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Historical items belonging to Captain Ernest E.M. Joyce

together with an autograph album containing Shackleton's and other signatures from the 1907-09 British Antarctic Expedition. Includes 1. A silver cigarette case presentation engraved 'Presented to Capt. Mills Joyce By The Executive of the G.W.V.A of Newfoundland in Appreciation of Services on behalf of The Relief Fund. August 1926". 2. A 9ct gold fob engraved 'E.E.Joyce 17-5-13', from 'United Commercial Travellers Assn. of Australasia'. 3. A Curlett family member autograph album containing eight signatures of members of the 1907-09 British Antarctic Expedition (Nimrod Expedition) including Ernest Joyce, Ernest Shackleton, George Marston, Ray Priestley, John Davis, Frank Wild, Alistair Forbes Mackay and Jameson Boyd Adams, on the opposing page is a poem written in ink by Ernest Shackleton entitles 'Erebus', 'Keeper of the Southern Gapway, rugged and grime & grand, warden of these...' initialled E.H.S. Note: Erebus was first climbed on Shackleton's 1907-09 expedition, two of those who reached the summit signatures on opposing page. 4. A photo archive including; A vintage silver gelatine photo of Joyce with named dogs, two photo postcards of sled dogs inscribed verso '... from Aunt Bee Mills Joyce', five reprint photos of 'Miss B Curlett, lady and dog' and accompanying letter noting an article stating Joyce 'gave it (the dog) to Beatrice in Christchurch shortly after the Expedition thus 'cementing their Romance'. 5. A signed 1st ed. copy of the book 'The South Polar Trail' by Ernest Joyce 1929 inscribed ' My Dear Nephew John from Uncle Joycey...1929'. 6. Other articles, books, newspaper cuttings and correspondence. Provenance: By descent through the Curlett family, Miss B. Curlett married Joyce in 1917.

Realised: $6,750