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Six N.Z. mid 20thC fishing books

G.E. Mannering, '80 Years in N.Z.' (Christchurch 1943), F.W. Pickard, 'Trout Fishing in N.Z. in Wartime' (New York 1940, 67/225, signed and numbered), George Ferris, 'Fly Fishing in N.Z.' (London 1954, signed by author), O.S. Hintz, 'Trout at Taupo' (London 1955, 1st edition), F. Carr Rollett, 'Angling in N.Z.' (N.Z. 1924) and Zane Grey, 'Tales of the Angler's, El Dorado, N.Z.' (English edition 1989, Ltd Ed. and in box).

Realised: $100