Two vintage copper shallow oven dishes
tin lined, oval form with brass handle at each end. L. 360mm and 460mm.

Realised: $110


Two vintage copper shallow oven dishes
similar to above.

Realised: $120


Two vintage copper saucepans
tin lined, with cast iron handles. Dia. 265 and 175mm.

Realised: $130


A 19thC Russian icon of St Barbara (the Great Martyr Barbara)
painted on panel faced with a silver gilt oklad (with 84 zolotnik silver kokoshnik mark and maker’s mark to the filigree halo. Held within a mercury gilded frame and walnut serpentine outline glazed case. 335 x 290mm (case). Provenance. Bought by Adonis Patellis a trader working in the Odessa region of Russia in the late 19th, early 20thC and taken to Greece in 1918. Bequeathed to Kalotina Kouremetis (nee Patellis) thence by bequest in 1973 to her son and our vendor. Newspaper found behind the icon dated to c.1918. See further details online

Realised: $3,300


Patricia Payne (b.1955) 'Legend: The Last Supper'
oil and gold leaf on paper, signed, entitled verso; after a late XIV century Spanish ornamental panel from behind an altar. See further details online .180 x 350mm.

Realised: $300


Patricia Payne (b.1955) 'Fishers of Men'
oil and gold leaf on paper, signed, entitled and dated 2005 verso; adapted from a medieval Catalan alter frontal showing Italo-Byzantine influences. See further details online .290 x 400mm.

Realised: $350


Patricia Payne (b.1955)
'Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor' 1123-1190, oil and gold leaf on paper, signed, entitled and dated 2006 verso; after a contemporary portrait, mid-12th century. See further details online .135 x 115mm.

Realised: $150


Patricia Payne (b.1955) 'Legend:Acorn Harvest'
oil and gold leaf on paper, signed and dated 2006, entitled verso; inspired by a 14th century English psalter. See further details online .100 x 185mm.

Realised: $300


A portrait miniature
Napoleon Bonaparte, painted on circular ivory panel, later framing. Dia.83mm.

Realised: $120


An assembled set of seven carved ivory and fruitwood musicians
German,19th century.

Realised: $975


An antique ivory crucifix
raised on rosewood plinth base. H.185mm

Realised: $110


A small vintage ivory mirror
in the form of an easel, minor damage. 130 x 280mm.

Realised: $160


An Inuit marine ivory carving of a walrus and pup
seated on a tusk section. W.205mm

Realised: $280


An ivory carved figure
of a standing nude female. H.175mm on wooden stand.

Realised: $120


A pair of Eastern European carved wood and bone figures of fighters
in idiosyncratic costumes with cut-away beeches, capes and papakhi hats; they bear muskets, pairs of holstered flintlock pistols, daggers and swords. Painted soft wood with bone exposed body parts, glass inlaid eyes. Some faults. H.255mm

Estimate: $300


An Edwardian ivory card case holder
opens up to reveal multiple compartments, with pencil.

Realised: $100


A c.1900 ivory note pad
the covers with decorative clasp, pivot opening to reveal ivory leaves each named with the day of the week. L.78mm.

Realised: $90


A 19thC plain carved ivory paper knife
curved tapered blade and handle, crested with an owl within a floral wreath inked in black, initials below. L.438mm.

Realised: $280


A 19thC S & A Calderara of London ivory backed travelling thermometer
the mercury filled tube in good order, the scale for Centigrade and Fahrenheit, in original Morocco leather case with top suspension hanger. L.178mm.

Estimate: $150


A 19thC finely carved ivory contorted snake paper knife
the finely detailed entwined snake handle with acanthus leaf fitting to the plain parallel blade. Small loss to snake. L.287mm.

Estimate: $350


An early 20thC Rabone ivory and white metal four-fold 12” rule
with extendable end.

Realised: $160


Three kauri gum pieces
polished and translucent gold. (one piece glued together). 725gm.

Realised: $190


A small kauri gum boulder
in natural rock formation, polished and translucent gold. 941gm. 120 x 200mm.

Realised: $280


Large skull of a warthog
(Phacochoerus africanus) with large tusks removable from the upper jaw. L.400mm.

Estimate: $500


An old ox skull and horns
including the upper jaw, detachable horns. W.705mm.

Estimate: $600 - $800


A c.1900 butterfly and beetle cased display
the butterfly decoratively arranged and centred with a large iridescent green bodied stag beetle, the mahogany case with glazed front. 437 x 437mm.

Estimate: $300


An Edwardian kerosene lamp
a circular brass base supporting a decorated china stand with conforming oil well, fluted shade and glass chimney. H.590mm

Realised: $170


A J.Wiseman & Sons Ltd. 'Courier Model 3' radio receiver
Ser. No.188., c.1928

Estimate: $100


An Atwater Kent mantel radio
model 708, c.1933.

Estimate: $120


An Atwater Kent mantel radio
Model 165, c.1931.

Estimate: $100


An 'Ultimate' 4V screen-grid valve receiver
with George Orbell coils, NZ made, c.1929.

Estimate: $120


A Mignon 'Soundbox" tabletop record player
model A, c.1913 by Lindström (Germany)/M & A Wolfe (UK agents), license plaque 30/651.

Estimate: $150


A J.Wiseman & Sons Ltd. 'Courier Junior'
1-valve Auckland manufactured receiver. Ser. No.96., c.1928

Estimate: $50


A Gilfillan 'Reflex' Model RA-1 receiver set
in oak case, c.1924.

Estimate: $100


A Westinghouse “Radiola III” Regenerative Receiver

Estimate: $100


An Edison Standard Phonograph
model B, upgraded with 2/4 minute gear change, model B reproducer and carrier arm, with black metal horn and steel crane arm.

Realised: $950


An Edison Home Phonograph
Model A with model C reproducer, no horn

Realised: $600


A vintage oak Edison floor standing diamond disc phonograph
the horn behind an open fretwork panel with a cabinet to the base for records. 540 x 570 x 1280mm

Estimate: $550


A brass piccolo trumpet
in case, with three separate lead pipes to alter the tuning of the instrument.

Realised: $160


A Victorian violin
handwritten internal label 'Mr. Napier London 1890'?, in rough condition, with fitted case and two bows.

Realised: $800


A Victorian brass microscope
in mahogany box with extra lenses, etc.

Realised: $120


An early 20thC 'T. Peacock & Son
Auckland, N.Z.' brass compass in original leather case, with folding viewing sights and screw-receptacle for stand. Dia.75mm, named to covering plate, in original stitched leather case.

Realised: $170


A vintage copper port light
with bracket and handle for hanging. 260 x 320mm.

Realised: $140


A vintage edging plane
brass and wood.

Realised: $110


A Newbold & Bulford Co. brass 'Curlew' telescope
marked Enbeeco x25-x40, leather bound. Extended 690mm.

Realised: $130


A 19thC snuff box and wax seal
the seal with substantial mother-of-pearl handle, the wooden box with silver plate mounts.

Realised: $70


An antique brass Merryweather-type brass fireman's helmet
badged to the front, possibly for the Onehunga Fire Brigade, the traditional comb with dragon embossing, original leather lining and chin strap.

Realised: $475


A ship's wheel
eight spoke, with keyed steel centre sprocket and steel strengthening rings to either side. Dia.1025mm

Realised: $450


An ornate 19thC ‘drinking horn’ on stand
a marble and ornate silver plate base with winged boy holding aloft the large curving horn, the horn with conforming silver plate decoration to the tip and centre, the open end with an ornate silver plate rim, the removable cover set with an eagle displayed. (Plating worn). H.660mm.

Realised: $525


Two vintage travel rugs
Onehunga Woollen Mills in black, red and green tartan with original label and Kaiapoi in maroon, green and cream tartan with original label. Some old moth damage.

Estimate: $250 - $350


A vintage Kaiapoi travel rug
green and red tartan pattern to one side, with original label. Some old moth damage.

Estimate: $150 - $200


A vintage Onehunga Woollen Mills travel rug
one side green, the other deep cream, with original label. Some old moth damage.

Estimate: $150 - $200


A vintage Varatonga travel rug
multiple Greek key pattern in green, blue, black and cream, with original label.

Realised: $150


'The Taranaki Rifle Volunteers' A Corps with a History....
by W.Penn, (the first British Volunteer Corps to become engaged with an enemy in the field), pub New Plymouth 1909, 90p, colour frontis, illus and plans, 22cm, original red pebble cloth.

Realised: $110


Some Reminiscences of the “Die Hards”
(57th W.Middlesex Regt.) by Sgt-Maj E Bezar, pub Dunedin 1891, 105p, paper binding; together with G.A. Henty - Maori and Settler. A Story of the New Zealand War. (1905). frontis, plates and map. 18.5cm, green cloth.

Realised: $120


'The Last Maori War in New Zealand' by Sir George S. Whitmore
1902, xxxix, 198p, frontis, plates and maps. 23cm, original red cloth. Together with 'Reminiscences of The War in New Zealand' by Thomas Gudgeon,1879. xiii, 372p, frontis, plates and fldg map 19.5cm, original cloth worn.

Realised: $90


Four NZ military titles
- 'The New Zealanders in Sinai and Palestine' by Lieut-Col Guy Powles. 1922; 'Old New Zealand,...and A History of the War in the North' by F.E. Maning, 1876; 'The Adventures of Kimble bent' by James Cowan, 1911; and 'The New Zealand Wars...' by James Cowan, 1922.

Realised: $130


WWI ephemera including 'Nouvelle Zélande Division' Xmas 1916 menu card
'Estaires (Nord)’ [Flanders], with manuscript attendees note verso; an Army message form 1917, an ANZAC commemorative lapel badge (Aust 1967); a 1916 school children's cert., two vintage photographs of Field Marshal von Falkenhayn and Djemal Pasha (Palestine).

Realised: $120


WWI 1st Anzac Corps position map
at Marc 1917; No.4 Coy Xmas 1917 dinner menu card (Flanders); NZEF map of Cairo; 60+ autographs of 2NZEF members.

Realised: $130


WWI photos
including 12th Reg in camp at Tapawera, Nelson; and photographic portraits/groups of German military personnel.

Realised: $70


WWI and WWII ephemera
including a troopship paper: 'Convoice' H.M.T. 24, printed on board H.M.T. 24. [1941]. 16p, illustrated with cartoons by Neville Lodge; 'Battle for Egypt', 2nd NZ Div. at El Alamein, 1945; 'The Kangaroo Marines' by Capt. R.W. Campbell 1916; 'Ginger Mick' by C.J. Dennis 1916; along with a chromed silhouette figure of a digger, H.180

Realised: $340


Oscar Parkes OBE (1885-1958)
[naval historian, marine artist, and editor of Jane's Fighting Ships] a study of the French battleship 'Jean Bart', watercolour, signed and dated 1912. 205 x 350mm.

Realised: $160


Six large format vintage photographs from WWII Solomon Islands campaign
including an RNZAF official photograph of Lieutenant General Kanda and Vice Admiral Baron Samejima arriving to sign documents of surrender, Bougainville 1945; personnel en route Whenuapai to Guadalcanal 1942; etc. All framed. Each 285 x 375mm

Realised: $70


A vintage Chinese leather photo album
filled with photos of the Shanghai Incident 1932 which preceded the second Sino-Japanese War of 1937. Approximately 280 images.

Realised: $950


A WWII Luftwaffe paratrooper's badge
gilded eagle stamped 'C.E. Junker, Berlin SW. riveted to oval laurel and oak leaf wreath. H.52mm

Estimate: $750


A German WWII army marksmanship lanyard
second type with crossed swords, silver woven bullion cord. A copy of a photo accompanies this lot showing how this lanyard was worn. L. approx. 360mm.

Estimate: $450


An American Federal sword belt plate
1874, eagle with integral wreath, die stamped. W.75mm

Estimate: $100


A souvenir silk flag of the 3rd Middlesex Regt.
(Peking/Internationals); along with a copper bugle with Shanghai markings (no mouthpiece).

Realised: $80


A 19thC copper embossed powder flask
spreading leaf type design, sprung lever, four suspension loops to the sides. L.200mm.

Realised: $110


A George V military parade sword
Hobson & Sons etched steel blade, chromed scabbard and hilt.

Estimate: $400


A Wilkinson Sword poignard
replicating a 16thC style sword, with rosewood hilt and gilded crossbar and pommel. L.395mm

Realised: $90


A P1907 bayonet
the ricasso stamped Wilkinson 18, with scabbard (round frog stud). L.570mm.

Realised: $130


A pair of 1940’s home-front propaganda graphic posters
'The Battle for Fuel… Use less water. Never wash under a running tap. Use less water for your bath! That means more fuel for war weapons.' and 'The Battle for Fuel… Turn the gas down. A gas ring turned on needlessly for half an hour every day wastes 7 fuel units a year!'. Printed for H.M. Stationery Office by Multi Machine Plates Ltd. London. Each : 495 x 745mm.

Estimate: $180


A pair of WWI war medals and associated badges
etc., presentation engraved '32930 A-CPL A.T. Lewis 14 FAB AIF' together with named aluminium tag, Australian AIF badge and other.

Realised: $120


A good WWI N.Z. trench art shell case modified basket
the case with applied N.Z. artillery badge and three bullets, etc., the swing handle with stamped dates 1914,1915,1916 and 1917, N.Z. Forces button pinned fittings, raised upon three bullet head spike type feet. H.230mm.

Realised: $300


A c.1840s French double-barrel percussion pistol
the under and over Damascus barrels with captive ramrod to the right side, the fluted walnut stock with engraved lock plates, good hammer springs, engraved tapered double trigger guard, maker's details under the barrel, indistinctly stamped. L.320mm.

Estimate: $1,850


A pair of late 1700s pocket flintlock pistols by J.N. Jones & Son of London
round screw-off barrels, English proof marks, engraved locks and butt plates, trigger safety slides, finely checkered stocks, hidden triggers, diamond form silver escutcheon and with good hammer springs. L.140mm.

Realised: $2,000


A regimentally marked pattern 1796 Heavy Dragoon flintlock pistol
round 9", .77 calibre smoothbore barrel; marked Tower on tang and with crown over GR, along with small ordnance marks under pan. Brass trigger-guard engraved '3 DRAs G/51' for the 3rd Dragoon Guards (3rd Kings Own Hussars who saw action in the Peninsular War). Richly coloured walnut stock with some marks and cracks, pitting to barrel, no ramrod.

Realised: $1,500


A 'British Bull Dog' 4.5 cal. six-shot revolver
'Saturday Night Special' with chrome finish and chequered wooden grips. Endorsed firearms license required.

Estimate: $300


An antique Belgium box lock percussion pistol
octagonal barrel, action at fault. L.165mm. No license required.

Realised: $130


India Pattern 'Brown Bess' Tower musket
(P1796/39) percussion conversion, lacking nipple cone. Marked 6 broad arrow BO behind side plate. Borer to forend, replaced ramrod.

Realised: $420


An antique 12g pinfire shotgun by Joseph Tye
c.1870. Underlever opening double barrel. License required.

Realised: $90


Winchester Model 1906 .22 calibre slide-action takedown rifle
License required.

Realised: $100


A BSA Co. 1917 Sht LE rifle
FTR sporterized, License required.

Realised: $100


A C.G Bonehill (Birmingham) 12g double barrel shotgun
open hammers, the rib marked 'The Settler's Gun'. License required.

Realised: $200


A Smiths' Khama Gunworks Ltd 12g double barrel shotgun
open hammers, nitro proof barrels. Firearms licence required.

Estimate: $200


A Naval competition presentation shield
the beech wood shield set with small silver engraved life buoys around a large engraved presentation plaque and flag, R.M.S. Rangatiki Darts Competition. 380 x 470mm.

Realised: $160


A Solomon Islands food bowl
oval with handles at the ends. L.730mm

Estimate: $100


Two clam shell bangles from Ulawa
Northern Solomons. Dia.90 and 75mm. Repair to larger of the two.

Realised: $60


A vintage Solomon Islands hardwood carved Nguzunguzu
finely detailed traditional stylised head form, the hands and chin supporting a bird, mother-of-pearl inlay. H.220mm.

Estimate: $110


A 19thC Fijian ula throwing club
hardwood with dark patina, traditional knob head and incised lineal carved banded grip. L.420mm.

Realised: $425


A Pitcairn Island carved wood flying fish on stand
'Made by Oscar Clark', punched maker's details to the wing. L.325mm.

Realised: $100


A Pitcairn Island carved wood fish
'Made by Andrew Young...', wall mounting, stamped maker's details to reverse. Fine real fish teeth set to the mouth. L.340mm.

Estimate: $100


An old Australian aboriginal boomerang
later pierced suspension hole. L.520mm

Realised: $150


A tribal carved horn lamp
as a back-to-back stylised figure with a dog at its feet, the top section fitted as a lamp. H.200mm.

Realised: $60


An African tribal Punu mask
the spirit mask from the Gabon with pronounced facial features, scarification to forehead, high headdress, with white pigment to face. 170 x 330mm.

Realised: $220


An African tribal Fang mask
the mask from the Gabon with pronounced facial features, scarification to cheeks, high headdress, with white pigment to face. 170 x 350mm.

Realised: $200


An African tribal mask
Igbo from West Africa, pronounced facial features and ancestor figure to head. 190 x 480mm.

Realised: $240


An African tribal carved spoon
double handle with carved head to the end. L.420mm.

Estimate: $100


An old Maasai beaded gourd milk container
the elongated gourd with leather shoulder strap highlighted with rows of coloured beads. L.420mm. Note: such containers were used to contain a blend of milk and blood, the staple food of the Maasai herdsman, Kenya, Africa.

Estimate: $120