An antique violin with Antonio Stradivarius label
dated 1753, with case and bow

Realised: $240


A vintage violin
two piece maple back, with case.

Realised: $150


A Pacific mother of pearl and shell lei
two large mother of pearl shells attached to a necklace of seed pods and small shells, on stand. H.(incl. stand) 540mm.

Realised: $160


A vintage Louis Vuitton Alize 24 Heures travel bag
two separated compartments, each secured with padlocked zippers, each interior with an open side pocket, washable lining stitched leather trim, LV canvas shoulder strap. 460 x 180 x 380mm. With large dust jacket.

Realised: $600


An Issey Miyake Bao Bao copy tote bag
pink iridescent triangles forming squares on a black net backing, with a guarantee card and care instructions.

Realised: $70


A vintage as new Hermès silk scarf
ornate gold and brown border with main print depicting gilt baroque decorated wagon wheels. Has a small hole lower quadrant.

Realised: $70


A Victorian silver plated chain mail belt
with decorated buckle. L.760mm.

Realised: $160


A Victorian brass refracting table tripod telescope
in original mahogany case. L.920mm.

Estimate: $1,000


A c.1800 Spencer Browning & Rust of London naval telescope
black leather covered body with single brass draw tube engraved with maker's details. L.710mm.

Realised: $210


An American 1930s period spelter statuette
of a man bowling, on stone plinth. H.165mm

Estimate: $100


The Lincoln stamp album
full of old world stamps, N.Z., Australia, Transvaal, Great Britain, etc.

Realised: $160


A 'Trick Dog' mechanical money bank
paint finish, operating order. L.220mm.

Realised: $110


A Baroque inspired reconstituted bas-relief marble plaque
of putti playing with a massive garland of flowers, in the manner of Francois Duquesnoy. Inset to the back with a restruck 18thC bronze medallion. 490 x 200mm

Realised: $400


A large vintage crucifix
with painted sculpted figure of Christ on a varnished beech cross. H.1020mm

Estimate: $600


Two vintage double pulley ship's blocks
one with iron suspension loop. H260mm and 290mm

Realised: $110


A 19thC Chilean spur
with large multi-spoke rowel, with pierced shanks and damascene bars, along with another earlier and a wrought iron stirrup

Estimate: $100


Collection of 13 books and booklets
pertaining to Japanese swords and weaponry. Includes ‘Japanese Daggers’ and ‘The Samurai Sword’.

Realised: $140


A collection of 13 books
pertaining to warfare and trains. Includes ‘The Armies of Britain’ and ‘The Best of New Zealand Steam’.

Estimate: $110


A large Nazi German vehicle identification drape/flag
swastika motif, with tie-down grommets to the corners. Reputedly souvenired ex Africa Campaign. Some faults. 2000 x 1000mm

Realised: $350


British P1860 Martini Henry yataghan sword bayonet
in as found condition. L.715mm

Realised: $90


English Infantry Officer's 1822 pattern dress sword
with etched pipe back blade, the brass three bar guard with William IV cipher. Together with 1834 dress regulation brass scabbard. 980mm.

Realised: $850


A mid-19thC military foot officer’s sword
by W. Walscheid of Solingen, Prussia, with shagreen and wire bound grip, open guard, steel scabbard. Overall L.995mm

Realised: $360


A small sword with an early 18thC colichemarde blade
fitted with a slightly later 'theatrical' carved oak hilt. L.750mm

Realised: $100


A 19thC Ottoman Yataghan
long forward curved single edge blade with Islamic inscriptions to each side, cord bound horn shaped grip. Lead museum seal wired into pommel. 780mm.

Estimate: $1,100


A late 18thC Turkish Shamshir
plain curved hand forged hatchet point blade. Silver nail studded horn hilt with pistol grip. 915mm.

Realised: $220


A 17thC Mughal Indian sosun patta
a forward curving shortened blade with reshaped tip, one face of blade decorated with geometric gold koftgarli the other with calligraphy script, with plain steel hilt, together with leather and brass wood scabbard, decorated with calligraphy animals and deities. 600mm.

Estimate: $1,200


Sudanese 19thC Kaskara
hand forged double edged spear point and fullered blade, leather bound flat pommel and grip. Together with decorated leather scabbard. 1050mm.

Estimate: $550


A rare 19thC African Mangbetu dagger
the ivory hilt with cotton reel ribbed grip and flared ends, one chip to pommel, the flat blade tapering to a point. Congo area. 252mm.

Estimate: $100


19thC Caucasian Kindjal
slender tri-fullered engraved blade, the two piece horn hilt with silver nail studs. Three armour cartouche to ricasso. 580mm.

Estimate: $750


Japanese commissioned officers naval dirk
nickel plated blade with good polish, fish skin wire bound hilt with brass fittings. Tokokawa Naval Arsenal stamp and cherry blossom stamp to underside of guard, together with leather covered lacquered wooden scabbard with cherry blossom decorated brass locket and chape. 420mm.

Realised: $260


Japanese army officers sabre
the chrome plated single edge blade with etched yakiba, gilt brass wire Bakelite grip with floral decorated brass guard and hilt. Together with a chrome plated scabbard. 960mm.

Estimate: $300



Realised: $250


A vintage Celebes kris
with figural bone hilt, ‘wavy’ 310mm Damascene blade, wood scabbard of tiger stripe effect.

Estimate: $140


A c.1880 Celebes Bade-bade
with hand forged, curved, needle blade, carved horn hilt, together with hardwood scabbard with carved horn mount and brass ferrule. 335mm.

Estimate: $380


A c.1880 Celebes Bade-bade
with hand forged, curved, needle blade, carved horn hilt, in hardwood scabbard with carved horn mount and brass ferrule. 335mm.

Estimate: $400


An early 20thC Indonesian kris
the stained bone carved hilt as a deity, traditional wavy Damascene blade, the engraved brass scabbard with black striped timaho wood fitting.

Estimate: $140


An early 20thC Malaysian Parang Pedang
the 700mm sweeping curved blade with single fuller, laminated and hand forged, the green horn hilt/handle with carved pommel.

Estimate: $300


An early 19thC Sumatran kris
hand forged laminate steel 285mm blade, the carved ebony hilt as a stylised bird, mahogany scabbard with loss.

Estimate: $140


A c.1940-1945 Sumatran Barong long knife
long heavy broad tipped 30mm blade, rubberised hilt, the stitched leather machete scabbard of WWII type.

Realised: $120


An early 20thC Sumatran Klewang long knife
the 560mm smith formed blade with heavy narrow section at the hilt tapering towards the tip, the horn hilt with forked pommel end.

Estimate: $250


A c.1900 North Western Sumatra Rentjong knife
mildly curved 250mm blade, the water buffalo horn hilt shaped at a right angle, noted as the favourite weapon of the Atjeh (Aceh).

Estimate: $240


A c.1920 Philippines Moro Island Gunong dagger
deer bone pommel and hilt, decorative brass and copper ferrule, cross guard and mounted wood scabbard. 180mm polished double edged blade.

Estimate: $160


An unusual Fijian club
bowai type of uncommon length tapering at the distal end to an elongated conical point. L.1385mm

Realised: $200


A Philippines tuba knife
sickle style, carved wood hilt with bird head pommel, hand forged 160mm blade at right angles to the hilt, carved wood sheath.

Realised: $60


A 20thC Pacific Islands (Tonga) carved wooden stool
the curved rectangular top supported on cradle form legs with plain flared feet, carved from the one piece. L.490 x H.110mm.

Estimate: $180


An Akapita Scully carved basalt wahaika sculpture
contemporary stylised form with inset paua and ivory ring detail. L.302mm.

Estimate: $1,200


Two vintage folk art 'Chatham Islands' trays
one circular decorated with cut paua shell and various shells with map of the islands, the other with map and historical dates and descriptions noted.

Realised: $130


A small old marine ivory Maori hei tiki
chin to left shoulder, hands to thighs, copper suspension ring attached to top of head. L.50mm.

Realised: $450


A quality Folk Art Maori stem post
carved in traditional style with incised facial tattoo, hands across the belly, bent knee stance and paua shell eyes. Northland - purchased 1971, H.530mm.

Realised: $350


A pair of N.Z. chip art carved frames
the dominant crescent form section supporting the rectangular frame, both with mirrored panels. Dia. approx. 460mm.

Realised: $220


A contemporary pounamu mere
by Richard Moore, fashioned from Marsden Flower jade, the butt knob of fluted fan shape. L.340mm.

Realised: $2,800


A vintage Feltex picture rug
'Auckland Harbour Bridge', woven in colours with image of bridge and landscape, coat-of-arms bottom left and tiki face images to the top corners. 670 x 1300mm.

Realised: $350


A rare vintage Feltex scenic series rug 'Map of NZ'
depicting pastimes of fishing and skiing. Original 'Riccarton Axminster' label to reverse. 1300 x 670

Realised: $900


An unusual Feltex rug
Tower Bridge, London. 300 x 685mm.

Realised: $260


An important and unique memento and collection of archival material associated with Sir Edmund Hillary
Mt. Everest and Antarctica. A stone collected by Hillary on the first ascent of the summit of Mt. Everest May 29th, 1953, mounted in a Nepalese brooch/pendant. The 'Hillary Stone' to the centre of a cross framed by an open circular mount set with small turquoise and coral cabochons. With a 2003 signed and witnessed letter of authentication and provenance - this stone was gifted by Sir Ed to his brother Rex and thence by descent to Rex's son John, our vendor. Also accompanying this lot: Eight manuscript and typescript letters to Rex and Jenny Hillary 14 March, 8 April, 20 May and 11 July 1953; 10 May and 2 July 1954; to Mary Davis 30 June 1953; to John Hillary 3 October 1957. Telegram to Rex Hillary 5 Feb 1957; Postal Souvenir Cover T.A.E. Scott Base to Suzanne Hillary 11 Jan 1957; formal printed appreciation card Hillary’s parents to Jim & Mary Davis 5 Jun 1953; six Hillary family postcards; signed and inscribed 1st edition copy (1961) of 'No Latitude For Error'. Notably the 20th May 1953 (days before the first ever ascent) air letter from Camp IV Advanced Base on Everest details weather delays to ascent route establishment, concern regarding oxygen equipment viability, expression of wishes should he die and admiration of his fellow climbers. See also And:

Realised: $62,000


A Garry Nash vase
flattened ovoid shape, decorated with panels of gold fleck on a black ground, signed and dated '01. H.255mm.

Realised: $430


An early Garry Nash glass vase
with free-form serpentine mouth decorated with trailed glass. signed and dated '90. H.170mm

Realised: $130


A small Garry Nash vase
with iridescent finish, signed and dated '98. H.75mm.

Realised: $190


An early Ann Robinson 'trail' vase
squat circular with slight fluting, frosted clear glass with fine grey-blue trailing. Etched signature and numbered D062. Dia.270mm

Realised: $400


Michelle Judge cast green glass comport
signed and dated 2012. Dia.195mm, H.90mm.

Realised: $340


A Len Castle 'blue alkaline' bowl
circular, impressed mark beside unglazed foot ring. Dia.280mm

Realised: $260


A large Barry Brickell lidded floor pot
the ovoid body with two lug handles, the repaired domed lid with pooled glaze to the knop handle, speckled tan/brown glaze with paler highlights, impressed mark to base, c.1970s. H.515mm.

Realised: $440


Jim Greig sculpted pottery vase
ovoid form with four relief sculpted double bladed (kotiate) forms, the dark brown/green glaze with pale and red/brown highlights, incised potter's mark to base. H.205mm.

Realised: $200


Four Caithness paperweights
various patterns, with certificates and one stand.

Realised: $170


Three Caithness and one Whitefriars paperweights
the Whitefriars of millefiori cane and commemorating the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth, the three Caithness with certificates and two with stands.

Realised: $140


Four Whitefriars paperweights
three with multi-coloured millefiori canes, the other with the 'Three Wise Men' to the centre of blue and green millefiori canes.

Realised: $420


Two Perthshire paperweights
decorated with millefiori canes, date marks to base.

Realised: $340


A cranberry glass jug and glasses set
the exterior decorated with white florals and leaves.

Realised: $450


A pair of Victorian glass lustre vases
bright blue with painted and gilded floral decoration. H.340mm.

Estimate: $450


An early 20thC American pattern Vaseline glass boat on stand
pale green with opalescent highlights, an encircling band of repeating square starburst pattern, the stand with basket weave type relief surface. L. 39mm. Minor chipping.

Estimate: $150


Three Finnish glass carafes by Timo Sarpaneva
two tall and one ovoid shape, each with engraved marks. Tallest H.320mm

Realised: $210


A Murano glass coffin walled vase
sommerso blue in a yellow and clear casing, in the manner of Mandrazutto. H.215mm.

Realised: $180


A Murano glass free-form bowl
red with clear glass protrusions around the base. Labelled. W.285mm.

Realised: $100


A set of 12 Waterford crystal large tumblers
fluted sides in a Lismore type pattern, with original green labels and in box.

Realised: $525


A Lalique crystal 'Elizabeth' pedestal bowl
the frosted bowl with eight birds in relief amongst foliage, square footed pedestal base, engraved with maker's details. Dia.130mm, H.133mm.

Realised: $640


A Tiffany Favrile small tazza
gold iridescent glass with petrol blue highlights and 'onion skin' finish, long stem raised on circular spreading foot, etched '1702 LC Tiffany Favrile' to base with paper label to the centre of polished pontil. W.155 x H.150mm.

Estimate: $800


A Tiffany Favrile Harp desk lamp
the gold damascene art glass shade with wavy white iridescent ribs, the gilt bronze lobed base signed 'Tiffany Studios, New York, 419', raised on five bun feet. Original single light socket and switch, cord and plug have been replaced. Original purchase receipt. W.180 x H.350mm.

Estimate: $2,500


An Art Nouveau pewter and glass claret jug
the jug with etched thistles, pewter mount with a woman drinking from goblet and grape bunches and leaves embellishments, ‘In Vino Veritas’ to one side, old repairs. H.265mm.

Realised: $90


An Archibald Knox designed ‘English Pewter' biscuit box
decorated with stylised ivy, square form with conforming lid with a circular panel and two raised bars, impressed marks, shape #0194. 125 x 125 x 110mm.

Realised: $300


A large Lladro Andalusian figure group
by Fulgencio Garcia, showing a couple on an Andalusian stallion, No. 4647. H.450mm.

Realised: $320


A Lladro porcelain bust
of a clown by Jose Puche. H.340mm.

Realised: $220


A fine large Royal Copenhagen 'Wave and Rock' figure group
modelled by Theodor Lundberg (1852-1926), as Prometheus upon the Rocks, hands bound behind his back, leaning forward to kiss a nude sea nymph, model No. 1132, printed marks. H.460mm.

Estimate: $900


A collection of 25 'Piggies'
the comical pigs in various glazes, each labelled including 'sleeping Beauty', 'Pig Pen', etc. An average H.approx. 90mm. Note: In the Chinese calendar the year 2019 is the Year of the Pig.

Realised: $170


A late Victorian Royal Worcester hand painted baluster urn
the floral sprays with gilt enrichments on a peach ground, printed mark including shape #1553. H.220mm, date coded for 1893.

Estimate: $300


An early 1800s blue and white tazza
decorated in the chinoiserie pattern, Dillwyn & Co., printed mark to base. 370 x 110mm.

Realised: $270


A pair of 19thC French Sèvres style urn vases
with hand painted porcelain bodies signed 'Collet', mounted with bronze and champlevé enamel mouths and bases, putti handles issue from the shoulders. H.255mm.

Realised: $380


A pair of 19thC French Sèvres style porcelain urn vases
with hand painted panels of figures and landscapes on a bleu celeste ground, mask handles issue from the shoulders. H.270mm.

Realised: $350


Two Meissen small porcelain pieces
includes a cup with classical panelled designs and a lidded bowl with sculpted rose finial. Crossed swords mark to each.

Realised: $80


An old French Sarreguemines majolica cheese dish and cover
the fruit moulded and glazed lid on leaf moulded base. Dia.210mm

Realised: $200


An old French Sarreguemines majolica lidded tureen
the fruit moulded and glazed lid on basket form base.

Realised: $240


A Sadler green glazed 'T42' Art Deco car teapot
silvered highlights, impressed marks to base. L.230mm.

Realised: $300


An old slip-glazed country pottery bowl
the well with flowering stem, green and dark brown glaze on pale yellow tan ground, some wear. Dia.290mm.

Realised: $110


A dark amber Peking glass snuff bottle
flattened moon flask form, the bamboo type section sides pierced, the lid with an orange coral mount and internal metal spoon. H.65mm.

Estimate: $400


A banded agate snuff bottle
carved in relief accentuating the coloured inclusions, water lily forms, amber toned coloured inclusions. H.65mm.

Estimate: $150


Four Chinese porcelain snuff bottles
blue and white, polychrome, crackled celadon and one modelled with fish.

Realised: $120


A pair of Chinese wood and hardstone panels
decorated with inlaid hardstone scenes, black ebonised frames. 320 x 1110mm.

Estimate: $400


Three various 'chicken blood' jade seals
the various forms all with striking red veined and speckled inclusions. The longest 78mm., the tablets unengraved. Housed in a display box.

Realised: $200


A carved Chinese ivory figure of a young woman
standing holding branches of flowers. Height on carved and pierced wood stand 275mm.

Estimate: $400


A Chinese cricket cage
of a gourd with ivory ringed mouth and cover pierced with butterflies and flowers. H.120mm (excluding associated stand)

Realised: $1,550


An ivory paper knife
with dragon carved handle. L.260mm

Realised: $120