9.30am start. This catalogue features the estate collections of Dr Denis and Joy Hanna. Denis and Joy were both strongly involved in the Auckland pottery and art scene. Born in Auckland
Denis graduated from Otago Medical School, he took up postgraduate training in London, becoming a consultant physician in Auckland. He was introduced to pottery making through his wife Joy's interest and started potting himself about 1958 at Avondale College under the tutelage of Patricia Perrin. Later he had tuition from both Barry Brickell and Len Castle. In 1960 he recorded the work of village potters in Fiji and in 1964 visited Japan adding extensively to their collection. He took a special interest in Shoji Hamada’s 1965 visit to New Zealand. It is with great pleasure that we offer The Hanna Collection of Pottery and other fine New Zealand art, international bronzes and objects in this catalogue.


Len Castle small tapered specimen vase
triangular form, umber rubbed glaze, impressed potter's mark, c.1970. Height 110.

Realised: $200


Len Castle small/medium discoid stoneware vase
rope impressed decoration to the front, umber rubbed glaze darkening the recesses. Impressed potter's mark, c.1970/1980. Height 170.

Realised: $310


Len Castle shino glazed vase
rope impressed decoration, impressed potter's mark, c.1970. Height 220.

Realised: $800


Len Castle slab form grass vase
four angular cut openings, dark umber matt glaze, impressed mark c.1980s. Height 125.

Realised: $140


Len Castle 'Ceremonial Pourer'
ash glaze, traditional looping handle, impressed potter's mark to base.

Realised: $250


An early Len Castle stoneware bowl
rich mottled glaze, tenmoku rim. Impressed potter's mark c.1970. Diameter 160.

Realised: $180


Barry Brickell circular dish
pinched and rolled rim, the mottled blue/grey glaze with looping thick highlights, speckled. Diameter 275.

Realised: $100


Barry Brickell shino glazed teapot
the flared cylindrical handle at right angles to the spout. Impressed potter's mark. Height 112. Note: The three oval unglazed sections towards the base are where the potter has held the teapot in his fingers when glazing.

Realised: $575


An early Barry Brickell 'Tui St
Devonport' bowl, the exterior rim with wide band of wax resist square scroll decoration, dark red/brown tenmoku-type glaze, grey glaze to the lower body. Diameter approx. 185, height 120. Unmarked. Note: A label included detailing 'Tui St Devonport B. Brickell Earliest work Devonport'.

Realised: $750


An early Barry Brickell 'Ponsonby West St. unique fluted' small bowl
the exterior rim with fine fluted detail, gloss grey/green glaze, the lower fluted base unglazed, finely potted. Diameter 111, height 80. Unmarked. A note included detailing 'Ponsonby West St. unique fluted BB'.

Realised: $350


An early Barry Brickell yunomi
the exterior decorated with a band of brushed iron oxide repeating floral decoration, pale grey/green glaze. Family note included detailing 'East Street', presumably this should be West Street. Diameter approx. 95, height 85. No potter's mark.

Realised: $400


An important Barry Brickell salt glaze boat-form bowl
the partial fluted and tapered flat rim coming to a double knob point, lustrous dark 'coal fired' salt glaze effects, ovoid foot. Unmarked. 210 x 240 x 155. Vintage typed paper label to base: EXHIB. FAENZA'. Exhibited: 'N.Z. at the V & A' 1972, illustrated New Zealand Potter, Vol. 14, No. 1, Autumn 1972'.

Realised: $1,550


Barry Brickell vintage wine flask
wax resist dark tenmoku glaze, impressed potter's mark to base. Height 225.

Realised: $350


Barry Brickell vintage wine flask
unglazed exterior, glazed top rim and interior, iron spotted highlights. Height 180.

Realised: $120


Barry Brickell tall jar
mildly tapered cylindrical form, a small knob side handle with potter's mark with disc form to body, red/brown glaze to top, lid absent. Height 205.

Realised: $200


Two Barry Brickell oval platters
abstract glazed panels in tenmoku and other tones, iron spotted. Unmarked. 318 x 265 approx. ea. Note: these platters come with a note detailing 'early Coromandel B. Brickell 1st Kiln lie flat to fire it x2 platters'.

Realised: $220


Barry Brickell jug
variable dark and grey glaze, spotted highlights. Impressed potter's mark. Height 185.

Realised: $190


Two Barry Brickell yunomi
one of baluster form with dribbled lustrous caramel glaze, grind to foot where glaze has stuck; the other an early example of bowl form with maroon glaze highlights.

Realised: $150


Barry Brickell vintage bowl
gloss blue/green salt glaze, footed, impressed potter's mark. Diameter approx. 235. Height 155.

Realised: $270


Barry Brickell altered lidded jug
compressed towards the top, semi-lustrous red/brown glaze, Impressed potter's mark. Height 205.

Realised: $480


Barry Brickell vintage jug
the vertical spout and cylindrical top with a lustrous brown glaze, a partial grey glaze to body, impressed potter's mark. Height 200.

Realised: $210


Barry Brickell dish
circular, abstract wax resist (winged) glazed decoration, impressed mark. Diameter 218.

Realised: $110


Peter Stichbury wax resist decorated teapot
lustrous shino type glaze, impressed potter's mark.

Realised: $120


Two Peter Stichbury wax resist decorated bowls
impressed potter's mark to foot of each. Diameters 158 and 176.

Realised: $100


Peter Stichbury wax resist bowl
impressed mark to foot. Diameter 228.

Realised: $70


Peter Stichbury wax resist ovoid vase
potter's mark to the base. Height 200.

Realised: $170


Mrs M.J. Kirker
(wife of surgeon Peter Kirker) N.Z. Studio Pottery bowl, made at night pottery classes with Patricia Perrin, incised initials to base. Note: The Hanna family records Mrs Kirker as encouraging Joy Hanna to participate in the night pottery classes, thus initiating the introduction to N.Z. and international studio pottery. Diameter 100. DO NOT SELL FAMILY TAKING BACK ANDREW

Estimate: $80


Andrew Van der Putten shino glaze teapot
looping handle, impressed mark below. Height 125.

Realised: $100


Ian Firth attributed large platter
the tenmoku glaze with iron brushed fine decoration, impressed mark slightly illegible. Diameter 370.

Realised: $110


Denis Hanna large flared bowl
radiating flared bands of unique chun glaze on tenmoku ground, unmarked. Diameter 423. DO NOT SELL FAMILY TAKING HOME ANDREW

Estimate: $150


Potter unknown
shino glazed lidded vessel, cylindrical form, lug handle, brushed darker highlights, incised mark to base. Height 165.

Realised: $160


A Crowan (Harry and May Davis) pottery celadon teapot
overhead handle, the lid with knot handle, impressed mark, made in England. Height 150.

Realised: $150


A rare Crowan pottery double marked celadon lidded jug
impressed 'CP' monogram, together with another slightly illegible 'IS'? Height 150.

Realised: $150


Katharine Pleydell-Bouverie 'fluted' grey and blue stoneware bowl
the exterior with lineal incised fluted design with blue glaze highlighted at the high points with the grey underglaze, impressed potter's mark, incised number and painted details. Provenance: Purchased by Denis and Joy Hanna from the 1957 Auckland City Art Gallery exhibition, 'British Fine Crafts'. Catalogue number 216. See additional photos.

Realised: $850


Six pottery pieces
includes; a small Richard Batterman (U.K.) vase together with five Japanese pieces exhibited at the Waikato Art Museum, two small bowls and three kiln stands, salt glazed and with shells in relief.

Realised: $170


Lucie Rie circular footed bowl
thick matt manganese glaze to the exterior, the pale interior with fine orange/brown spotting. Impressed potter's mark to the base. Diameter approx. 145. Height 64.

Realised: $1,700


Bernard Leach St. Ives lidded marmalade pot
knob handle, the stoneware body with celadon glaze, banded in a cobalt wash and decorated in iron oxide brushed pattern. Painted 'BL' initials and impressed St Ives mark. Height 117.

Realised: $625


Bernard Leach
St. Ives small dish, brushed decoration of flowering wreaths to the centre, painted 'B.L' mark and impressed St Ives pottery mark, cracked and re-glued. Diameter 122. Provenance: The Dr Denis and Joy Hanna Collection. Exhibited: Waikato Art Museum Exhibition 'Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, 'The Two Friends' June 1980, catalogue entry # 107, original exhibition label included stating c.1954. DO NOT SELL FAMILY TAKING HOME ANDREW

Estimate: $200 - $350


Bernard Leach
'Pilgrim and Mountain' dish, stoneware with the pilgrim image and simple mountain form above, pale under-glaze showing against the darker ground glaze, brushed pale overglaze, unglazed rim. Brushed 'BL' monogram to reverse and impressed St Ives mark to reverse. Diameter 382. Provenance: The Dr Denis & Joy Hanna collection. Ex. Len Castle collection, sold by Len to Maree of Maree's Bazaar, Upper Queen St. where it was purchased by Denis Hanna for £8, see note attached. Exhibited: Waikato Art Museum Exhibition 'Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, The Two Friends' June 1980, illustrated in the catalogue # 106. Note: Leach is noted as the founding father of the British Studio ceramic movement. He was inspired by both traditional English slipware and the arts of the East. Hong Kong born, he spent a great deal of time in Japan and is noted as a champion for bridging the gap between 'Crafts' and 'Art' in Britain. The 'Pilgrim' image was developed throughout Leach's career, forming a small and important body of work that marks the marriage between Eastern and Western ideas and culture. This important motif also represented a self-portrait of the artist.

Realised: $3,500


Bernard Leach
stoneware pottery vase, impressed ovoid form, brushed dark glaze on the pale grey ground, two encircling bands framing, impressed potter's mark, together with the St Ives mark. Provenance: From a major Hawkes Bay Collection, further details available on request, not from the Hanna collection. Height 130, diameter 145.

Estimate: $1,800 - $2,000


David Leach St. Ives porcelain bowl
incised floral repeating design, celadon glaze, impressed potter's and pottery marks. Provenance: Purchased by Denis and Joy Hanna from the 1957 Auckland City Art Gallery exhibition, 'British Fine Crafts'. Catalogue number 203. See additional photos.

Realised: $300


David Leach squat ovoid pottery vase
incised scrolling broad band decoration to the shoulder, grey partial glaze highlighting the design. Impressed potter's mark and other monogram 'CL'. Provenance: Purchased by Denis and Joy Hanna from the 1957 Auckland City Art Gallery exhibition, 'British Fine Crafts'. Catalogue number 201. The original catalogue notes 'The Crafts Centre of Great Britain was invited by the Auckland Art Gallery to prepare an exhibition of its members work for New Zealand. This is the exhibition'. Diameter 180, height 140. See additional photos.

Realised: $560


Six international pottery pieces
includes: David Leach sugar bowl, no lid, Richard Batterham lidded jar, Japanese teapot, assorted yunomi and bowl.

Realised: $240


Three St. Ives Standard Ware bowls
iron brushed decoration to the pale bodies, impressed pottery mark. Two with some damage. Diameter 145.

Realised: $150


A pair of Leach Standard ware bowls
brushed iron oxide glazed decoration. Diameters 142

Realised: $80


A Japanese Edo period mallet formed bottle
rich dark caramel glaze, old repair to top rim. Height 240.

Realised: $140


Two 19thC Japanese sake bottles
brushed calligraphy. With old Hanna family note 'Kyoto Japan Bought 1964'. Heights 230 and 190.

Realised: $220


Three Japanese pottery pieces
includes two shigaraki anagama fired small bottle vases and a lidded Kurashiki pot of triangular section, wood fired. All purchased by Denis Hanna while visiting Japan in 1964. Heights 110, 120 and 100.

Realised: $110


mainly Japanese, small pottery pieces, includes teapots, yunomi, etc.

Realised: $220


Three Japanese studio pottery pieces
includes an anagama fired large yunomi, a small raku yunomi with hair cracking and a 'Kyoto Japan 1964' bowl, anagama fired.

Realised: $130


mainly Japanese, pottery pieces, includes two shino glazed cups and two shino glazed dishes, a 'Black Satsuma Ware' teapot and a tenmoku small box.

Realised: $130


A Japanese 'Onda Village tea/sake set'
includes two teapots and five drinking cups, turquoise green glaze. Provenance: From the collection of Denis and Joy Hanna. Note: Dennis visited Japan in 1964, it is recorded that 'I had a wonderful visit to Onda, stayed there for several days, arrived there on a bus unannounced, handed over the card (of introduction from Takeichi Kawai) to the potter and bought pots as I went. It got very difficult carting them around. I got them back eventually'. Label included detailing '1982 Dad's Visit'.

Realised: $210


A Japanese 18/19thC 'Horse Eye' plate
classically decorated with six concentric 'eye' forms to the edge. Diameter 280. A Hanna family note attached detailing '17-1800s 'Horse Eye Japan'. Chip to rim edge.

Realised: $190


Four Japanese graduating Onda Village circular pottery dishes
three classically decorated with radiating glazed design. Diameters 130, 160, 260 and 415. Provenance: From the collection of Denis and Joy Hanna.

Realised: $180


Doug Lawrie wax resist decorated bottle vase
heavy tenmoku glaze, square section body. Provenance: The Dr Denis and Joy Hana Collection. Label included detailing 'Doug Lawrie bought Kyoto 1964'. Note: Lawrie is an American potter who trained under Paul Soldner in California, then spent 15 years in Japan working near Takeichi Kawai's Studio, Kyoto. Height 195.

Realised: $400


Shoji Hamada stoneware yunomi
wax resist decoration, dark olive-green glaze. Height 87. Purchased by Denis Hanna in Mashiko (Hamada's home), Japan in 1964. See Denis's list 'MY HAMADAs'. Exhibited: Waikato Art Museum Exhibition 'Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, The Two Friends' June 1980 catalogue # 6, labelled 'WAM H6', and with original display label. See additional photos.

Realised: $775


Shoji Hamada stoneware tea bowl
the grey exterior glazed with crawl/orange peel textured effect, dark olive glazed rim. Diameter 155 approx. Purchased by Dr Denis Hanna in Mashiko, Japan in 1964. See Denis's list 'MY HAMADAs'. Exhibited: Waikato Art Museum, 'Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, The Two Friends' June 1980 catalogue #3, labelled 'WAM H3'. See additional photos.

Realised: $700


Shoji Hamada hakeme vase
stoneware, oxide brushed bamboo/hakame motif over the encircling slip. Height 170. Provenance: The Dr Denis and Joy Hanna Collection. Purchased by Denis Hanna in Mashiko, Japan 1964. See Denis's list 'MY HAMADAs'. Exhibited: Waikato Art Museum 'Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, The Two Friends', June 1980, catalogue # 5. Labelled to base 'WAM H5', original exhibition label include. See additional photos.

Realised: $2,500


Shoji Hamada stoneware square bottle
press-moulded, each side with diagonal alternating wax resist and dark tenmoku glaze panels. Height 238. Provenance: From the collection of Dr Denis and Joy Hanna. Gifted to Denis Hanna by Hamada, Christchurch 1965 (see catalogue note from the Waikato Art Museum Exhibition 'Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, The Two Friends', June 1980 catalogue # 4). Exhibited: Pan Pacific Arts Festival Christchurch, Canterbury Museum, February 1965 and Waikato Art Museum June 1980. Two old labels to the base, one a Waikato Art Museum Exhibition label, the other 'Made in Japan' and numbered, probably Canterbury Museum 1965 .

Realised: $4,300


Shoji Hamada pencil sketch of 'Pots from Hamada Exhibition at Canterbury Museum 1965'
with two paper hanging tabs to the top, some distress. Exhibited: Waikato Art Museum Exhibition 'Shoji Hamada and Bernard Leach, The Two Friends' June 1980, catalogue #70. Note: The sketch features the Hamada slab pot offered in this catalogue.

Realised: $150


Takeichi Kawai stoneware ovoid vase
a variable red band glaze encircles the flared body section, the fine top rim edge with some fritting. Height 175. Provenance: The Collection of Dr Denis and Joy Hanna with a family note detailing 'Takeichi Kawai in Residence 3wks N.Z. Early 1970s'.

Estimate: $450


Takeichi Kawai square section bottle vase
impressed basket weave type decoration with pale white/blue and tenmoku glazed highlights. Height 185. Provenance: The Dr Denis and Joy Hanna collection. Purchased by Denis in Kyoto, Japan 1964. A family note included with this lot detailed 'Kawai Takeichi Kyoto'. Height 185.

Realised: $900


Seijiro Takeuchi yunomi
the chun glazed rim dribbling over the tenmoku body. Original potter's card included. Height 84.

Realised: $200


Two old Vietnamese Annamese jars
celadon glazed. Provenance: From the collection of Denis and Joy Hanna. Purchase receipt from John Dixon Antiques Ltd dated 5/12/68 detailing one as 'this pot an Annam Pot 16th Century $35'. Height 175.

Realised: $200


A 19thC Korean decorated squat vase
the shoulder with incised and cut-away repeating leaf decoration, fluted lower body, dark celadon glaze. H.140mm.

Estimate: $300


An old provincial Chinese jar
the shoulder with repeating relief design, green glaze. Height 160.

Realised: $210


An old provincial Chinese storage jar
two pairs of small lugs to the shoulder, half dipped in dark olive brown glaze. Height 175.

Realised: $120


A Chinese Yixing teapot
irregular form with bamboo and blossom decoration in relief, partial matt glazed highlights, recessed fitted lid, marks to base; together with two small plain teapots.

Realised: $250


A 'c.1680 Hispano-Moresque pottery vase with lustre decoration'
together with an old John Dixon Antiques Ltd catalogue card. Minor damage. Height 228.

Realised: $750


A 19thC or earlier English Bellarmine flask
salt glazed. Height 210. With Hanna family note: 'Bellarmine English hot - salt glaze'.

Realised: $360


Two old Spanish majolica glazed pieces
a pilgrim flask with dragon to the body panel, height 215; a flared vase with three shoulder lugs, Cubist brown and green glaze on pale ground. Height 135. Provenance: The Collection of Joy & Denis Hanna.

Estimate: $100


A vintage Celebes pit fired jar
fire effects in dark tones to the terracotta body. Label inside detailed 'Celebes'. Height 170. Provenance: The Collection of Joy & Denis Hanna.

Estimate: $100


An old terracotta Peruvian spherical vessel
pit fired, two short strap lug handles to the top rim, unglazed, supported upon a conforming collar stand. Height 240. Provenance: The Collection of Joy & Denis Hanna

Estimate: $100


A large old Fijian Lapita pottery vessel
squat spherical form with tapered short rim, sgraffito engraved geometric branch form decoration to the neck, traditional gum (makadre) glaze with dribble effect, pit-fired. Note: In 1960 Hanna recorded the work of village potters in Fiji. Diameter approx. 270, height 230. Provenance: The Collection of Joy and Dennis Hanna.

Estimate: $200


An old Fijian Lapita pottery water vessel (Saqa Moli)
four lobed earthenware with single spout, knobbly effect to the top, incised decoration to the body. Height 90.

Realised: $50


Two Fijian Lapita pottery vessels
one formed as a stylised turtle, the other of canoe type form with relief X-forms. Lengths 140 and 165.

Realised: $60


Two old Fijian Lapita type pottery vessels
earthenware, sculpted decoration, the basket form bowl with overhead handle, a similar handle to the two lobed and connected vessel. Lengths 200 and 150.

Realised: $80


An old Fijian Lapita type large pottery bowl
the flat rim with incised repeating dotted swag decoration, gum glaze. Diameter 460. Provenance: The Collection of Joy and Dennis Hanna.

Estimate: $250


25 'N.Z. Potter' magazines
mainly earlier small format issues, 1950s-1970s.

Realised: $170


33 issues of the 'Pottery Quarterly' magazine
1950s-1960s, published Pendley Manor, Tring Hertz, United Kingdom. Provenance: The Collection of Joy & Denis Hanna

Estimate: $80


Four Bernard Leach books on pottery
'A Potter's Portfolio' 1951; 'Hamada Potter' by Thames & Hudson 1976; 'Kenzan and his Tradition' 1966 and 'A Potter in Japan' 1960.

Realised: $100


A collection of 29 various books and publications on pottery
titles include: 'Japanese Ceramics'; 'Clay & Glazes for the Potter'; 'The Complete Book of Pottery Making'; 'Medieval English Pottery'; etc., some publications in Japanese. Provenance: Ex. The collection of Dennis & Joy Hanna.

Estimate: $150


A collection of vintage mainly pottery related publications
includes 'N.Z. Potters 1968' calendars, exhibition catalogues, books, 'The Dean's Prize' notification, etc.

Realised: $80


A rare N.Z. early colonial Hutson majolica two-stage urn on stand
the top section decorated with swags and masks in relief, the base with bulbous fluting, a short column stand and a square plinth base, rich lustrous brown and dark green glaze effects. The base marked 'P. Hutson & Co., Wellington'. Minor losses. Dia.380, overall H.550mm.

Estimate: $3,000


A large Briar Gardner squat circular vase
olive colour splashed with dark chocolate brown, incised signature and date 2/1/32 under the base. Chips at rim and firing cracks. Diameter 180.

Realised: $100


A Molle 'Hand Pottery' Maori themed table dish
sculptured in relief with stylised Maori carved figure and painted with whare and ponga, incised marks to reverse. Length 188 x 143.

Realised: $400


A pair of Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art 'Moko' book-ends
Model #1019 recorded as; 'Ceremonial Life-Sized wooden masks... The face moko (tattoo) is typical of a Maori chief or tohunga...', chocolate brown glaze, impressed number to base of each. 95 x 100 x 140.

Estimate: $1,800 - $2,200


A pair of rare Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art Pottery 'Ruru and Weku' drinking mugs
brown glaze, model no. # 1029. It is noted that 'the two panels of Hei Tiki carved on this mug are Hei Ruru, Whose Eyes are Owl-Like and has Double tongues and Hei Weku, Whose Eyes have an Oriental Slant...'. Height 112.

Realised: $1,500


A rare Crown Lynn Wharetana Maori Art Pottery 'Ruru and Weku' drinking mug
brown glaze, model no. # 1029. As above.

Realised: $775


A mid-20thC N.Z. potter unknown mermaid bowl
brushed monogram to the back 'McM', the black glaze incised with a mermaid, green mottled glaze to the exterior. Diameter 213.

Estimate: $80


A large vintage Len Castle quince blossom stoneware bowl
saturated iron underglaze with wax resist decoration and rutile overglaze, impressed potter's mark to base, c.1970s. Diameter 400.

Realised: $500


Graeme Storm large spherical vase
cut floral decoration, dark matt glaze in striking effect against the pale body, impressed potter's mark. Height 388.

Realised: $750


Graeme Storm baluster vase
the matt manganese glaze with sinuous floral highlights in pale and turquoise glaze, impressed potter's mark to foot rim. Height 345.

Realised: $400


Graeme Storm spherical vase
cut decoration of large florals, dark red/brown glaze with cutaway decoration showing the stoneware body. Height 265.

Realised: $320


A large and impressive Muriel Moody salt glazed figure of a reclining woman
one elbow and knees raised, attractively salt glazed with blue and dark olive green/brown tones, old repair to foot. 880 x 445 x 330.

Estimate: $4,000


Merilyn Wiseman square dish
early 1980s, artist's mark under the base. 320 x 310.

Realised: $150


Merilyn Wiseman square dish
early 1980s, artist's mark under the base. 320 x 310.

Realised: $150


A John Roy ceramic rabbit
length 155.

Estimate: $100


Aaron Scythe 'Te Aroha Oribe' ceramic kete. Height 410.

Realised: $580