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A Pelikan silver plate fountain pen
with fluted body, 14K white gold nib. In case.

Estimate: $150


Sheaffer 'Imperial' 12K gold filled fountain pen
Lineal patterned, with inlaid 14ct gold medium nib (needs cartridge). Boxed, near mint. c.1975.

Realised: $130


Paul Wirt slip cap eyedropper fountain pen
in machine engraved ebonite with two repoussé gold plated bands, with 14ct. overfeed Wirt nib, c.1890.

Estimate: $200


A Parker 'Insignia' fountain pen
with 'Athens' 23ct. gold plated cap, black lacquered brass barrel with 14ct. medium gold nib, blue resin body. Near mint with Parker plastic case. c.1997

Estimate: $180


A brass Eagle Pencil Co cartridge filler fountain pen
clear imprint on barrel and nib. With glass cartridge. c.1885.

Realised: $50


A chess themed desk set
on wooden checkered base with rook and castle pen holder and pawn stack nib wipe flanked by two cut crystal ink bottles, c.1880, includes J.S. Staedtler 5948 clip pen with gold nib.

Estimate: $220


An Edwardian square oak desk tidy
with centrally mounted cut crystal ink bottle. W.200mm. c.1900.

Estimate: $80


A WMF silver plated Art Nouveau inkwell
with hinged lidded well and original glass bottle, themed with fir cones and fronds. W.195mm. c.1925.

Estimate: $180


A Parker 51 double pen stand
with working Swiza date/alarm clock on gold veined marble base with two black Parker 51 Aerometric desk pens. Made in England. c.1960.

Realised: $290


A New Zealand themed silver plated desk set
the tray with centrally mounted cast kiwi flanked by two star cut crystal inkwells with silver plated tops. By James Dixon & Sons. c.1900.

Realised: $460


A brass ten place dip pen stand

Estimate: $40


A brass six place dip pen stand

Estimate: $40


A Hotchkiss No.1 stapler
made for the National Cash Register Co. Dayton Ohio. c.1910.

Estimate: $60


An Egyptian themed small inkwell
in etched and lacquered brass with images of Anubis et al and with a milk glass liner. c.1925.

Realised: $80


An Art Deco performing seal themed desk set
in lacquered and chromium plated metals on black cut glass base. Width 180. c.1925.

Realised: $80


A boxed dip pen and pencil c.1890
with long agate shafts, engraved silver metal bodies, complete with nib and lead, in burgundy vellum box

Realised: $90


Boxed Greishaber (Chicago) dip pen
with 14ct Greishaber #3 nib with m-o-p shaft, in original velvet box.

Estimate: $120


Sterling silver telescoping pencil by S. Mordan & Co.
London, c.1860, with unengraved bloodstone seal end.

Realised: $90


Silver combination sliding dip pen and pencil
c.1880, foliate engraved, with cameo shield end for seal (unengraved). Has nib and pencil lead marked E.B .925

Estimate: $100


Sterling dip pen with tapering dimpled shaft
with ball end hallmarked William Vale & Sons, Birmingham 1911.

Estimate: $120


A telescoping fob dip pen and propelling pencil by Fairchild
gold plated chequered body, 14ct nib marked 'Leroy W. Fairchild New York #4' c. 1890

Estimate: $120


Silver plated telescoping pencil
with repoussé barrel and banded agate seal end (un-engraved)

Realised: $60


Silver dip pen with m-o-p shaft
the pen holder is hexagonal with foliate engraving, with period nib, c.1880.

Realised: $60


An Edwardian papier maché pencil case
with silhouettes of children and a dog in relief to the lid. c.1900.

Realised: $50


Boxed 'Souvenir of Egypt' writing tools
includes paper knife, gilt quill cutter, dip with nib, propelling pencil and seal. c.1915.

Realised: $80


Sealed box of Brandauer & Co. Circular Pointed Pens
(nibs), 144 in box. c.1880.

Estimate: $70


Sealed box of Myers & Sons Ltd. Post Office Pens
144 in box. c.1880.

Estimate: $70


Sealed box of William Mitchell Pedigree Pens no. 0505. 144
in box. c.1880.

Estimate: $70


Sealed box of Joseph Gillotts Stainless Steel Pens (nibs)
NZ Govt. Issue. 36 in box. c.1890.

Estimate: $30


A Parker Duofold ball pen
in lapis acrylic with gold trim. Boxed, near mint. c.1989.

Estimate: $200


Parker Duofold International 'Nacre' (black veined pearl) fountain pen
with gold trim, 18ct. bi-colour medium nib, piston filler. Box and packaging, near mint. c.1985.

Realised: $320


A Sheaffer 'Nostalgia' sterling overlay fountain pen
with 14ct gold nib, in original velvet box - mint condition. c.1980.

Realised: $250


A Parker 'Insignia' fountain pen and pencil
in 23ct. gold plated 'grain d'orange' patterned barrels. Pen with 18ct. medium nib in mint condition. Boxed, c. 2000.

Realised: $420


Sheaffer 'Imperial Brass' Targa lacquered fountain pen
with 14ct. inlaid gold nib medium. Complete in inscribed brass case with brass cartridge box. c.1995.

Realised: $150


A Mont Blanc 210 fountain pen in black resin with gold trim
14ct. gold nib, with converter, case, packaging and guarantee certificate. Near mint. c.1985.

Realised: $275


Waterman Edson Ruby Red fountain pen
with original box, papers, converter and cartridges. Medium 18ct. nib. Near mint, presentation box deteriorating. c.2001.

Realised: $485


Parker Duofold 'Mosaic' special edition Intentional fountain pen
red/black/pearl resin with 18ct. gold, platinum plated nib and fittings, with all original packaging. Mint condition. c.2002.

Realised: $425


Diamond Point eye dropper fountain pen
in black ebonite with octagonal mother-of pearl body and repoussé gold filled bands, with 14ct. Diamond Point nib. Excellent condition. c.1900.

Estimate: $450


Morrison's overlay fountain pen
in black ebonite with 14ct. rolled gold filigree flower petal overlay to cap and barrel, 14ct. Morrison nib, lever fill. Good condition. c.1925.

Estimate: $250


OMAS 1997 limited edition sterling silver overlay fountain pen "Return to the Motherland"
Number 549 of an edition of 1997, with original box and papers and bottle of commemorative ink.

Realised: $900


A Waterman Man 100 Fontainebleau green wood fountain pen
18K nib with matching green stained wood 'cigar' case, original box and card slip case outer, guarantee card, cartridges and converter. Produced 1983 for the centenary of the marque.

Realised: $270


A Mont Blanc Meisterstuck 144 fountain pen
black resin with 14K two-tone nib. In box.

Realised: $310


Moores non-leaking slide filler fountain pen
in red mottled ebonite with correct American 14kt. nib. Clear imprints. c.1905.

Estimate: $300


American slip cap eyedropper fountain pen
in black ebonite with floral Art Nouveau sterling silver overlay to cap and barrel. With warranted 14K #2 nib. c.1900.

Estimate: $300


Swan Pen (M.T. & Co. New York) slip cap eyedropper fountain pen
in black ebonite with gold filled foliate filigree overlay to cap and barrel and correct Swan #1 nib and feed. c.1910.

Estimate: $250


Waterman slip cap eyedropper fountain pen
in brown ebonite with rare taper cap. Waterman Ideal #2 14kt. nib. Clear imprints. c.1905.

Estimate: $400


A quality silver plated desk standish
the serpentine plateau with a central hinged lidded box with three compartments for stamps and ink with cut crystal inkwell. The whole decorated in the French manner with cherubs, lions and foliage. Impressed marks. W.275mm, c.1890

Estimate: $400


An Egyptian Revival gilt brass inkwell in the French manner
with trefoil hand-painted tile plateau supporting an inkwell above. Decorated with a scene of riverside mosque and minaret. Dia.170mm. c.1915.

Estimate: $150


An early 19thC European desk stand of carved mahogany
as a plateau carved in high relief with a profusion of flowers at the base of a tree trunk surmounted by an eagle displayed, the foreground carved with a scalloped pen dish flanked by glass inkwells and set before a thermometer mounted glass obelisk, a concealed drawer in the base. W.390mm.

Estimate: $600


A Victorian bronze inkwell
of quatrefoil shape with a central milk glass globe well the cover with registration mark dated 1850. W.165mm.

Estimate: $150


A boxed collection of miniature pipes
three examples from around the world.

Estimate: $100


A cased vintage pipe
amber style mouthpiece with sterling silver collar, the bowl in the form of a large budding flower with a bug crawling up the side.

Realised: $150


A cased set of collector's pipes
includes Meerschaum, wood, etc.

Realised: $150


A cased set of English pipes
all six with silver collars.

Realised: $220


A cased collection of clay pipes
the six pipes with varying decorations.

Realised: $80


Four boxed German pipes
varying styles and materials.

Realised: $160


A boxed collection of pipes
nine from various countries and ornate decoration.

Realised: $210


A boxed collection of pipes
from various countries and various materials, wood, china, cloisonné, etc.

Realised: $160


A boxed collection of pipes
the six pipes from various countries.

Realised: $110


A vintage turned wood pipe stand
together with three early 1900s pipes, one with very large meerschaum and silver metal bowl. H.600mm

Estimate: $350


Six vintage pipes
includes meerschaum, Black Forest etc, in old oak box.

Realised: $120


A carved meerschaum pipe
the bowl as an African American man smoking a cheroot, with amber-type mouthpiece. In fitted case.

Realised: $130


Five boxed collectors' pipes
varying materials and patterns but one mouthpiece unusually of mother of pearl.

Realised: $170


Five boxed collectors' pipes
one a miniature English pipe the others of Asian influence.

Realised: $110


Two cased meerschaum pipes
together with a cigarette holder.

Realised: $90


A collection of tobacciana
includes three German porcelain pipes, a snuff box and barrel form match holder.

Estimate: $150


An antique meerschaum pipe
the bowl with elaborately carved decoration, silver plate collar and amber mouthpiece. Slight faults.

Realised: $180


A cased meerschaum pipe
the bowl with mandala style decoration, amber type mouthpiece.

Realised: $110


An Edwardian meerschaum pipe
the bowl carved as a dragon's clawed foot, with silver collar (Chester 1902) and amber mouthpiece, in original holder.

Realised: $130


A cased meerschaum pipe
the bowl carved in the form of a dragon's claw, the mouthpiece of amber.

Realised: $100


Five various Masonic medals
one silver and enamel in the form of a Maltese cross (with ribbon and bars) made by Mayer & Kean, Wellington.

Estimate: $350


Three silver Masonic badges
with ribbons, two with enamelling.

Estimate: $150


A Victorian gold plated and agate snuff box
decorative engraving to frame, some cracks to the agate.

Estimate: $120


Four displays of wax seal impressions
mainly Georgian, under glass and gilt frames.

Realised: $350


A Victorian tortoiseshell and silver card case
the front decorated with a silver frame with blank cartouche to the centre, the interior with traditional compartments for visiting cards. 80 x 100mm.

Realised: $130


A Regency rosewood standish
two ink bottles, pounce pot and drawer to the front, two depressions for pens. W.280 x D.215 x H.50mm.

Realised: $150


A 19thC brass bound rosewood writing box
the interior divided into various compartments with one lidded lift out section, the lid slides open to reveal various old Chinese inkstones, a full width drawer to the front also contains compartments. W.380 x D.325 x H.145mm.

Realised: $275


A Georgian walnut and mahogany miniature chest of drawers
three full width drawers and raised on bracket feet with shaped apron (some old repairs). W.330 x D.160 x H.315mm.

Realised: $400


A rare William IV mahogany miniature chiffonier tea caddy
upstand back, single drawer above two arched panelled doors enclosing two tea caddy drawers with lids above two smaller drawers, original linings and turned bone handles, all raised on turned feet. Good colour and patina. W.230 x D.165 x H.315mm.

Realised: $850


An Edwardian oak Sheraton Revival smoker's cabinet
two glazed doors to the front, three drawers to the interior with section for pipe storage, inlaid decoration to top. W.345 x D.190 x H.345mm.

Estimate: $250


A Victorian chinoiserie tea caddy
the interior with tin liner, the lid decorated with conforming chinoiserie designs, ivory button, W.165 x D.115 x H.95mm.

Realised: $180


A vintage carved oak donation box
the top decorated with acanthus leaves. W.195 x D.130 x H.140mm.

Realised: $60


An inlaid timbers box
the hinged lid with fret and herring bone borders framing a cartouche depicting a military fort, the fascia inlaid with a bullock drawn sled. W.280 x D.125 x H.85mm.

Realised: $100


A cast metal box in the form of a wooden iron bound chest
the exterior with planks and woodgrain effect, the number '54' and a triangle to the lid which opens to reveal a cache of gold toned coins, this lifts to reveal a hiding space for treasure.150 x 100 x 105mm. Provenance: The Flower Family Collection.

Realised: $300


An early 20thC novelty owl gong
the wall mounted plastic owl head with glass eyes supporting the hammer, string suspension to the brass gong. Note the wood knocker 'is from Holly Tree'. Dia.of owl section 125mm.

Realised: $285


A large old polished turtle shell
13 plates. Some damage to the marginal plates. L.700mm.

Realised: $360


A large turtle shell
the thirteen main plates displaying rich butterscotch to dark brown mottling. L.590mm.

Realised: $370


Three old sailor's marlin spikes
one with wooden head, one brass head, the other with 'Turk's head' whipping. Longest 420mm.

Realised: $170


A good quality reindeer skin rug
original Scandinavian label on reverse. L.1200mm.

Realised: $410


A 19thC Anglo-Indian quality ebony writing slope
the fitted interior with dark velvet inlaid writing surfaces and various compartments including three secret drawers. 430 x 250 x 155mm.

Estimate: $300


A 1920s gent's ivory brush set
consisting of two clothes brushes, two hair brushes and a shoe horn, carved monogrammed initials.

Realised: $160


A George III mahogany banjo barometer
engraved silvered dials to barometer and thermometer, requires attention. L. 915mm.

Estimate: $400


An American miniature painting on ivory of a clipper ship
on oval panel, monogrammed, in oak frame with gilt slip. Overall 245 x 270mm

Realised: $280


A pair of decorative bone candlesticks
carved as mastiff standard bearers holding tall staffs terminating in nozzles; raised on cavetto socle bases engraved with the British royal coat-of-arms. H.195mm.

Realised: $220


A 19thC scrimshaw powder horn
formed from an oxen horn, engraved with a portrait of a sailor and a woman, base and stopper fittings absent. L.340mm.

Realised: $150


Sixteen ancient Roman bronze coins
roughly circular. Approx. Dia.20mm.

Realised: $60


A late 19thC French electrotherapy machine
in two compartment mahogany box, lead acid cells in one and various electrical contacts in the other by Adolphe Gaiffe, Paris.

Realised: $60


A game bird (duck) decoy
canvas covered kapok and wood infill. L.310mm. Provenance: Charlie Watkinson (born c.1860) owner of a double ended hunting punt on the Waikato mounted with a swivel black powder gun.

Realised: $200


A game bird (duck) decoy
canvas covered kapok and wood infill. L.310mm. Provenance: as above.

Realised: $200