The selling of a collection or individual item is not all about a competitive commission rate, although we have that, quality cataloguing, we have that, regular auctions, yes we have those to, knowing the product, the market, the buyers, good auctioneering, marketing, easy streamlined processes, yes we have all of these... it's about friendly helpful quality service!

With our team of experts, regular specialty auctions and market awareness, we offer sellers a comprehensive service at very competitive commission rates; contact us now for a no obligation appraisal (09) 523 1049. Click here to read more about our valuation services.

Here's a brief guide to selling with Cordy's. Click here for our detailed terms & conditions, or get in touch with us if you have any questions that you can't find answers to here.


We are in tune with the market place, with a high turnover of quality antiques, art and collectables any market fluctuations are immediately apparent. Cordy’s also has a network of experts based nationally and internationally who are called upon when necessary. Free auction estimate appraisals are given at our auction rooms and house calls can be made by appointment. The e-mailing of images to will also be met with a quick response.


Items are typically accepted at our rooms 180 Great South Road, Remuera, or our Patey Street (back of the building) entrance on a Tuesday or Wednesday following the weekly auctions, however it is recommended to contact our office prior to any delivery.
We have access to a number of cartage firms who can be arranged to collect and deliver at your expense.

Seller's fees

For items of value over $100.00: 13% commission rate applies plus G.S.T. on that commission, giving an all-up 14.95%.

For items of value below $100.00: 18% commission rate applies plus G.S.T. on that commission, giving an all-up 20.7%.

Conditions of sale

Click here for our detailed terms & conditions

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