A carved wood Pitcairn Island flying fish sculpture
traditional form with pinned flaring wings, one detailed 'Souvenir from Pitcairn Island', the other 'Made by Jim Jacobsen'. On turned stand. Length 350.

Realised: $220


A Victorian police truncheon
black and red lacquer with remnants of gilded decoration. Length 430.

Estimate: $100


A boulder of kauri gum

Realised: $100


Three pieces of kauri gum
one shaped into a ball, one part carved, the third of a good clear polished transulence, 831gms.

Realised: $275


Two pieces of kauri gum
semi polished and of a good translucence, 346gms.

Realised: $360


A small kauri gum boulder
in unpolished natural condition, 875gms.

Estimate: $200


An old tortoise shell. Length 450.

Realised: $80


Seven long deep sea giant tube worm bodies
made of chitin, these tubes offer protection to the worms against predators, they are found on the floor of the Pacific Ocean near 'black smokers' (hydro-thermal vents) reaching lengths of 2.4 metres. Lengths 440-770, maximum diameter 60.

Realised: $325


An old carved ivory tusk elephant bridge
the seven graduating elephants linked by their trunks, raised on a carved wood stand. Length 340.

Realised: $300


Two display framed specimens
a Dead Leaf Mimic Mantid (Praying Mantis) and a Eurypeima spinicrus (Tarantula Spider).

Estimate: $175


Five Riker-framed large butterflies
four Morpho didus (Giant Blue Morpho) and one Papilio tydeus (Black swallowtail).

Estimate: $180


Four glazed double-sided display frames of butterflies and grasshoppers
a single and group of butterflies, and two single grasshoppers.

Estimate: $120


A taxidermy cock pheasant
perched upon a branch issuing from a wall mounted timber slab.

Realised: $225


A carved antler handled wooden walking stick
carved in relief with a stylised curving whale's tail, paua disc set to the top.

Estimate: $225


A Victorian walk cane
the palm wood shaft with an embossed and wrythen twist silver (tested) handle.

Realised: $250


A late 19thC Dutch silver handled and malacca cane riding crop
L-trunk form handle to the lacquered cane shaft with bound leather end.

Realised: $220


An early 1900 American Arts & Crafts glass shade
in the manner of Tiffany, possibly made by a contemporary American glass company, eight sections of caramel 'slag' glass, with copper framing and decorative fleur-de-lis. Diameter 410.

Estimate: $220


A Victorian style kerosene lamp
with cranberry shade and reservoir raised on an ornate brass baluster stem and moulded foot. Height 710.

Realised: $280


A 19thC Armand Marseille doll
the 16" doll stamped A.M. 390 to the head, with sleeping glass eyes, red dress and bonnet. Height 430.

Estimate: $160


A printed fabric Maori Art rag doll
with baby carried papoose-like on her back. Height 340.

Estimate: $50


A Victorian child's tin plate hand operated sewing machine
with floral decoration. Length 180.

Realised: $50


An antique brass Merryweather type brass fireman's helmet badged for the New South Wales Fire Brigade
the traditional comb with dragon embossing, the front plate with 'NSW FB', original leather lining and chin strap.

Realised: $385


A c.1900 carved deep relief Scottish trinket box
rectangular form, the lid with a traditional Scottish gent, a deer across his shoulders, further carved with dogs, fox, etc. 165 x 85 x 60.

Realised: $180


A Victorian mahogany writing slope
hinged lid with cut brass inlay and similar design to the keyhole escutcheon opening to reveal a lined and fitted interior with a secured drawer and recessed handle to the side. 500 x 290 x 200.

Estimate: $225


A Malay Chinese antique money changer's box
rectangular shape with brass capping and binding, brass handles to the sides, the lid opening to reveal compartments for documents, writing instruments and inks, a lift-out section giving access to a secure cavity. 475 x 310 x 160.

Estimate: $250


A Victorian mother-of-pearl and abalone tea caddy
the exterior decorated in traditional checkerboard design, the lid opens to reveal two lidded compartments with ivory knobs, the rim and feet also of ivory. 120 x 85 x 100.

Realised: $450


An early 1900s oak and brass bound smoker's cabinet
a mechanism allows for the lid to open when opening the bottom drawer, the interior in various compartments, the exterior with cut brass decoration to the corners and sides. 300 x 180 x 170.

Realised: $240


A mottled kauri miniature chest of two drawers
each drawer with 'picture frame' moulding and turned handles, raised on squat bun feet. 350 x 230 x 180.

Realised: $200


A Victorian walnut cased dressing case
the hinged lid opening to reveal compartments with various lidded bottles and jars, a concealed drawer to the base. the lid and front inlaid with escutcheons of abalone and contrasting timber. 305 x 230 x 170.

Realised: $200


A 19thC rosewood dressing case
with brass bindings and inlays, the hinged lid opening to reveal an interior with fitted compartments with various silver plated topped bottles and jars, a concealed drawer to the base. 310 x 230 x 190.

Realised: $340


A brass and enamel jewellery box
in the form of a grand piano, the lid and keyboard cover decorated with coloured enamel panels of French romantic scenes. The keyboard also of black and white enamel, musical mechanism in good working order. 100 x 150 x 70.

Realised: $220


A Victorian copper tea urn
the platform base with four feet, ebonised handles, brass tap, decorative finial to lid. 340 x 570.

Realised: $750


An early 20thC Mathieson & Sons 'coffin' smoother plane
rosewood infill, steel body, 7¾ ", no handle.

Realised: $300


A Spiers 7¾" smoother plane
rosewood infill, open handle, repair to front bun.

Realised: $270


New Zealand General Survey Office map 'Auckland Sheet No.3'
1882 revised 1892, sectionalised lithograph on canvas backing. Waitamata Harbour and proposed Northern Railway annotated in red ink. 730 x 920.

Estimate: $200


A rare double page folio map: 'Southern Hemisphere' [Polar projection]
from John Pinkerton's Modern Atlas, published Philadelphia 1818. Hand coloured outlines and tints; depicting Australia, Polynesia and parts of South America and Africa, issued after the search for Terra Australis had been abandoned, but prior to the discovery of Antarctica - consequently the South Pole depicted as vast ocean called 'Icy Sea', the interiors of 'New Holland' and Africa vague and 'unknown'. 570 x 815mm.

Estimate: $200


Three maps of Oceania: 'Océanique Orient.l' (Paris 1812
Tardieu) 220 x 300; 'Océanique (Paris 1812, Chamouin) 215 x 290; 'Australasia' (Edinburgh 1816, Arrowsmith) 190 x 250.

Estimate: $125


Seven charts from French versions of Cook's Voyages and other explorers: Tahiti
Chile and PNG. Unmounted various sizes.

Estimate: $120


French version of the map of Cook's Strait (Carte du Detroit de Cook dans la Nouvelle Zealande)
Plate 11, Vol. III, engraved by Bernard. 270 x 270; together with plate 14, Vol I, Views of Admiralty Isles and others.

Estimate: $120


A rare copperplate engraved chart of the Straits of Magellan from the official account of the first voyage of James Cook
depicting the discoveries of the navigators Byron, Wallis and Carteret. The detail includes soundings, currents, shoals and anchorages along with four elevations of land (Cape Virgins, White Cliffs, Cape Fair Weather and View of Port Famine), c.1780. Unframed 730 x 460.

Estimate: $360


A large steel engraved 'Map of China & Japan 1850'
by Gall & Inglis, hand coloured. 460 x 565.

Estimate: $400


An 18thC map 'The Kingdom of Ireland'
drawn from surveys of Sir William Petty, engraved by J. Bayly. Steel engraving with original outline colour. 550 x 480.

Realised: $160


An 18thC map
'Brecknock Shire', by Thomas Morgan, steel engraving with outline colour. 345 x 520.

Estimate: $150


A box of 15 vintage books on Polar Exploration
includes 'The Great White South' by Herbert Ponting, 1923 reprint, 'Mawson's Will' by Lennard Bickel 1977, etc., some leather bound.

Estimate: $150


An old Triumph stamp album with world collection
includes: N.Z., Australia, Great Britain, America, etc.

Realised: $130


A George III gilt and carnelian desk seal
the table form seal intaglio cut with a shield crest, tapered rectangular section ivory handle.

Realised: $450


A large vintage enamel sign
'A. & T. Inglis' "The Cash Emporium", George Street, Dunedin', in white on cobalt background, the sign incorporating an architectural rendition of the Inglis building and with further merchandise details. 1220 x 1520.

Realised: $1,500


A large c.1930 Bluebill wooden duck decoy
hand crafted, glass eyes, wooden keel with lead weight insert, painted decoration. Original condition. Length 430.

Estimate: $250


A boat builder's model of a prestige flying bridge yacht
fibreglass and wood construction, in perspex display case. Case dimensions 1000 x 300 x 600.

Realised: $325


Two original large vintage Curnard Line advertising lithographs
'Queen Elizabeth' and 'Queen Mary' by Charles Eddowes Turner, framed. Minor staining. 360 x 630.

Estimate: $200


An early 1960s French poster portraying Yann Brieux
the Sicilian/French singer. 800 x 580.

Estimate: $400


A Piranesi copper plate engraving
side view of a curule chair. 380 x 580.

Estimate: $400


A vintage bronze diesel locomotive registration plate Ds215. Ds215
was built in 1953 by Drewyn/Vulcan and was in NZR Service from 1953-1982. 260 x 420.

Estimate: $250


A 1980s Washburn WT-4V telecaster American electric guitar
black ebonised body and front, hardwood neck, with whammy bar. In vinyl case.

Estimate: $500


An old violin
in original ebonised case with bow, requires some attention.

Realised: $190


A vintage collapsible top hat
the interior detailed, the interior detailed 'Fritz Reuter Dusseldorf....', in original storage box.

Realised: $100


A bronze bust
signed A. Rodin and dated 1909, with two-colour patination. Height 320.

Realised: $345


A pair of small Victorian bronzes of Mercury and Fortuna
the former after the original by Jean De Bologne. Height 420.

Realised: $550


A 19thC silvered bronze figure of a standing classical Grecian woman
representing spring, holding aloft a leafy branch,on turned wood plinth base. Height 450.

Realised: $375


An Italian alabaster bust of a young woman
worked in coloured and white alabaster, raised on tapering square section base. Height 530.

Realised: $3,900


A pair of Benares copper and brass jars
squat circular shape with flaring mouth, decorated to the shoulder with stylised leaf design. Diameter 370.

Realised: $170


A c.1900 large crucifix
the bronzed spelter Christ finely modelled, supported on a large wooden cross with knobbly detail and 'INRI' scroll top panel. Height 675.

Realised: $750


Seven vintage fly fishing items
includes: Hardy's fishing reel box, 'Kilwell' braided line in original packaging, wooden brass star-back reel 3 5/8" c.1900, the Allcock 'Glider' silk line c.1920, two boxes of Special green loop casts and a Hendryx brass reel c.1888. Further details available. Provenance: This and the following lots from the Keith Draper Collection. Keith Draper was a respected and world renowned fisherman and wildfowler, who fished and shot throughout N.Z. Born in Hastings in 1932, he fished Hawkes Bay rivers and moved to Taupo in his early years. He turned his fly tying hobby into a hugely successful retail and wholesale business supplying thousands of flies to N.Z. and the world from Draper's Tackle House, Taupo. He was also a sporting guide. He wrote many books on the subject of flies and fishing, the most famous being the 1971 'Trout Flies in N.Z.' which sold over 20,000 copies. He was also a competent artist and illustrated most of his own books. Our vendor was fortunate to meet Keith in his later years and to be given the opportunity to purchase his fishing collection.

Estimate: $120


A collection of two line winders and vintage fly fishing equipment
the winders both used at 'Draper Tackle House', one larger, together with a selection of old fly lines, casts, tins of fly line cleaner, dressing, etc.

Estimate: $120


A collection of vintage Keith Draper Collection fly fishing equipment
includes a c.1920s small oak picture frame, an Allcock-Stanley light casting reel in box, a large selection of lines and casts, Hardy's, etc. and a reel of 'Dolphin Cuttyhunk Line', Size D, 50yds, 30lbs.

Realised: $100


Two framed fishing collectables and a Wheatley dry fly/nymph box. Includes
from Keith Draper's office wall, a framed print of Phillip Parsons (Parsons Glory) holding an 8½lb. trout, details below the photographic print together with a framed tribute to Phil Parsons entitled 'Parsons' Glory, the box with approximately 119 flies.

Realised: $200


Four framed presentation multiple trout flies tied by Keith Draper
each display with entitlement below 'Night Lures, Smelt Flies Canterbury Lures Fur Flies & Specials tied by Keith Draper', 'Dry Flies Tied by Keith Draper', etc. Note: these flies were tied by Keith Draper, specifically for his book 'Trout Flies in New Zealand', published 1971 (an excellent example of fly tying).

Realised: $500


Assorted items of fly fishing equipment
includes: hand-held fly tying vice, c.1935, net/gaff carrier combination c.1930, brass tweezers, small reel multi-tool, fishing trophy plaque, a box with assorted equipment, Farlows three-piece split cane rod, etc.

Realised: $150


Six framed individual fly displays and assorted equipment
the mounted flies tied by Draper and hung in 'Pride of Place' in his office, each with a typed note below together with fly tying material and an empty Hardy's box and spool.

Realised: $320


Two fly tying vices and one Hardy's salmon rod
c.1894, the vices from Draper's Tackle House fly tying production bench, the Hardy's three-piece green heart salmon rod with spare tip and in canvas bag.

Realised: $110


A Hardy's 3 7/8" 'Perfect' fly reel
duplicated Mk II smooth brass foot, ebonite handle, c.1920, embossed with maker's details.

Realised: $160


A Hardy's 3 7/8" St. John fly reel
made for W.H. Tisdall, Ltd, N.Z., nickel silver, retailer's name embossed to the inside plate, ribbed brass foot, rim drag screw on back, ebonite handle, c.1935.

Realised: $250


Five watercolour paintings of various wet flies by Keith Draper
each initialled, includes two framed, together with the book 'Tie-a-Fly!' by Keith Draper, 1973.

Realised: $170


An early 20thC pig skin fly wallet
the four velum type pockets holding casts, the central wooden framed compartment with aluminium hinged covers holding 70 flies one side and 42 the other, some flies included, 6" x 4" 1", together with 10 mother-of-pearl spinners.

Estimate: $100


A vintage rimu display box and contents
the glazed lidded box enclosing six sections of fishing equipment spares; Hardy's reel seats, wooden and cork dirt caps, reel spares, rod tips, etc.

Estimate: $100


A 3 7/8" Hardy's narrow drum fly reel
ridged brass foot, ebonite handle, line tension regulator, original silk line, showing some wear, good working condition, c.1935.

Realised: $160


J.B. Moscrop 3" Manchester reel
all brass, most original finish remaining, horn handle, smooth foot, pierced face plate and caged drum, c.1900.

Realised: $80


Hardy 'The Silex No. 2' fishing reel
3¾", alloy body, smooth brass foot, twin ivorine handles, knurled drum locking screw and ivorine rim lever, c.1911.

Realised: $155


Housby Bros.
Auckland N.Z. 3½" fly reel, c.1930, alloy body, smooth brass foot, centre pin locking screw, set drag.

Realised: $60


One Thompson fly tying vice and Wheatley fly tin
the vice c.1940, U.S.A, the tin with 50 flies.

Estimate: $90


A Malloch's vintage fly box with flies
and other clip-on fly carrier, c.1900, including 50+ flies.

Realised: $60


Two vintage aluminium fly boxes
clear hinged flip-top lids. 6½" x 3 5/8" x 1" and 3½" x 2 3/8" x ¾", c.1950, one with Keith Draper, Taupo engraved.

Realised: $60


A vintage Perrine aluminium fly box
the interior supporting 140 wet and dry flies, scratched initials to outer 'I.A.D.', possibly Department of Internal Affairs.

Realised: $50


A fly tying vice and Wheatley fly box
the vice from the production bench of Draper's Tackle House, Taupo, the box with 37 flies owned by Erik Kjer.

Estimate: $90


Tisdall's Wheatley aluminium fly box
41 wet flies included, transfer label to exterior, c.1940.

Estimate: $50


Assorted vintage fishing flies
includes 15 old Scottish salmon flies, eight with gut eyes, 10 sea fishing flies tied by Keith Draper and others.

Realised: $60


Approximately 50 various American and Canadian flies
each in a cellophane bag with hand written name on card below along with a c.1894 'Hardy Murdoch' three-piece rod, for spinning and prawning, with an alternative tip.

Realised: $100


A two-piece split cane trout rod and four vintage books on fishing and hunting written by Keith Draper
includes 'Angling in New Zealand, 1978, 'Trout Flies in New Zealand', 1971, 'Mr Hundred Per Cent', 1969 and 'Choose the Right Fly!', 1997.

Realised: $150


J.S. Sharpe of Aberdeen
two piece trout or salmon fishing rod, 'The Scottie', split cane construction, c.1959.

Realised: $40


A vintage three-piece fly fishing rod
together with a selection of approx. 40 flies, includes: 38 old Taupo flies, three flies tied by John Kelley, the greenheart rod by Army & Navy c.1900.

Realised: $160


A two-piece split cane craftman's boat rod and 40 N.Z. trout flies tied by Keith Draper
the rod by F.T. Williams, c.1965, the flies on cards individually named and signed by the maker, Keith Draper.

Realised: $150


A c.1940 Hardy's 'The Tourney' 9' split cane trout rod
two piece, original bag.

Realised: $50


'The Partridge' two-piece split cane trout rod made by Keith Draper
8' 6" split cane construction made in Taupo c.1979, with bag.

Realised: $560


A c.1955 aluminium and brass landing net by J.S. Sharpe Ltd of Aberdeen
original net, labelled.

Estimate: $80


A WWII POW log book of Lieut. Kenneth Joseph Michael Payne
4222, 2nd NZEF, (1911-1988), pp.117, 18 x 12.5cm, captured Crete 1 Jun '41, escaped 12 Jun, recaptured Greece 6 Nov '41 released Germany April '45; includes many musings, caricatures, POW portrait photographs [groups and individuals, most named], camp recipes, notes and detainees autographs along with manuscript maps detailing routes taken through Greek Islands and mainland, Albania and Yugoslavia whilst an escapee, along with multiple page account of those travels; including capture by Bulgarian troops, incarceration by Italian troops, escape, recapture by Germans, escape during transportation, and recapture in a 'liaison' entrapment. The majority of his incarceration in Oflag VIII F Brunswick, Germany along with some 200 NZ officers. An interesting recording of service highlights along with mundanity of camp life. $1250 VENDOR HAS ASKED US TO PLACE ON HOLD UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE Gemma 26/4/18


A 1930s/40s autograph album
includes the inscription and signature from Sir Bernard Freiberg dated Rotorua 26th Nov. '46, enclosed in an envelope detailed 'Photo of Dad in One of His Rooms at the Govt Main Bath Building. Rotorua', the photo included, further detail including 'Both These Men came to Dad for Treatment on the Same Day 27.11.46'.

Estimate: $100


A collection of mainly military ephemera
a photo album, pay-book, dog-tags, stripes, etc., of Sgt. Wm. Gordon Chiplin 404845 NZEF 203 Bty, 28 Heavy A-A Regt 1940-43; RNZAF 63569 1944 (EFTS Ashburton).

Estimate: $125


Capt. T.F. Nichols 'Anzac Cove Landing of New Zealander's on Gallipoli at 9.30 a.m. on April 25th
1915', chromolithograph, a striking image with various military vessels, long boats and soldiers, the artist's name as a printed signature with further detail, entitled below the image, framed under glass. 370 x 600.

Estimate: $250


A WWII Air Force great coat
RNZAF dress jacket and trousers, battledress blouse and mess jacket, all with various insignia.

Estimate: $175


Uniform items of Maj. Edmonds N.Z. Div Cav (Middle East)
battledress jacket with ribbons, beret, braces and dessert scarf.

Realised: $80