Two Luke Adams pottery pieces
an uncommon blue glaze apple money box, height 80 and a pine cone wall vase, glazed interior, height 185.

Realised: $590


Two Luke Adams green glaze items
squat baluster vase, height 113 and a circular dish, diameter 145. CONDITION REPORT: Some glaze crazing to both pieces and stilt marks on the circular dish.

Realised: $220


Two Luke Adams jugs
brown Rockingham-type glaze, one barrel formed, height 145. The other smaller relief moulded with dogs etc, height 75.

Realised: $80


Two Luke Adams pottery pieces
an ovoid vase in speckled brown glaze and small jug, both with similar relief moulded decoration.

Realised: $180


Luke Adams mushroom form vase
the wide form rim with fine concentric bands, tan glaze, printed mark to base. Diameter 210.

Realised: $210


P. Hutson & Co. hunting jug
brown glaze and relief decoration including dog form handle, impressed mark. Height 185.

Realised: $220


P. Hutson & Co. brown glaze barrel
two encircling bands of fine angular ribs, impressed mark. Height 260.

Estimate: $150


Two P. Hutson & Co. pottery items
a small majolica glazed barrel and small open mouth crock, both with impressed with mark. Heights 180 and 135.

Estimate: $110


A rare Peter Hutson & Co. pottery commemorative Boer War jug (1899-1902)
in pale/clear glaze with mild blue to the recesses , relief decoration of a soldier with a bandolier and rifle standing to attention, crossed flags and the words 'Whawhai Mo To Kanga Mo To Kuini Ake Ake Ake' (Fight For Your Queen Forever), the handle modelled as a cannon, impressed potter's monogram and 'Rd 123'. Height 210, professional restoration to spout and top rim. Note: Hutson's eldest son served in the South African campaign with New Zealand's Second Contingent.

Realised: $700


A large Peter Hutson & Co. four gallon storage pot
lustrous brown glaze, an encircling band of fine diamond and coggle decoration, impressed marks, chipping to the angular everted top lip. Diameter 375.

Realised: $150


Peter Hutson & Co. green glaze vase
waisted cylindrical form with three scrolling handles, lustrous finish, impressed potter's mark to base. Height 150.

Realised: $350


Peter Hutson & Co. circular bowl
inverted rim, lustrous green glaze, two scrolling handles, one restored, impressed mark to base. Diameter 200.

Realised: $120


P. Hutson & Co. red glazed bottle vase
handle broken and absent, impressed mark. Height 160.

Estimate: $80


Peter Hutson N.Z. colonial green glazed pottery vase
compressed wide ovoid form with two looping handles, impressed coggle type decoration to top rim, lustrous finish, impressed potter's monogram to base. Height 170.

Realised: $650


P. Hutson & Co. gingerbeer bottle
brown glaze top, impressed logo with crossed keys and 'G.W. Brodie Wellington' and with maker's mark. Height 170.

Realised: $80


N.Z. colonial William Neighbours large vase
baluster form, the near clear salt glaze over the agate ware body, relief press moulded design of floral sprigs, stiff leaf design to both rims, The Neighbours & Sons, Waimangaroa Pipeworks was based in Westport, established in 1893 primarily produced bricks and pipes but did produce a small number of domestic hand potted and press moulded examples of which this is a major find. Height 458.

Realised: $400


Amalgamated Brick & Pipe Co. Ltd (Taranaki St. Works
Wellington) solid agate ware pedestal urn, the deep terracotta body with pale tan inclusions, the wide compressed bowl on a flared pedestal, large impressed mark to base. Minor damage. Diameter 290, height 250.

Realised: $450


Amalgamated Brick & Pipe Co. Ltd solid agate ware baluster vase
slip cast similar to above, impressed mark. Height 285.

Realised: $290


Two Temuka Ware pots
the tall coffee pot with mottled brown glaze, hexagonal form, height 215. The octagonal teapot in tan glaze, impressed mark.

Realised: $290


Temuka Ware blue glazed tobacco humidor
compressed ovoid form, the domed lid with chromed metal locking fittings, impressed mark to base. Height 195.

Realised: $250


Temuka Pottery lidded Maori design tobacco jar
the lid as a bust of a Maori Warrior, stylised full figures and masks to the body, relief spiral 'carved' and other designs to the swollen base, brown glaze, impressed maker's details to base, small flake chip to lid. Height 280.

Realised: $650


Two Temuka Ware electric jugs
one green with lobed paneled sides, plastic 'Neeco' lid, impressed mark. The other blue, hexagonal form, conforming lid finial, impressed marks. SEE ADDITIONAL CONDITION REPORT/PHOTOS

Realised: $725


Timaru Potteries large lidded ovoid storage pot
teal blue glaze, printed mark to the interior shoulder, hair crack to base. Height 375.

Realised: $210


A Crown Lynn white McAlpine refrigerator jug
ribbed tall rectangular section form with 'McAlpine' in blue highlighted relief to each side. Height 225.

Realised: $200


An uncommon Crown Lynn teal blue McAlpine/Prestcold refrigerator jug
ribbed tall rectangular section form with 'McAlpine' and 'Prestcold' in relief to either side. Height 225. Crack to one side.

Realised: $575


An uncommon Crown Lynn lemon yellow refrigerator jug
ribbed tall rectangular section form with 'McAlpine' and 'Prestcold' in relief to either side. Height 225.

Realised: $400


A vintage Crown Lynn lemon yellow McAlpine refrigerator jug
ribbed tall rectangular section form with 'McAlpine' in relief to each side. Height 225.

Realised: $220


An uncommon Crown Lynn dark blue McAlpine refrigerator jug
ribbed tall rectangular section form with 'McAlpine' in relief to each side. Height 225. SEE ADDITIONAL CONDITION REPORT/PHOTOS

Realised: $3,050


A vintage Crown Lynn mint green McAlpine refrigerator jug
ribbed tall rectangular section form with 'McAlpine' in relief to each side. Height 225.

Realised: $425


A vintage Crown Lynn green glazed McAlpine refrigerator jug
ribbed tall rectangular section form with 'McAlpine' in relief to each side. Height 225.

Realised: $300


An uncommon Crown Lynn McAlpine refrigerator water dispenser
white with light blue lettering, flat oblong section with silver plated tap.

Realised: $280


McAlpine white glazed ashtray.

Realised: $80


Ambrico yellow/tan glazed lidded electric jug
ovoid form, impressed mark to base. Height 200.

Realised: $40


Ambrico pale yellow glazed electric jug
lidded, fluted body, impressed marks to base. Height 210.

Realised: $120


Ambrico yellow glazed electric jug
ovoid body, concentric rings to the top rim and base, impressed marks. Height 210.

Realised: $60


Two Crown Lynn white lidded refrigerator jugs
Kelvinator' and 'Leonard' in gold highlighted relief to each side, stamp to base, some staining. Height 230.

Realised: $210


Two early Crown Lynn vases
similar blue/purple over mottled tan glaze, printed tiki mark to the taller, shape #87 to the other. Heights 135 and 115.

Realised: $120


An early Crown Lynn cereal bowl as made for the American troops
thick walled, green glaze with streaked brown highlights. Diameter 158.

Realised: $120


Two early Crown Lynn shaving mugs
green and tan glazes, printed mark to one, the other with incised numbers.

Realised: $50


Three early Crown Lynn items
a pair of salt and pepper and similar lidded mustard pot.

Realised: $30


Early Crown Lynn Art Deco ovoid vase
the stepped circular base with stepped bracket-type supports, the green glaze with streaked brown highlights, small brown printed circular mark to base. Height 215.

Realised: $130


Three early Crown Lynn squat spherical vases
various glazes.

Realised: $110


Three early Crown Lynn vases
the largest in dark blue glaze with early printed small circular number. Height 143.

Realised: $210


Three Crown Lynn items
includes a pair of salt and pepper and an unusual, brown glaze fuse.

Realised: $45


Two early Crown Lynn small monkey dishes
pale green and pale red glaze. Lengths 70.

Realised: $220


Three early Crown Lynn vases
various mottled brown glazes, the largest height 175, shape #59 and with fractional number.

Realised: $140


Two early Crown Lynn jugs
one with stepped banded design in pale blue glaze, the other green with brushed brown highlights to the shoulder, small circular printed brown mark to base of each. Heights 130 and 120.

Realised: $80


Crown Lynn ribbed ovoid vase
mottled blue and tan glaze, tiki mark printed to base. Height 140.

Realised: $230


An early Crown Lynn bulbous vase
mottled brown and tan glaze, impressed #67 to base. Height 200.

Realised: $110


A pair of early Crown Lynn stylised polar bear bookends
green glaze, printed mark and incised fractional number to base. Height 100.

Realised: $420


Stylised Mickey Mouse jug
green glaze, incised fractional number to base. Height 112.

Realised: $460


An early Crown Lynn lion sculpture
green glaze. Length 145.

Realised: $280


An early Crown Lynn elephant sculpture
mottled tan and pale glaze, the back leg restuck. Length 140.

Realised: $30


An early Crown Lynn stylised hare sculpture
mottled green and tan glaze, incised fractional number to base. Length 120.

Realised: $120


An early Crown Lynn Scottie Dog sculpture
blue glaze, incised fractional numbers to base. Length 120.

Realised: $260


An early Crown Lynn kiwi spill vase sculpture
mottled red, brown and pale glaze, incised fractional number to base. Length 130.

Realised: $150


Crown Lynn sculpture of a seated dog
grey and black glaze, the extended tongue in red, tiki mark to base. Height 180.

Realised: $130


Crown Lynn black glazed dog sculpture
Height 135.

Realised: $70


Crown Lynn recumbent goat sculpture
variable brown glaze, impressed number illegible. Length 130.

Realised: $140


Crown Lynn sculpture of two Setter dogs
impressed number 172. Length 112.

Estimate: $80


Three Crown Lynn white glaze dog models
includes seated Scottie dog, Bulldog and two English Setters.

Realised: $220


Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art Pottery Hei Tiki ashtray
the stylised head in brown glaze, the open mouth in green. Impressed shape # 1014 to base. Recorded in the original Wharetana catalogue as 'Pleasant by contrast to the more heavily carved specimens'. 105 x 140 x 30.

Realised: $500


Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art Pottery trinket box
in the #1002 Rauponga Pattern with brown glaze and stylised mask decoration, the lid centre detailed 'And Appreciation from George Harrison & Co. Ltd, The Quality Men's Outfitters, Wellington, N.Z. (21st Anniversary)'. Impressed number and paper label to base. 135 x 90 x 60.

Realised: $1,025


Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art Pottery wall 'plaque'
Model #1021 with a spiral centre in green glaze, framed by the outer border with taniwhas and masks in brown glaze. Impressed number to reverse, two original holes for suspension to the ring foot. Diameter 254.

Realised: $600


A pair of Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art 'Moko' book-ends
Model #1019 recorded as Ceremonial Life-Sized wooden masks... The face moko (tattoo) is typical of a Maori chief or tohunga...', striking dark green glaze, impressed number to base of each. 100 x 100 x 145.

Realised: $3,500


A pair of Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art Pottery 'Tiki' book-ends
Model #1020 and recorded as 'Taken from the Recumbent Tiki Usually found on the Tau Rapa (carved stern post of canoe)'. Green glaze with partial brown glazing to the base and supporting post, impressed mark and silver foil label to each. 75 x 135 x 145. Small grind mark to foot edge of one.

Realised: $1,900


Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art Pottery wall plaque
circular form, dominated with a large green glazed hei tiki form on linial, notch and spiral 'carved' background. Curved back edge, impressed with a number. Diameter 255.

Realised: $2,800


Crown Lynn Wharetana Ware Whare ashtray
Maori carved type decoration in brown glaze, green centre, impressed shape number #1015 to reverse. 140 x 118.

Realised: $340


Crown Lynn Hand Potted tall baluster vase
matt white glaze, printed tiki mark and incised number 110. Height 265.

Realised: $350


Crown Lynn Hand Potted rare pale pink glazed vase
ovoid form with two bulbous rings to the tapered neck, printed mark to base. Height 165.

Realised: $330


Crown Lynn Hand Potted medium size vase
plain squat spherical form with ring neck and foot, the base incised with shape #9 and printed mark. Height 145.

Realised: $230


Crown Lynn Hand-Potted ovoid vase
incised shape #13, matt white glaze, medium size. Height 175. CONDITION REPORT: Small firing fault (chip on foot) glazed over at factory

Realised: $220


Crown Lynn 'Hand Potted' white glaze vase
baluster form with three bands of fine concentric rings, matt finish, printed underglaze mark in blue and incised 'Hand Thrown'. Height 300.

Realised: $400


Crown Lynn Hand Crafted baluster vase
decorated with a yellow magnolia, printed mark. Height 215.

Realised: $240


Crown Lynn Bohemian Ware vase
designed by Mirek Smíšek, tapered beaker form with incised abstract 'crazy paving' type design, traditional matt dark brown glaze with incised pale base showing. Incised marks to base. Hair crack to rim. Height 130.

Realised: $215


Crown Lynn Frank Carpay dish
rounded rectangular form with fluted rim, green abstract decoration to the well, painted 'WERK', printed and incised marks. 160 x 110.

Realised: $100


Two Crown Lynn Frank Carpay small square dishes
circular coloured decoration to each, printed mark and incised number 456 to each. 97 x 97.

Realised: $210


Crown Lynn Wharetana Ware circular ashtray
the exterior with relief stylised Maori figure type decoration, triangular centre top. Printed mark including 'With the Compliments of Crown Lynn' and impressed shape #1017. Diameter 120.

Realised: $440


Crown Lynn naked woman figural lamp base
she leans upon a rocky outcrop, no fittings present, printed mark to base, matt white glaze. Height 245.

Realised: $300


Crown Lynn Arthur Rhodes terracotta vase
glazed, textured and matt banded decoration, printed tiki mark, small rubs to rim. Height 240.

Realised: $200


Crown Lynn Hand-Thrown terracotta vase by Arthur Rhodes
textured finish, high gloss and matte glaze sections, printed tiki mark. Height 225.

Realised: $160


A small Crown Lynn Arthur Rhodes vase
similar to above. Height 97.

Realised: $60


Two Crown Lynn ginger jars
relief blossom decoration, one blue the other mint green. Heights 115 and 110, both without lids.

Realised: $40


Three Crown Lynn lidded ginger jars
two red and one green, each with printed mark. Heights 115 ea.

Realised: $150


Two Crown Lynn white glaze vases
includes; shape #.478. with relief stylised fish and sea decoration and shape #.448. with stylised florals. Heights 143 and 155.

Realised: $150


Three Crown Lynn white glaze vases
shapes #88, 62 and 617. Heights 134, 120 and 155.

Realised: $190


Three Crown Lynn white glaze vases
includes shapes #603, 618 and 136. Heights 165, 155 and 145.

Realised: $80


Two Crown Lynn white glaze vases
includes shapes #598 and 476. Heights 156 and 95.

Realised: $90


Crown Lynn trough form vase
relief stylised leaf design, printed mark and incised number 609. Length 285.

Realised: $140


Crown Lynn large lustre glazed swan
white with green lustre highlights to the base, impressed shape #170. Length 310.

Realised: $250


Crown Lynn double nautilis lustre glaze vase
wide flaring trough form, white lustre top, green lustre base. Impressed shape #.500. Length 295.

Realised: $100


Crown Lynn Seppelts liqueur bottle
burgandy glaze, printed mark to base. Height 270.

Estimate: $350


Crown Lynn Seppelts liqueur bottle
printed tiki mark, gloss white glaze. Height 255.

Estimate: $300


Crown Lynn model of the hippopotamus 'Khama'
shape #207, flake chip to base, 'KHAMA' in relief to base. Length 165.

Realised: $150


Crown Lynn Hand Potted vase
green glaze with white dot repeating triangles to the shoulder, incised makers' marks and 'No. 1' and printed mark. Height 137.

Realised: $80


Crown Lynn vase similar to above

Realised: $110


Titian Studio Maori mask ashtray
carved type decoration, green glaze, incised marks to reverse. Length 120.

Realised: $150


Titian Studio 'Wahine' character jug
glazed in colours, silver label attached, impressed marks. Height 125.

Realised: $450


Titian Studio 'Wahine' character jug
brown glaze, impressed marks. Height 120.

Realised: $420


Titian Studio leaping trout model
brown glaze back, yellow to the head area and green base, impressed marks. Height 165.

Realised: $110