A small early Filipino pottery jar
labelled 'National Museum of the Philippines, Manila RP Registration'. Restoration, H.100mm.

Estimate: $70


An early pottery jar
probably Filipino, squat circular. Dia.170mm

Estimate: $100


A 19thC Maori carved whalebone wahaika
the traditional double lobed spatulate blade with full stylised figure to the back, weku head to the butt, square cut lashing hole, of good weight. L.345mm. Provenance: this item has resided in the one family for three generations. Registered Y20990.

Realised: $3,150


A large pre-European Maori black basalt toki (adze)
tapered form with curved bevel in good polish, flaked finish to the tang. dark tone. Duff type 1A. L.260mm. Registered Y20991.

Realised: $900


A Maori carved tuki (mouthpiece for Calabash)
the lineal and notch Rauponga carved, mildly tapered cylindrical form, with a pair of outward facing flanking figures, each with fine detail including three finger hands clasped to the abdomen, scrolling ears, tapered banded top knots. H.150mm. Registered Y20988.

Realised: $1,000


Two Maori pre-European toki (adze)
one of Ohana argillite, mildly tapered form, polished overall finish with mildly curved bevel in good condition. 55 x 20 x 165mm. Reg. Y16729. The other smaller, tapered form with reduced grip. L.100mm. Reg. Y16728.

Realised: $90


A Maori pre-European argillite toki (adze)
type 2, fine all-over pecked finish, mildly curved parallel sides with rounded pole, the narrow tapered blade edge with flake chipping, hammer-dressed. 65 x 45 x 220mm. Reg. Y16735.

Estimate: $140


A Maori pre-European stone toki (adze)
pale stone of long tapered form with the polished curved bevelled edge in good condition. L.195mm. Reg. Y16731.

Realised: $110


A Maori pre-European large argillite toki (adze)
type 1, with long narrow pole end, pecked finish, evidence of flake chipping to base and sides otherwise polished finish, tapered with blade at the widest width. 75 x 35 x 250, Reg. Y16733

Realised: $280


A decoratively carved Maori hoe (paddle)
the lanceolate shaped blade decorated with rauponga and other lineal and notch carvings to one blade face along with a small inlaid paua piece. The shaft with similar carving to a section, the terminal knob carved as a profile head with paua inlaid eyes. Dark brown stained finish. L.1210mm. Registered Y20992.

Realised: $1,750


A vintage Maori carved swagger stick
inlaid with paua shell. L.660mm.

Realised: $150


An early 20thC Maori carved trinket box
the lid with stylised head flanked by the arms, hands to mouth, tongue extended, kowhaiwhai decoration to the sides, ebonised. 245 x 140 x 100mm.

Realised: $270


A 20thC traditional style Maori large matau (fishhook)
the curved wooden shank with large bone barbed end, waxed fibre lashing, plaited length of cord attached with spliced looped end. Overall L.800mm.

Realised: $200


A carved kauri gum head and torso statuette of a Maori warrior
with incised moko, dressed in korowai and holding a mere pounamu, with polished wood stand. H.160mm.

Realised: $300


A large pounamu (serpentinite) boulder
flattened rounded form, the top polished revealing good variegated dark green tone. Approx. 28kgs. 420 x 340 x 170mm

Estimate: $400


Two pieces of contemporary carved pounamu
a rounded rod pierced with a hole (115mm) connected by a length of plaited flax to an oval flattened disc 112 x 83mm.

Estimate: $650


An Akapita Scully carved basalt wahaika sculpture
contemporary stylised form with inset paua and ivory ring detail. L.302mm.

Realised: $800


A post NZ Land Wars map
showing Confiscated Lands around Auckland and the Waikato, dated 1868. 540 x 370mm.

Realised: $200


Hand coloured lithograph from the Voyage de l'Astrolabe
'Amboine' (Ambon, Indonesia) by de Sainson, 1833. 280 x 440mm.

Estimate: $150


A vintage albumen photograph
depicting Fred Mantell, the first postman to ride a motorbike in Christchurch, details verso. Along with a book 'A History of the Post Office in N.Z.'

Realised: $80


A portrait photograph
inscribed verso: 'This photo of a Japanese who lived at Parihaka 2 Japanese men live there for a long time round war years at Parihaka. The last tattooed woman Roha told me when they were pulling down the last old buildings at Parihaka, I found it on the ground and brought it back home'. Provenance: Collection G.J. Grace. 355 x 275mm.

Realised: $350


A box of NZ glass photo plates
includes Napier Nurses' Home after the earthquake, Black Reef from Pt. Chev, etc.

Realised: $80


Two early photographs of Wellington
by William Henry Whitmore Davis (1812-1901), depicting Thorndon and early waterfront, c.1867. Each 190 x 250mm.

Estimate: $200


An Onehunga Mills travel rug
in terracotta and mushroom tones, with original label.

Estimate: $100


An old copper fire screen
embossed with a scene of the Landing of Cook 1769, domed top, four curved feet. 710 x 680mm.

Realised: $100


A rare Peter Hutson & Co. pottery commemorative Boer War jug (1899-1902)
in a rich majolica glaze dominated with blue and green tones; relief decoration of a soldier with a bandolier and rifle standing to attention, crossed flags and the words 'Whawhai Mo To Kanga Mo To Kuini Ake Ake Ake' (Fight For Your Queen Forever), the handle modelled as a cannon, impressed potter's monogram and 'Rd.123'. H.210mm. Professional restoration to spout and top rim. Note: Hutson's eldest son served in the South African campaign with New Zealand's Second Contingent.

Estimate: $2,800


A Luke Adams lidded crock
deep caramel glaze and decorated with Greek Key pattern. 230 x 250mm.

Realised: $70


An O.C. Stephens kaka beak wall pocket vase
modelled floral decoration in a finely mottled brown glaze with green highlights, printed potter's mark to reverse. H.190mm.

Realised: $100


A Crown Lynn Bohemia ware vase
designed by Mirek Smisek, abstract curved line incised decoration to the matt brown glaze, incised mark to base. H.125mm, hairline crack to top rim.

Realised: $380


An early Mirek Smisek decorated vase
the ovoid body with an encircling wide band of fine leaf decoration on white, gloss glaze over the terracotta body, incised potter's name in full. H.118mm

Realised: $340


A pair of early ('50s/'60s) Mirek Smisek salt glaze jugs
linier decoration with signature to base, one handle repaired. H.190mm.

Realised: $170


Barry Brickell swollen vase
the lobed body with lustrous red/brown glaze, grey glaze to the waisted rim, impressed potter's mark. H.180mm.

Realised: $210


Crown Lynn Daniel Steenstra vase
the swollen body with dark brown and green mottled tones and incised bands showing the white body. H.150mm. Note: this unmarked vase was purchased from Geoffrey Ball, a Crown Lynn manager c.1962 and was noted as being by Daniel Steenstra.

Realised: $100


A rare Titian rugby boot
designed and modelled by Cam Brown in 1956 to commemorate the victory by Waikato over the Springboks in 1956. Don Clarke was instrumental in winning the match and his boot size ‘9’ is impressed on the sole. It reads ‘Waikato 14 Springboks 10, June 9th 1956' handwritten in the glaze. 120 x 125mm.

Realised: $540


Anneke Borren large anagama bowl
horizontally ribbed, 2014. 280 x 145mm. A.B.: ‘By the time I was in my sixties, the Wellington Potters Association had built their 'Japanese anagama tunnel kiln', in the Horokiwi hills, and the challenge of 'making' pots to be fired in a sustained group effort, for over 100 hours with wood firing, was inspiring. The kiln can hold 350 pots of various sizes. I consider my anagama fired pots to be amongst the best I have made.’

Realised: $140


Anneke Borren
pot with wood lid, anagama fired, 2011-16. Dia.200mm.

Estimate: $140


Anneke Borren tall lustrous brown vase
stoneware, the dark glaze with black brushed decoration, waisted form, potters mark to base, made 2009. H.400mm.

Estimate: $200


Pamela Annsouth salt glaze claw vase sculpture - modelled as an altered bath claw foot
thick glaze, potters mark to base. 145 x 160mm.

Realised: $60


Crewenna Pottery flagon
dark tenmoku glaze with stylised decoration in lustrous dark red/brown tones, turned wooden topped cork stopper and tap. Potter's mark to base of strap handle. H.320mm.

Estimate: $200


A 1950s Len Castle baluster stoneware vase
with the rare edition of Ruth Castle rope necklace, the natural woven fibre rope with two wooden beads, the vase with spotted grey green glaze with tan highlights. Impressed potter's mark. H.215mm.

Realised: $340


A c.1960/70 Len Castle jug
ovoid body with fine ribbing, variable dark grey glaze, strap handle, impressed potter's mark to base. H.150mm.

Realised: $180


An Ian Firth triple vase lamp base
the connected narrow necked vases each with an impressed and decorated section, pale grey green ash type glaze. H.40mm. With coloured natural wool shade.

Realised: $280


A large Paul Fisher flagon
ovoid shape with loop handle at the short neck, reddish-brown glaze with three wax-resist dragonfly motifs to the sides. H.300mm.

Estimate: $110


Els Boone studio pottery bowl. From the 'Unica' Experimental Department of De Porceleyne Fles
Holland. Ex.the collection of Anneke Borren. Anneke worked at this studio in 1967/68. A.B: ‘My time at the 'Unica' department, of the Royal Dutch Delft Blue, 'De Porceleyne Fles', in 1967 was hugely rewarding. Based on the Scandinavian practise of placing one’s designers and artists within the factory complex. All clocking in at the same time and clocking out. Both designing 'Unica' pieces, as well as work for the factory floor. What was made, belonged to the factory, but the wage was good. I also 'threw' for the tourist every weekend in the showroom.’

Realised: $60


Mike O’Donnell (Taraariki Pottery) anagama water jar
dribbled lustrous glaze effects, impressed and shell highlights, incised potters’ marks to base. 115 x 125. Note: Some know Michael as the ‘Waterman’. He has carried his clay water jars containing the waters of life to numerous parts of the world. He most recently appeared in the film documentary ‘The Water Whisperers’.

Realised: $90


Suzy Dunser
salt glazed porcelain oil can jug, the mildly cylindrical body with large raised top lip and cylindrical spout, elegantly pale salt fired. Impressed potter's mark. H.230mm.

Realised: $130


A Waterford Lismore crystal jug
cylinder body. H.115mm

Estimate: $120


A Waterford crystal jug
Lismore pattern. H.165mm.

Estimate: $180


set of six Waterford champagne glasses
‘Lismore’ pattern,saucer type.

Realised: $270


Ten Carl Faberge champagne flutes
snow dove pattern, etched mark to base, chip to one glass.

Realised: $500


Six Bohemian crystal wine glasses
the harlequin set of varying colours. H.190mm.

Realised: $300


A Bohemian crystal decanter and four liqueur glasses
the harlequin set of varying colours. H.335mm.

Estimate: $180


Four glass paperweights
two with coloured canes, one cobalt blue with flowers and a clear glass Val St. Lambert free form piece.

Realised: $240


A Remy Martin crystal nut dish
decorated with a centaur throwing a spear. Dia.115mm.

Realised: $120


An Art Deco bronze and ivory (chryselephantine) figurine by Georges Van der Straeten
the elegant lady with carved ivory head, shoulder, chest and arms, some loss to fingers, her bronze wide dress with fine floral patterned centre, onyx circular base. H.360mm.

Estimate: $1,400


A Bretby mottled blue vase
impressed marks to base. H.160mm

Estimate: $50


An Aultcliff blue vase
impressed marks to base. H.115mm

Realised: $30


A Pilkington Lancastrian blue vase
impressed and printed marks to base. H.110mm

Estimate: $60


A Pilkington Lancastrian mottled teal vase
impressed and printed marks to base. H.100mm

Realised: $40


A Pilkington Lancastrian peacock feather vase
impressed marks to base. Dia.90mm

Estimate: $60


A Wilkinson's 'Honeyglaze' sugar caster
Clarice Cliff conical shape. H.140mm.

Realised: $80


A Carlton Ware 'Devil's Copse' pattern lozenge shaped bowl
decorated in bright enamels and gilt with trees bearing 'eye' fruit along with exotic paddle and spearpoint flowers on a cobalt ground; raised on gilded ball and claw feet, and with gilded handles. W.315mm.

Realised: $450


A L. Dage Art Deco vase
decorated in trailing grape vines, signature to one side, France painted to the base. 140 x 130mm.

Realised: $140


A rare René Lalique opalescent glass 'Marisa' vase
mould-blown in opalescent white with rows of vertical fish motif, flat spreading top rim, engraved signature 'R. Lalique, France' and model no. 'No. 1002', designed c. 1927.

Realised: $4,750


A René Lalique uncommon 'Perruches' green stained bowl
moulded in relief with 20 perched budgerigars, on blossom ground with green stained highlighting, engraved signature 'R. Lalique', Model #419, c.1931. Dia.250mm.

Realised: $4,750


A René Lalique frosted glass 'Ormeaux' vase
the repeating leaf design with frosted finish accentuated to the recesses, the inverted rim probably shortened and re-polished. Engraved signature 'R. Lalique, France', and 'No. 984. H.160mm.

Estimate: $1,800


A René Lalique opalescent blue stained 'Ormeaux' vase
the spherical body with repeating leaf design highlighted with the blue stained finish, the short everted rim with flat top displaying irregularity in width, possibly later ground. Engraved signature 'R. Lalique, France' and design 'No. 984', introduced in 1926. H.165mm.

Realised: $2,000


A pair of Lalique scent flasks
in the Dahlia pattern, LALIQUE France etched to base. 170 x 75 x 210mm.

Realised: $475


A Lalique powder bowl
in the Dahlia pattern, LALIQUE France etched to base. Dia.120mm.

Realised: $170


A Lalique flacon
in the Enfants pattern, Lalique France in etched script to the base. 90 x 100mm.

Realised: $160


A Lalique bon-bon dish
the rim decorated with scallop shells, Lalique France etched to base. Dia.200mm.

Estimate: $180


A Lalique bon-bon dish
the rim decorated with leaves in deep relief. Lalique France in etched script to the base. Dia.250mm.

Realised: $160


A Lalique vase
in the Dampierre pattern, Lalique France in etched script to the base. 120 x 120mm.

Realised: $375


Two Lalique ring trays
one in the Naiade pattern the other Carp, both with Lalique France in etched script the base. 95 x 110mm.

Realised: $210


A Lalique ring tray
in the Ecureuil (squirrel) pattern, Lalique France etched in script to the base.

Realised: $160


A Lalique dish
'Jaffa' pattern, decorated with stylised flower heads, LALIQUE FRANCE etched to the base. Dia.200mm.

Realised: $100


A Sarreguemines majolica basket dish and cover
patterned with fruit. Dia.170mm

Realised: $160


A Sarreguemines majolica handled basket
patterned with fruit. Dia.210mm

Realised: $100


A Sarreguemines majolica oval two handled dish
patterned with strawberries. W.355mm

Realised: $100


A Sarreguemines majolica oval dish
patterned with blueberries. W.240mm

Realised: $100


A Sarreguemines majolica dish and cover on fixed saucer
patterned with cherries. Dia.200mm

Realised: $100


A Sarreguemines majolica oval platter
patterned with fruit. W.315mm

Realised: $100


A Sarreguemines majolica circular platter
patterned with fruit. Dia.295mm

Realised: $100


A Sarreguemines majolica low footed tazza
patterned with fruit. Dia.235mm

Realised: $100


A Sarreguemines majolica plate
patterned with cherries and strawberries. Dia.250mm

Realised: $80


A vintage Grimwades Ltd 'Maoriland' jug
swollen ovoid form, hand coloured with landscape incorporating whare, lake and smoking mountain, printed Maori carving border and handle. H.110mm

Realised: $420


A vintage Grimwades Ltd 'Maoriland' jug
swollen rectangular form, hand coloured with landscape incorporating whare, lake and smoking mountain, printed Maori carving border and handle. H.110mm.

Realised: $380


A West German ceramic wall plaque
modelled with the head of a young woman. H.250mm.

Realised: $140


A West German ceramic wall plaque
modelled with the head of a young woman. H.230mm.

Estimate: $120


A West German ceramic wall plaque
modelled with the head of a young woman. H.240mm.

Realised: $120


A Royal Copenhagen figurine
The Little Mermaid, printed marks to base. H.210mm.

Estimate: $120


A Royal Dux figurine
the medieval woman in blue dress and snood, the base with full pink triangle, printed and impressed marks. H.285mm.

Estimate: $120


A Chinese pallet of 12 jade tablets
each of slender rectangular form engraved with archaic script. Overall 230 x 210mm

Realised: $75


A Chinese white jade pendant
goddess to one side, calligraphy to the other, with cord and red coral bead. 60 x 80mm.

Estimate: $200


A Chinese large carved jade court seal
surmounted with a foo dog, the square tablet base carved with four characters, dark green tone with tan/pale green inclusions. 100 x 100 x 140mm.

Realised: $500


A Chinese Han Dynasty style nephrite adze blade
tapered flattened form with mildly curved bevel, wide tapered suspension hole, mottled mid/green dark tone. L.83mm.

Realised: $70


A Chinese white jade handling piece
finely and softly carved with a bust of Shou Lao, holding a peach, and with a robe draped around his shoulders. L.58mm.

Estimate: $100


A large egg yolk amber bead of rounded flattened form
opaque and pale cloudy sections, in good polish. 82gm. Dia.63mm.

Realised: $1,100


A Guangdong Province red stone tablet
the square section stone with calligraphy to one side and symbols, geometric forms and florals to the other. 410 x 410mm.

Estimate: $400


A Chinese rosewood timber brush-pot
cylindrical form, base plug present. H.195mm.

Realised: $650