.

Realised: $100


A pre-owned genuine Louis Vuitton Saumur PM handbag
in monogram canvas, complete with leather strap and original monogram tote bag.

Realised: $450


An authentic pre-owned Louis Vuitton Speedy 35 tote bag
in monogram canvas complete with leather strap, padlock and keys.

Estimate: $500


An authentic Louis Vuitton multi-colour Speedy 30 handbag
in white.

Realised: $700


An authentic Louis Vuitton Multicolour Speedy 30 handbag
in black with monogram canvas and front pocket, with leather handles and straps, locks and keys, tan Alcantara fabric interior and one pocket. With original dust bag.

Realised: $750


A vintage Louis Vuitton 'Cabas Piano' shoulder bag
with original tags and dust bag. 400 x 310mm.

Realised: $400


A vintage Louis Vuitton red Epi Leather 'Jasmin' handbag
soft rounded shape with double zip enclosure and leather handles.

Estimate: $750


An authentic pre-owned Chanel medium tote bag
in a black quilted pattern, large eyelets and woven chain strap. Original authentication card within. Some wear to exterior.

Estimate: $350


A vintage black Chanel 'Caviar' leather tote bag
with quilt stitching and gold metal fittings. With dust bag. As new.

Estimate: $1,000


An authentic Prada Nappa light brown handbag
in crumpled leather and double bow and tassels to opening. With original label, envelope and monogrammed dust bag.

Estimate: $580


A pair of WWI decorated '1914 Souain' and '1917 Tahure' brass shell cases
embossed, engraved and hammered decoration with encircling ivy vine, frilled top rims, the base of each with stamped marks and engraved with decorator's initials 'E.D.'. Note: Souain and Tahure were noted battlefields of WWI. H.260mm.

Realised: $200


A collection of 16 photographs relating to the NZ Mounted Rifles in Palestine
including one of the few known images of the Bedouin village at Surafend, which was massacred by men of the NZ Mounted Rifles in retaliation to the killing of one of their men by a villager who was caught by the soldier trying to steal from his tent. At one stage 200 men of the NZMR were to be collectively charged with a war crime. They were found to have massacred perhaps 100 male occupants of the village. No one was charged although New Zealand was made to make a monetary settlement. Each photo entitled in ink.

Estimate: $250


The personal photograph albums of the onetime Prime Minister Sir Joseph Ward
during WW1 he formed a coalition government with William Massey. These albums largely relate to the historic trip to the UK and Europe in 1919 during which he attended the Paris Peace Conference. The albums include official images as well as candid photographs of Ward and his family.

Estimate: $1,200


Two c.1900 N.Z. medallions
a silver 1908 'Auckland N.Z. to Commemorate Visit of American Fleet', a battleship to the front, crossed flags to the reverse; the other '1900 Exhibition, Canterbury Industrial Exhibition'. Dia.19mm.

Estimate: $120


A WWI issue Cruchon & Emons of London Vernier's Pattern VII compass
in original stitched leather case, brass with ebonised finish, folding top plate, sight and suspension ring, the mother-of-pearl ringed dial with securing side button, maker's details, 1915 date and arrow mark to base of case, the leather outer stamped 1916, P. Stafford and military arrow mark, pen inscribed with soldier's name RACNAN(?) 702 COY(?) N.Z.M.G.C. (NZ Machine Gun Corps).

Estimate: $180


A WWI German Prussian officers' Pickelhaube helmet
black leather with brass badge to front, vented spike to top.

Realised: $320


Three photographs of the surrender of German and Italian Generals to New Zealand General Freyberg in Tunisia
on 13 May 1943.

Estimate: $100


A WW2 pocket diary of 42795 Lieutenant Cuyler A.L. de Vere on the NZ Armoured Brigade / Anti-Tank Coy
covering his 1945 service in Italy, recordings for most days together with extra notes and addresses.

Estimate: $200


The wartime photographs and documents of 4521 Warrant Officer 2nd Class Les Williams - NZ Petrol Company
a defender of Galatos and Pink Hill at Crete. The Petrol Company became unlikely heroes at Crete. In the afternoon of the first day whilst defending the right flank of Pink Hill, Les Williams suffered significant shrapnel wounds to his stomach, shoulder and arm and was evacuated from Suda Bay a few days later. He went on to serve in North Africa and Italy. This lot includes an album of photos including Crete and North Africa as well as many unmounted images and documents. In later years Mr Williams was interviewed by a school boy and journalists and some of these videos and newspaper reports are included.

Estimate: $750 - $1,000


Three German WWII propaganda leaflets
'Georgia No. 4', 'Georgia No. 5' and 'Where Might Daddy be on this Holy Night?', various printed material on reverse, images include scantily clad women.

Realised: $110


Two R.F.C. sweetheart badges
together with a Royal Navy sweetheart badge.

Estimate: $140


A vintage Indonesian kris
plain wooden scabbard, hilt and Garuda bird handle. Wavy blade L.180mm.

Estimate: $110


An old Indonesian kris
restrained plain stylised figured hilt, traditional plain wooden scabbard, the mildly curved blade of L.230mm.

Estimate: $120


A vintage Indonesian small kris
the hilt of stylised garuda bird style, the wood scabbard with embossed brass bands.

Estimate: $120


A vintage Indonesian sword knife
the hilt carved as a lion's head, plain decorated hardwood scabbard, the blade with wide fullers stamped and dated 1955. L.380mm.

Realised: $80


A vintage Burmese dha sword
turned wooden hilt, plaited fibre bound scabbard, the plain tapered blade of L.410mm.

Realised: $70


A Burmese dha knife
embossed white metal and wire bound detail to the hilt, conforming scabbard.

Realised: $50


A vintage Indian Kanjar knife
the metal hilt and scabbard blackened with silver decorative overlay, curved damascene blade of L.140mm.

Estimate: $150


A scarce North Indian Tegha
an early 19th Century sword of justice (executioner's), talwar hilt, disc pommel with undecorated steel, the blade with curved single edge, etched Sanskrit to each face. 800mm.

Estimate: $600


A late 1800s Afghan Khyber sword
Regulation 1893 - 1903 pattern, arsenal of Maiga-i-Sharif usually with his mark stamped to forte, the blade slightly curved, bi fullered, single edge, spear point, with short sharpened back edge. The hilt all steel with wooden grip scales and 3 bar knuckle bow, the wood scabbard with leather cover, with steel chape, locket and suspension ring. L.800mm.

Estimate: $420