A Victorian quality rosewood and brass inlaid jewel box
the interior with blue velvet fittings, leather sectional tray removable to reveal open base.

Realised: $230


An early 19thC travelling vanity/doctor's box
rosewood and brass inlay, rectangular form, the lid revealing a sectional compartment, two cut glass bottles remaining, the interior lid with a fold-down red leather panel, a secret drawer to the base, decorative inlaid brass strapping, corners and side handles. 335 x 255 x 185.

Estimate: $250


An early 19thC rosewood jewellery box
rectangular, raised on bun feet, cut brass inlaid borders, escutcheon and cartouche to the lid. 280 x 200 x 130.

Realised: $420


A Victorian coromandel wood vanity case
the brass bound lid opens to reveal a lift-out tray of silver plate and glass jars and bottles, with various jewellery compartments below, a velvet ruched panel lifts down to reveal a manicure set. 290 x 160 x 130.

Realised: $475


A Victorian brass bound rosewood writing slope
the lid lifts to reveal traditional interior, with secret drawers. 400 x 240 x 150.

Realised: $340


An impressive Victorian walnut writing slope
brass bound, with military style side handles, lid lifts to reveal traditional interior with gilt tooled leather, with drawer to one side released by pin and presentation plaque to top to 'W.J. Hill'. 450 x 280 x 200.

Realised: $925


A small Victorian brown leather sewing box
of oval casket shape with brass mounts and chain lock. Length 165. With some accessories.

Realised: $160


A Victorian inlaid wood dressing table box with red lined interior
the lid decorated with a tumbling block design. 300 x 140 x 100.

Realised: $425


A 19thC Anglo-Indian Vizagapatam horn box
sarcophagus form with fluted walls and lid, raised on conforming squat bun feet, the interior with lift-out fitted tray, ivory decoration, small compartment to the lid. 305 x 225 x 180.

Realised: $3,200


A 1920s shagreen cigarette case
with gilded interior. Length 100.

Realised: $110


A collection of book plates
historical and local interest.

Estimate: $100


The book
'Paul Storr 1771-1844 Silversmith & Goldsmith' by N.M. Penzer, this edition published 1971.

Estimate: $110


The Book 'François Linke 1855-1946 - The Belle Epoque of French Furniture'
by Christopher Payne, published by the antique Collectors' Club 2003.

Realised: $700


Four N.Z. art and poetry publications
'Concrete Reality Poems by Tim Shadbolt', 'Scarlet Letters' by Gary McCormick, 1980, 'Pilgrim of the Arts 3 Vol 2 1977' and A Series of Allegations or Taking Allegations Seriously' by Barry Cleavin and A.K. Grant, 1988, signed.

Realised: $75


A Nucleonic Narrative About Love and War by Bill Millett
Ltd Ed. by Sagittarius Press 1980, Auckland, N.Z.

Estimate: $90


A collection of over 100 vintage N.Z. and other postcards
includes humorous, etc.

Estimate: $150


A framed 19thC French political cartoon
from the front page of 'Le Don Quichotte'. 460 x 290.

Realised: $250


A Tallis map
'The World Shewing the Voyages of Capt. Cook...'. 240 x 340.

Realised: $100


A rare Georgian silhouette
the seated woman reverse painted in black on a white ground, on the glass, some losses, in a later gilded frame 110 x 90.

Realised: $140


Two hand painted miniatures on ivory
a portrait of Mrs Loscoe Bradley, signed with artist's initials and in round metal frame, together with a framed miniature of a young Edwardian girl, artist's signature to the side, in oval metal frame.

Estimate: $250


A Victorian portrait miniature on ivory of a young man
oval, gilt frame, the reverse with hand noted detail - 'A Son of Luelere?.... now a Deputy ...1848'. 50 x 49.

Realised: $140


Peter Adolf Hall (1739-1793) attributed
an uncommon portrait miniature of a bare breasted woman, in formal period blue dress with coiffured hair, circular, in gilt frame, signed, labelled to the reverse in red ink with artist's detail. Diameter 75.

Realised: $370


A 19thC French portrait miniature of a young woman
sepia monochrome, frilled lace collar, the gilt oval frame with ribbon pediment and strut back. 110 x 72. Provenance: This and the following four portrait miniatures were all inherited through one family.

Estimate: $150


A 19thC portrait miniature similar to above.

Estimate: $120


A portrait miniature similar to above.

Estimate: $100


A 19thC portrait miniature of a gent
oval form. 70 x 50.

Realised: $310


A 19thC portrait miniature of a gent
on ivory, soft tones. 70 x 50.

Realised: $140


Two Regency period watercolour portraits
woman with ringlets and young girl. Lengths 200. Both in oval mounts with matching gilt frames.

Realised: $310


Two 18thC hand coloured engravings
by Angelica Kauffman, 'The Judgement of Paris' and another, oval. 340 x 440.

Realised: $100


An early 19thC portrait miniature of a young girl
she stands in a garden setting holding a watering can and a garden tool, reverse painted on glass, in oval gilt frame. 135 x 113.

Realised: $150


An Edwardian Sheraton Revival tray
kidney shape, mahogany inlaid with satinwood fan and leafy tendrils framed by a gallery of alternating light and dark timber, two brass handles at the sides. Width 645.

Realised: $380


A small old oak coopered ale jug
with brass handle. Height 280.

Realised: $300


A vintage oak and brass coopered plant pot
with artificial moss and flower bulbs. 260 x 260.

Realised: $200


An old oak and brass coopered barrel. 235 x 380.

Realised: $160


A large antique copper preserving pan
shallow with rolled rim, side handles with rivets. Diameter 430.

Realised: $370


A three-gallon stoneware keg
stamped with 'Campbell & Ehrenfried Co. Limited. Albert Brewery, Auckland'. Height 460.

Realised: $275


A two-gallon stoneware keg
stamped to the shoulder for 'C.L. Innes & Co. Ltd, Brewers, Hamilton'. Height 415.

Realised: $180


A Scottish two-gallon stoneware keg
stamped to the shoulder 'The Distillers Company Ltd...., Sole Agents L.D. Nathan & Co., Auckland'. Small chip to rim. Height 400.

Realised: $150


A London stoneware two gallon keg
impressed to the shoulder 'D. Campbell & Ehrenfried Co. Ltd, Auckland'. Height 410.

Realised: $150


A Victorian Maypole Dairy Company 6lb butter crock
with Maypole Dairy Company logo of children dancing around a maypole to the front, small repair to rim.

Realised: $170


Two Buttercup Dairy Company butter crocks
both decorated with a cow and the Buttercup Dairy Company logo, 3lb and 5lb, with side handles, chip to rim of the 3lb crock.

Realised: $250


A Victorian Danish Dairy Company 2lb butter crock
decorated with the dairy maid and the company logo, together with a Lipton 2lb butter crock, both made by Port Dundas Pottery, Glasgow.

Realised: $260


A set of YCC stoneware condiment jars
two-tone glaze with full logo and labels to front, stamped 'Best English Make' to reverse. Height 120.

Realised: $210


Two vintage kitchenalia items
an advertising china and wood rolling pin, a Clarke's food warmer, together with a Dr Nelson's improved inhaler. Some faults.

Realised: $130


Five vintage stoneware Virol graduated bone marrow pots
all with logos to the front, ranging in height from 320 to 80mm.

Realised: $230


An early New Zealand blob top ginger beer bottle
impressed mark to the side for George Dixon, Cuba St, Wellington. Height 170.

Realised: $50


Two early ginger beer crocks
two-tone glaze, Bainbridge Brothers Auckland and Sharpe Brothers, Australia & New Zealand, chips to base of one, both with metal handles. Height 340.

Realised: $80


Two early stone crocks
both with metal carry handles, one J.F. Drake, Milton (Milton Potteries, Otago), the other Ponsonby Club Hotel, Auckland, some chips and cracks. Heights 330.

Realised: $150


Two early salt glaze Tui vinegar crocks
with impressed Tui brand and logo to each shoulder, both stamped with A. Murdoch & Co. Proprietors, Dunedin. Height 340.

Realised: $100


A collection of lace irons
the eight irons of various makes together with one miniature stand.

Realised: $110


Ten antique house keys.

Realised: $100


An impressive brass hanging Salter's scale
holding up to 300lbs, with steel hanger and hook. Diameter of dial 390.

Realised: $180


A set of brass Salter's scale weighing up to 200lbs
with steel hook and hanger. Diameter of dial 230.

Realised: $160


A Salter's scale
similar to above, weighing up to 150lbs. Diameter of brass dial 145.

Realised: $90


A brass Salter's scale
rectangular form, weighing up to 30lbs, with steel hook and suspension ring. Length 400.

Realised: $190


A set of brass Salter scales similar to above
weighing up to 20lbs. Length 310.

Realised: $140


An early N.Z. 'Wilhous' spilt cane rod 'The Alnwick'
made by N.Z. Sports Manufacturing Co., 205 Karangahape Road, Auckland, c.1910.

Estimate: $200


A rare Hardys lady's gaff
two draw extension with weighted brass finial, variously stamped with maker's patent marks and logos. extending from 13" to34".

Estimate: $225


A brass extendable fishing gaff
with turned wood handle and wall mounted bracket.

Realised: $210


A heavy double-sided ships' knife
with brass mounts and wall mounted brass sheath. Length 350.

Realised: $420


A 19th century naval three draw pocket telescope by Dolland
London, brass with mahogany body, the smallest tube with maker's name. On later brass and perspex stand. Extended 340

Realised: $170


A large English 7" wooden Scarborough sea fishing reel
with bulbous wooden handles and brass fittings, in good working order.

Estimate: $100


A c.1940s good English 7" oak wood sea reel
hand built and with original logo, brass fittings and good working brake, complete with line attached.

Estimate: $120


A c.1890s original Hardy Pralon black Japanned fly box
cream interior, 15 metal flip up compartments with ivorine slate details, complete with flies. 16- x 90 x 20.

Estimate: $200


A quality A.C. Farlow Pralon japanned black fly box
with twin brass name plates and maker's details, 15 compartments with slide out plastic covers, including flies and tweezers. Size 160 x 90 x 30.

Estimate: $180


An antique c.1910 15" canvas Mallard drake decoy
with wide body, glass eyes, interior body of cork chip and kapok and wooden bill. Length 370.

Realised: $130


A c.1940s 13½" spoonbill wooden decoy duck
handmade with tack eyes and lead insert to underbelly. Length 340.

Realised: $100


A vintage wooden Blue Bill duck decoy
a drake with upright high head, solid balsa body, redwood head with glass eyes, large wooden keel with lead weight, c.1930-40.

Realised: $180


A modern five-drawer collector's cabinet
each drawer with a selection of sea shells, the top with a piece of glass holding a display of more shells. 620 x 480 x 890.

Realised: $325


An old ship's binnacle compass
the gimbal mounted compass housed beneath a domed brass housing with glazed viewing portal, raised on a teak cylindrical support cabinet from a timber plinth base, complete with steel navigation balls mounted to either side. Height 1570.

Estimate: $1,400


An Edwardian carved oak banjo wall aneroid barometer
with thermometer. Height 900. The dial marked G. & T. Young, Wellington, Dunedin, Oamaru and Timaru.

Realised: $300


A vintage circular barometer
with carved wood frame and circular ring suspension. Diameter 260.

Realised: $100


A Chinese copper and brass navigation light
'Port', with 'Tung Woo, Hong Kong' maker's label. Height 600.

Realised: $290


A Victorian brass sextant
various lenses and filters, the mahogany case with label to interior for John Bruce of Liverpool 'Compass Adjuster'.

Realised: $600


A Stanley No. 87 four-fold ivory 24" rule
fully bound in German silver, complete with original pins.

Realised: $425


An Archbutt four-fold architect's 24" scale rule
with German silver hinges and caps, original pins, marked with maker's details.

Estimate: $450


A sperm whale tooth carved snuff mull as a Scottish gent with silver fitting
natural curved form, fine detail of the bearded gent in traditional dress with sword, dagger, etc., the silver hinged lidded fitting of plain domed form, a small spoon included. Length 125.

Realised: $700


A pair of impressive large ornamental drinking horns
the tips with traditional silver plate and ball caps, the mouths with a wide silver plate neck and conforming lid, an engraved silver plate band to the middle of each horn secures it to a reeded column with spreading foot base. 650 x 700.

Realised: $1,500


Two old small whale's teeth
natural curved form, one with losses to the tip. Length 110.

Realised: $140


A large sperm whale tooth
good patina of age. Length 165.

Realised: $270


Two old sperm whale teeth
good patina of age. Lengths 140.

Realised: $380


Two old sperm whale teeth
good patina of age, one with wear. Length 100 and 120.

Realised: $210


A pair of scrimshaw bullock horns
featuring portraits of gentlemen with flowering vines, one in military uniform. Length 300.

Estimate: $700


An old leopard skin rug
black fabric stitched backing. Some signs of age. Length 2110.

Realised: $500


A vintage leopard skin rug
claws attached, unbacked. Length 2370.

Realised: $1,500


A vintage taxidermy turtle
the shell of good colour and patina, the head extended. Length 530.

Realised: $450


A vintage taxidermy turtle
the shell in good condition, unpolished, the head extended. Length 530.

Realised: $350


A European fruitwood handled walking cane
the handle formed as a fruiting vine carved with a small boy sitting astride the open arch, the twisted stem carved with a section of castellation. Height 800.

Estimate: $250


A cane walking stick
the finial surmounted by a silver-plated eagle's head with glass eyes, the stick with an alpine spike tip. Length 860.

Realised: $340


A walking stick with a dog's head handle
the long-nosed head with glass eyes and unusual silver faced lop ears on simple birch shaft. Length 900.

Realised: $2,000


An unusual horn handle walking stick
the handle formed as a leaping trout, fixed to a plain ash shaft. Length 940.

Realised: $325


A European chamois horn handled walking stick
mounted to an ebonised ferrule on a plain fruitwood shaft with alpinist's tip, owner's name painted to shaft 'Engelberg'. Length 880.

Estimate: $250


A 19thC ebonised rosewood walking stick
the wooden shaft with marine ivory ball finial with turned ribbed detailing. Length 850.

Realised: $220


A 19thC walking stick
the satinwood shaft with ivory handle, ivory ferrules and ivory tip. Length 920.

Realised: $250


An Edwardian ivory handled and ebony walking stick
the mildly curved handle of good size, the engraved silver collar hallmarked Chester 1903. Length 910.

Realised: $310


A vintage walking stick
the curved silver plate handle in the form of a horse's head, plain shaft with brass ferrule.

Realised: $450


A c.1920 gilt metal and blue enamelled singing bird box
the pull button mechanism operates the lid revealing a moving and singing bird, working. With key. 100 x 65 x 43.

Realised: $1,500


A pair of Art Nouveau bronzed spelter figurines
both of women wearing long flowing dresses, one with a bird to her left hand, the other with a bunch of grapes, fine detail, each on a square dark marble base. Heights 205.

Realised: $190


A Victorian pub sign
'The Duel', the ebonised framed art work initialled L.I.J. and dated 1886. Overall 640 x 640.

Realised: $520


A Victorian 'Lambert & Butler's High Class Cigarettes' shop display countertop cabinet
the mirrored top panel with maker's details, the narrow glass fronted body with five side drawers, the cigarette type detailed in gilt and blue to front, 'RISING SUN' etc., the plinth base with decorative moulding. 795 x 555 x 170mm.

Estimate: $750