Milton Pottery circular pedestal stand
mottled majolica type glaze, impressed circular mark, Graham and Winter period. Diameter 218.

Estimate: $180


Milton Pottery majolica glaze bread plate
Graham and Winter period, verse to the rim, impressed diamond mark to base. Length 290. Condition: This item has small professional repair to rim, with flake chip showing on existing repair

Realised: $350


Christchurch Brick Co. squat circular vase
blue glaze, impressed coggle decoration, impressed mark. Diameter 110.

Realised: $540


Two early Crown Lynn pottery items
the blue ovoid vase with incised fractional number and printed mark, the tall narrow brown mottled glaze jug with leaf moulded detail, impressed to the base 23. Heights 185 and 265.

Realised: $150


An early Crown Lynn large elephant
trunk raised, mottled dark red and brown glaze, incised numbers to one foot. Length 220.

Realised: $280


Two Crown Lynn vases
one earlier with fractional number, incised marks, stiff leaf design; the other with pale blue glaze and impressed mark .84. Heights 145 and 185.

Realised: $130


Three Crown Lynn animal vases
includes kiwi, three dogs and rabbit, incised number to base of each, the dogs with tiki mark.

Realised: $90


Crown Lynn large white glaze swan vase
the neck moulded within the body, impressed .170. and printed Crown Lynn mark. Height 230.

Realised: $170


Crown Lynn large size white glaze swan vase
the neck separate from the body, printed crown mark. Height 210.

Realised: $200


Crown Lynn medium size white glaze swan vase
the neck separate from the body, moulded number in relief to base '2147'. Height 155.

Realised: $500


Crown Lynn medium size swan vase
similar to above, unglazed, only bisque fired.

Realised: $300


Crown Lynn small white glaze swan vase
impressed number .154. and printed crown mark. Height 100.

Realised: $90


Rare Crown Lynn large black glazed swan vase
the neck separate from the body, impressed number .170. Height 210.

Realised: $825


Rare Crown Lynn medium size black glaze swan vase
the number in relief to base '2147'. Height 150.

Realised: $950


Rare Crown Lynn small black glaze swan vase
impressed number '154' and printed crown mark to base. Height 100.

Realised: $410


Two Crown Lynn white glazed wall pockets
one with seahorse, the other as a stylised shell, printed mark to each. Heights 220 and 210.

Realised: $220


Three Two Crown Lynn matte white glazed wall pockets
restrained floral designs, one with hair cracks, printed mark and impressed number to each. Heights 210, 200 and 180.

Realised: $170


Three Crown Lynn matte wall pockets
two glazed white and one matte blue, ribbed and lobed forms, printed and impressed marks. 270, 180 and 165.

Realised: $110


Three Crown Lynn wall pockets
printed and impressed number to each. Heights 220, 185 and 85.

Realised: $150


Three Crown Lynn coloured wall pockets
one corner form with three tapered ribbed sections, impressed #.487., one of flared trunk form with tan glaze #.122. and one with Royal Oak label in matte cream glaze as a single flower, impressed number #.474. Heights 210, 145 and 120.

Realised: $80


Three small Crown Lynn glazed wall pockets
two of matching form in green and yellow glaze, shape #.465., the other flared of shape #.464. Heights 112.

Realised: $80


Three Crown Lynn matte mint green trough form vases
printed mark and impressed number to each #.549., .550. and .552.

Realised: $200


Two Crown Lynn mint green novelty vases
includes a carriage #.557. and a wishing well #.556., both with printed tiki mark.

Realised: $170


Two Crown Lynn mint green novelty vases
one a rocking chair #.559., the other as a cuckoo clock #.58., both with printed tiki mark.

Realised: $160


Four Crown Lynn matte mint green glazed vases
includes a trough #.510., a float bowl with hair crack to rim #.66-8., small heart wall pocket #.503. and a clog #.515.

Realised: $85


Two Royal Oak pottery vases
banded glazes on Crown Lynn blanks, printed mark to each. Heights 180 and 130.

Realised: $110


Two Royal Oak wall pockets
paper label, matte glazed, the shell with hair crack, the daffodil with printed mark and impressed number #.541. Heights 170 and 125.

Estimate: $80


Two Temuka Ware pottery electric jugs
the black lids named 'NEECO', mottled blue and majolica type glaze, impressed mark to base of each.

Realised: $110


Two Temuka Ware pottery electric jugs
similar to above, mottled tan and white.

Estimate: $120


Two Temuka Ware pottery electric jugs
named lids to each, mottled light blue and mottled dark brown.

Estimate: $120


Two Temuka Ware pottery electric jugs
the black lids named 'NEECO', paper labels to one, green and black mottled glazes.

Realised: $230


Two Temuka Ware lidded pottery electric jugs
one hexagonal in mottled tan glaze, the other of octagonal form.

Realised: $110


Two Temuka pottery items
an Art Deco diamond form jug in tan glaze and a grape leaf dish in mottled brown, green and yellow glaze, both with potter's mark. Height 150, length 185.

Realised: $160


Two Temuka double shell tall trough vases
one with gloss blue highlights to the sides and base, both with printed potter's mark. Heights 175 and 185.

Realised: $100


Two Temuka pottery vases
one baluster with mottled tan on brown glaze, the other larger of ovoid form with pink glaze, both with printed marks. Heights 180 and 195.

Realised: $80


Two Jova Rancich pottery pieces
a majolica glazed bowl and a blue glazed squat vase with some damage, both with potter's marks. Diameter 120 and 105.

Realised: $140


Jova Rancich large jug
mottled orange/red glaze with green highlights, yellow interior, incised maker's marks to base. Diameter 180, minor fritting.

Realised: $230


Two Jova Rancich vases
one of baluster form in blue glaze, some faults and a mottled tan glazed trumpet form vase, both with impressed potter's marks. Heights 195 and 230.

Realised: $130


O.C. Stephens pottery vase
flared baluster form, soft pink interior glaze, printed mark to base. Height 130.

Realised: $60


O.C. Stephens tall trough form vase
tall wavy sides, soft pink interior, printed mark to base. Height 130.

Realised: $80


O.C. Stephens fan form vase
soft pink interior, printed maker's mark to base. Height 163.

Realised: $120


O.C. Stephens lidded potpourri
soft pink glaze, pierced insert top, printed mark to base. Height 115.

Realised: $160


Two O.C. Stephens pottery vases
one of nautilus form, the other of boat form with long angular handles, soft green interior, both with printed potter's marks. Lengths 135 and 210.

Realised: $120


Three O.C. Stephens pottery pieces
a small blue pot, squat red vase and green trough vase, all with printed marks.

Realised: $100


Two O.C. Stephens pottery pieces
a wrythen paneled blue glaze vase with orange highlights to the top rim, small flake chip to rim and a spherical dark teal green vase, both with potter's mark to base. Heights 100 and 73.

Realised: $70


Two O.C. Stephens small bowls
one with green interior, the other all green. Potter's mark to both. Diameters 80 and 85.

Realised: $60


A pair of O.C. Stephens candlesticks
soft red glaze, some faults, printed marks. Diameters 126.

Realised: $60


O.C. Stephens painted vase
baluster form, painted with leafy branches in red dominant glaze on mildly textured pale tan ground, printed mark. Height 115.

Realised: $120


Three O.C. Stephens small pottery dishes
green, yellow and blue patterned interiors, each with potter's mark, the largest with minor flake chipping to rim.

Realised: $80


O.C. Stephens lidded storage jar
brown glaze, ribbed form, printed mark. Height 110.

Realised: $130


Three O.C. Stephens graduating bowls
the smallest with purple/red interior, yellow and green to others, printed mark to each. Diameter 80, 140 and 200.

Realised: $100


Two O.C. Stephens pottery pieces
a log form trough vase, brown glaze and a green glaze shallow bowl, both with potter's marks. Length 200, diameter 160.

Estimate: $120


Four O.C. Stephens pottery pieces
three with green glaze, jug, small bowl and oval dish together with a long boat form soft red glaze dish, printed mark to each. Dish length 260.

Realised: $90


O.C. Stephens trough form vase
long rectangular form, ribbed sections, green overall glaze, printed mark. Length 280

Realised: $70


O.C. Stephens wall vase
leaf form, green glaze, printed mark. Height 195.

Realised: $110


Two Almalgamated pottery vases
one mottled green of tall flared form, impressed and incised fractional numbers, height 235. The other mottled blue with similar marks, height 185.

Realised: $260


Two Amalgamated pottery pieces
a large float bowl and an Art Deco relief decorated ovoid vase, green/blue mottled tones, incised and impressed marks. Diameter 275, height 196.

Estimate: $110


Two Amalgamated pottery flared bowls
flared panel form, mottled pale blue and green, impressed and incised marks. Diameter 260. Minor flake chip.

Realised: $150


Two Amalgamated pottery vases
heavily glazed in various green dominated tones, printed and incised marks, hair crack to the ovoid vase. Heights 195 and 190.

Estimate: $100


Three Amalgamated pottery trough vases
various glazes, printed mark to the largest, impressed and fractional and incised numbers to the others.

Realised: $70


Three Amalgamated pottery pieces
two jugs and a wooden lidded vase, impressed and incised marks to base.

Realised: $100


Three Amalgamated pottery vases
purple dominant tones, the tallest Art Deco vase with chip to foot, printed and incised marks. Height of Deco vase 215.

Realised: $100


Three Amalgamated pottery vases
various glazes, printed, impressed and incised marks. Heights 145, 120 and 100.

Realised: $80


Three Amalgamated pottery items
two jugs and vase, moulded relief decoration to each, mottled green dominant tones, impressed, printed and incised marks.

Realised: $260


Two Amalgamated pottery items
an Art Deco spherical ribbed vase with firing hair crack and tall jug, printed mark to base of each.

Realised: $90


Ten Amalgamated small pottery pieces
includes; three egg cups and seven vases, various glazes and marks.

Realised: $100


An unusual fine weave canvas oil skin hen duck decoy
body hand stitched, pack with kapok, wooden bill and glass eyes, complete with early anchor and string. Length 300.

Realised: $160


A fine weave canvas oil skin drake duck decoy as above. Length 290.

Estimate: $160


A c.1930s hand carved painted wooden 13½" duck decoy
black, painted eyes, swivel head lead keel still attached. Together with a wooden display stand. Length 330.

Realised: $240


A well weathered 15½" wooden mallard hen decoy
with swivel head and glass eyes. Length 380.

Realised: $220


A good 3½" brass c.1885 Farlow made salmon reel
bone handle, strong permanent check, fish logo to foot and fully embossed 'Chas Farlow, 191 Strand, London.

Estimate: $150


A c.1890s P.D.Malloch of Perth 4½" brass salmon reel
embossed to faceplate, large ivory handle, brown ebonite back plate, strong permanent check and quality German silver bound rims.

Estimate: $180


A 5½" Scarborough wooden fishing reel
brass foot and bulbous wooden handles with large brass eyelets and in good working order.

Estimate: $60


A quality c.1910 4⅛" Heatons made salmon reel
dark mahogany, heavy star back, on/off check, Bickerdyke line, wing nut pressure brake and release, wood handles and brass lined spool with line.

Estimate: $120


A Canadian Peetz 6" mahogany wood and brass game fishing reel
brass lined spool, on/off check, Bickerdyke line guide, large wing nut pressure clutch braking systems, wooden handles. Reel has never had line on and has been dry stored since 1950-60s.

Estimate: $120


An original brass and stainless steel poachers' gaff
copper belt clip and hook protector and embossed with 'Made in Great Britain'. Length 620, extended 880.

Estimate: $50


A vintage c.1920-1930s Allcocks 16 compartment window fly box
with 100 dry flies and further older flies attached to felt lid. Length 170.

Realised: $80


A large c.1910 Ogden Smith 14 compartment metal fly box
with original black exterior and brass oval logo to side. Length 190.

Realised: $120


An unusual vintage English kidney shaped wooden fishing creel
traditional cream interior, metal closing latch to lid, complete with canvas carry strap. 330 x 190 x 300.

Realised: $340


A wooden line winder with copper and brass fittings
along with an associated Tisdalls 4" star back reel with brass Bikerdyke line guide and horn handles, c.1930.

Realised: $90


A solid brass side winder reel
Malloch's Patent stamped on face plate, 4" face plate with large wooden handle, the reel twists for retrieve or cast. c.1925.

Realised: $120


A 7" wooden trolling reel
with brass 'free spool' and cathedral back, locking centre screw and two large wooden handles, c.1920.

Estimate: $130


A walnut and aluminium 'transitional' reel
(face plate wooden, back plate aluminium) with brass foot, Slater style latch and two handles on face, brass line tension button on back, c.1940.

Realised: $200


A 4¼" Birmingham plate wind trolling reel
with ebonite back plate, brass centre pin and nickel silver rim. Front plate with horn handle and ebonite edged nickel silver rim, c.1920.

Realised: $120


A 2½" McCarthys (Dunedin) brass centre pin reel
with wood handle and original silk line, c.1920.

Realised: $210


A 2" McCarthys (Dunedin) brass centre pin reel
with horn handle, a rarer example, c.1900.

Realised: $220


A 4" walnut and brass reel
The foot and star back stamped 'Sun', 'Patent' and 'Klynker', additionally marked 'William Hazard' (anglers' outfitters Customs St., Auck), drag button on star back, two handles, brass lined back plate and line guard. Original line, c.1930

Realised: $140


An early wooden 4½" reel
with two bone handles, brass star back and foot, c.1900.

Realised: $160


A J.W.Young & Sons 3½" Condex reel and matching line winder
anodised teal blue finish to both, c.1960.

Estimate: $125


A rare E.J.Brown 4⅝" salmon reel
copper anodised finish, the face with 18 drainage holes and two large ebonite handles, other construction of brass, c.1960.

Realised: $450


A 3⅞" trout reel by E.J.Brown for Steans & Co. Ltd.
Christchurch, anodised copper finish, the face with ebonite handle, rim screw tension, both line guide and foot in fitted to reel pillar, c.1955.

Realised: $280


A Hardys 3⅛" Perfect fly reel
Duplicated Mark II, c.1928, with ribbed brass foot, ivorine handle and agate line guide, face plate rim line tension adjuster; with accompanying Hardys branded shaped and fitted leather case in good condition.

Realised: $735


A fine quality Ogden Smith landing net ('Reversa Net')
maker's details stamped to belt clip and aluminium head, with tapering bobbin turned wooden handle, c.1935.

Realised: $200


A 9¼" carved deer antler angler's priest
carved in the manner of Des Baker with a fish to one side, a dolphin the other and the distal end as the head of a tuatara.

Realised: $380


An American leather bound wicker fishing creel

Realised: $140


An early game bag
in canvas with leather lined interior and robust net pocket to the face, c.1920. 400 deep, 540 wide.

Estimate: $125


Hardy Brothers; The Masters
The Men and Their Reels, 1873 - 1939, signed by the author John Drewett, limited edition book #121 of 125, deluxe large quarto leather-bound first edition in slipcase, includes a tipped in facsimile Hardy Brothers share certificate and retailers card as a bookmark.

Estimate: $1,000


A Hardys 'Anglers' Guide and Catalogue'
63rd edition, 1945.

Estimate: $90


A green heart three-piece rod
made by/for J.R.Ross & Co., Napier, c.1900, with original bag.

Estimate: $100


A Walker Brampton two-piece split cane rod
for Sandersons of Turangi, in bag.

Estimate: $200