A 14ct white gold and 5.05ct diamond ring
a 5.05ct round brilliant cut diamond claw set in a three band mount, the central band has ten small round diamonds each side of the larger diamond with eleven small round diamonds set to each outer band, TDW 5.85ct. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $50,000


An 18ct white gold and 5.50ct diamond solitaire ring
the 5.50ct round brilliant cut diamond claw set, colour G-H, clarity P2. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $40,000


Peter McIntyre (1910-1995)
Bend in the Waikanae River, oil on board, signed. 420 x 540mm.

Estimate: $12,000 - $15,000


An impressive 18ct gold emerald and diamond necklace
three central stylised diamond shaped clusters encrusted with round brilliant cut diamonds, the centre of each cluster set with a 0.63ct oval mixed cut medium green emerald, three diamond and emerald set drops suspended from the two outer clusters, the three cluster panel suspended from three matching diamond and emerald set drops, attached to an articulated link chain, push clasp with safety catch, TEW 6.90ct, TDW 9.00ct. Valuation available.

Estimate: $10,000


An extinct adult male stout-legged moa skeleton
predominantly the bones from one bird, some plaster restoration and replacement. H.790mm. Provenance: Found by our vendor in 1965 on his Oparure family farm, south Waitomo district. Copy of 1968 newspaper article available illustrating and detailing this moa. Note: The stout-legged moa (Euryapteryx curtus) was the smallest moa species and one of the geographically most widespread. Moa species ranged in size from 12 to 250kg. Constructed for display by our vendor using number 8 wire and other materials.

Estimate: $10,000 - $20,000


An 18ct white gold tanzanite and diamond bracelet
six cushion cut and seven oval cut violet blue tanzanites claw set with each surrounded by a halo of diamonds, TTW 40.04ct, TDW 2.83ct. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $8,000


An 18ct white gold 8.20ct tanzanite and diamond ring
an 8.20ct emerald cut violet blue tanzanite claw set and surrounded by twelve brilliant cut diamonds, upright shoulders, TDW 2.20ct. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $6,500


A pair of impressive 18ct white gold emerald and diamond earrings
each with an emerald cut emerald with total weight 2.95ct, framed by 38 modern brilliant cut and four tapered baguette cut diamonds, TDW 1.11ct. Posts and hinged clip fittings for pierced ears. Valuation available.

Estimate: $5,000


An 18ct gold and 2.02ct diamond ring
a 2.02ct round brilliant cut diamond claw set with five small diamonds to each shoulder. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $5,000


A 14ct white gold diamond and sapphire bracelet
twelve oval cut medium blue sapphires claw set in a halo of diamonds, each joined by diamond encrusted X-links, TSW 7.47ct, TDW 4.21ct. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $5,000


An 18ct gold and 1.50ct diamond solitaire ring
the 1.50ct old cushion cut diamond claw set, upright shoulders. Valuation available.

Estimate: $4,500


A pair of 14ct gold and diamond stud earrings
each earring with a 1.55ct dark yellow cushion cut diamond claw set and suspended from a diamond set post, TDW 3.23ct. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $4,500


A 14ct white gold sapphire and diamond bracelet
twenty emerald cut royal blue sapphires claw set with twenty one round brilliant cut diamonds, TSW 13.44ct, TDW 0.56ct. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $3,750


A 22ct gold chain necklace
with hook and eye clasp, 59.63gm.

Estimate: $3,750


A vintage lady's 18ct. sapphire and diamond ring
the cross-over mount terminating with two pear cut facet cut sapphires totalling 3.18ct joined by two pear cut diamonds of 0.44ct with a further four modern brilliant cut diamonds to each shoulder. TDW of 0.79ct. Custom made by the Rosadelli family jewellery business in Torino, Italy. Maker's mark stamped to interior band. Provenance: Ex. a retired Italian vendor now resident in N.Z. Italian gemological report available.

Estimate: $3,500


A 14ct rose gold tanzanite and diamond Victorian style hinged bangle
eleven oval cut medium blue tanzanites claw set with twenty round brilliant cut diamonds, safety catch to clasp, TTW 16.50ct, TDW 0.20ct. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $3,250


An 18ct gold emerald and diamond hinged bangle
matching above, push clasp with safety catch, TEW 1.85ct, TDW 1.85ct. Valuation available.

Estimate: $3,000


A pair of 14ct white gold 18ct yellow gold emerald and diamond drop earrings
each earring with two oval cut medium green emeralds claw set and surrounded by a halo of small diamonds, posts for pierced ears, TEW 8.29ct, TDW 0.65ct. Gemologist report available.

Estimate: $3,000


A fine 19th century French bronze ormolu and marble portico mantel clock
the 4½" white enamel dial with Roman hours, Arabic quarters and makers name 'Grebert a Paris', the white and black marble columns, top and D-form base with quality ormolu mounts including Capricornus as a sea-goat, snake entwined pillars and classical drapery. French movement striking on a bell. 290 x 100 x 370mm.

Estimate: $3,000


Graeme Townsend (b.1954)
'Leopards Paper Lair', signed and dated '81. Purchased Sydney 2000, Heine Investment Management Limited, foyer, 20 Bond Street Sydney, former location of The Sydney Stock Exchange. 2240 x 1700mm

Estimate: $3,000 - $5,000